ENDS TOMORROW: Win a Sneak Preview of Fstoppers New Wedding Photography Tutorial

UPDATE: CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW! After 2 full years, it is finally done!  Our digital download, How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer "DVD" tutorial is ready to be released. Lee and I have spent countless hours in filming, editing, and producing this 14+ hour tutorial, and we want to give three lucky Fstoppers readers a free, pre-release copy in its entirety. And to top it off, we are giving each of those 3 winners one of our secret light modifiers currently in preproduction.  Details about how to enter are outlined below.

Entering this contest is extremely easy. We are giving away three copies of our newest wedding tutorial through three different online platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and this post down below. You can enter across all three platforms for a total of 3 chances of winning. Everyone is eligible to enter no matter where you are located in the world, how old or young you might be, or how good (or bad) you may be with a camera. The winners will be randomly picked on January 1st at 3pm eastern. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Fstoppers: Simply leave a comment on this post below to enter. Entries must be more than 5 words and all purposefully hateful comments will be ineligible and removed.

Twitter: Follow @fstoppers and Tweet the following message to enter: "I want to win a sneak preview of the new @Fstoppers wedding DVD: http://bit.ly/TmwVfK"

Facebook: Follow us on facebook and leave a message on our contest post at www.facebook.com/thefstoppers Just like your entry on Fstoppers.com, hateful and extremely short comments will not be eligible.

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Really looking forward to its release!

Justin Abe's picture

Please pick me. Everyone wants me to shoot their weddings. This will help me out infinite amounts. I love Lee's wedding shots I would love to learn.

Would love to win this new DVD - your advice and comments will be invaluable:
not sure why it has not logged me in propperly - www.facebook.com/three6t

Brad Delaney's picture

I want one I want one I want one !

Kevin Quimosing's picture


John Buckingham's picture

I may have to take a vacation to watch the whole thing.  Fourteen plus hours...wow.  I love it!

Tomek Fryszkiewicz's picture

What a superb way to get inspired before the next wedding season! :)

 sounds like i can improve my Quality of work with this DVD, i hope i will win it

Shooting at large events is something I want to become better at and I really think this DVD can help me nail down my shots, not to mention a brand new state of the art top secret flash modifier!

Marco Rabadan's picture

you guys are like photo ninjas!

Barbara Vo's picture

pick me, pick me! :)

Love your competitions and giveaways. Looking forward to the DVD

Luka Bosconi's picture

Following FStoppers I'm sure you've created a treasure DVD for all
aspiring wedding photographers such as me. Thank you, I'm looking
forward to watch it! 

RUSS's picture

You guys make videos?
:-)~ HEH!

Natan Valencia's picture

Hello!! I really need this DVD, it could be perfect for me if were translated to spanish, but i will make an effort and pay atention and listen in english!! Thank so much!!

Natan Valencia's picture

Hello!! I really need this DVD, it could be perfect for me if were
translated to spanish, but i will make an effort and pay atention and
listen in english!! Thank so much!!

Oooooh!  This looks A-MA-Z-ING.  I would love to learn more about wedding photography especially about lighting the Bride and Groom properly.

Mike Swiech's picture

Well I have been waiting for this video to come out. I am glad that someone in the industry took the time to guide you through the the up's and down's, in's and out's of this industry. I really want to take that leap and soak up this knowledge and be the best that I know I can be with the help of this DVD.  Keep up the great work Lee and Patrick. You guys are an inspiration to the photography community.


it would be nice to win :)

Oleg's picture

Merry Christmas everyone!

The effort that went into this DVD is amazing!  Can't wait to see it!

Wishing all FStoppers the best for 2013 and yes, I hope I win!

Hey Fstoppers,
this sounds like a great DVD. I really would love to win a copy!

Jesper Anhede's picture

Wedding photo kick ass. Happy New Year to you guys and gals =)

Milo Cosemans's picture

Oh! I want this one!

Jason McDonald's picture

Where's the BEEF? Coming January? Sweetnesssss.....

Victor Hoffmann's picture

This DVD is going to be awesome!

I met you both when you were shooting s wedding for Faline in Lansdowne, VA. It was a pleasure to watch you shoot. Your "photo booth" is genius, what an excellent use of cameras capabilities. Do you explain how to set that up?

Patrick Hall's picture

The Photobooth setup is definitely included in this.  And funny enough photos from Faline's wedding are in this too....maybe this tutorial actually has been 5 years in the making!

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