The Fstoppers Wedding DVD Is Now Available

After 3 years of planning and 2 years of filming and editing, our newest tutorial: How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer is now available. Our goal was to create the most complete and informative video on wedding photography and we believe we have done it with this 14 hours digital download. The world is filled with people trying to turn their passion for photography into a career and I believe that wedding photography is the easiest way to start making money with your camera.

This is the reason exists

dvd cover weddings
When Patrick and I came up with the idea for Fstoppers we wanted the site to be a hub for all genres of photography. We knew that wedding photography wasn't the most exciting genre so we started to film videos on fashion, extreme sports, headshots, portraits, cars etc. While we were filming all of these videos we began to plan out our series on wedding photography because at the time, there wasn't a single respectful video on wedding photography that we could find online.  Our goal from the very beginning was to create the most useful and complete video on wedding photography available. After we had come up with about 30 mini chapters, we started filming this wedding video chapter by chapter. Some of these chapters we actually filmed and edited over 3 times because we weren't happy with the finished product or we had to add to them years later as technology had changed. In December of 2012 we finally finished and were shocked to find that we were left with over 14 hours of tightly edited content.


Our goal

At the beginning of my career it was so frustrating trying to learn everything from scratch on my own. The information in books or on Youtube videos was a complete joke; it was either completely outdated or worthless generic information. The only way I "made it" as quickly as I did was by assisting other very talented photographers in my area. I learned all that I could from them but I still had to figure the majority of it out on my own. I didn't know how to legally start a business or pay my taxes, so I had to pay a CPA hundreds of dollars to explain it to me. I didn't know if magazine ads were valuable in my area so I took a $3000 loss to learn my lesson. Nobody in town had ever made a photobooth so over a 6 year period I created and perfected my own. When I met Patrick a few years into my career I told him everything that had taken me years to learn and within 1 year he went from not owning a camera to being a full time wedding photographer. Our goal was to make this tutorial that 3 year head-start that I gave Patrick. We wanted to cover every aspect of wedding photography, including the most important aspect, business.


What does it cover

As I said above this digital download is broken down into 8 chapters that house 27 chapters that equal over 14 hours of content. A basic over view of each chapter can be seen below.

Chapter 1
Intro - What is “Commercial Wedding Photography” - Mandatory Gear - The Importance of Assisting - Composition, Exposure, White Balance

Chapter 2
Advertising - Bridal Portraits: Lighting 101 - Pricing

Chapter 3
Meeting With Potential Clients -The Engagement Session  - Designing Your Website - Music - Slideshows - The Importance of Video 

Chapter 4
On Camera Flash - Getting Ready and Details - The Ceremony - Fusion 

Chapter 5
Formals and Groups - Interview with Pye Jirsa 

Chapter 6
Four Ways to Light a Reception - The Cake - The Rings - The Departure - Taxes, Write-offs, and Accounting

Chapter 7
Interview with Cliff Mautner

Chapter 8
Post Processing - Creating a Photobooth - Photo / Video Slideshow, - Delivering Your Final Product - Final Words


Who's it for

We have designed this tutorial for photographers that already have a good understanding of their gear. We do not go over the basics in this video so don't expect to learn about standard camera settings here. Before you buy this you will need to learn all about cameras, lenses, shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and white balance.  We will quickly jump into the basics of single, off camera lighting and then move quickly into  more complex lighting scenarios. Our goal was to make this video helpful for those who have never shot a single wedding and those who are already professional wedding photographers who are looking to take their businesses to the next level. We even added over 4 hours of interviews with photographers that are far more successful than we are so no matter how good you are, there will be more to learn.


Money back guarantee 

This isn't your standard fun workshop on lighting or how to use your camera. This tutorial is meant to make you money, way more money than the $300 we are asking for it. Luckily you don't have to take our word for it. We will give anyone their money back if they are unhappy with this tutorial for any reason. If you are on the fence about wedding photography we challenge you to buy it and watch it anyway. If after watching it you still don't want to shoot weddings, let us know and we will still give you a full refund. Due to advertising costs and affiliate programs, our money back guarantee must be applied to sales made within 30 days of the original invoice date.


We don't want to stray away from offering high quality content for free on Fstoppers and so over the next year we will be releasing parts from many of the shooting sections for free here on Fstoppers. The business portions of this tutorial were designed for professional photographers and the majority of them will never be released. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Give it a try and you may find out that wedding photography may be your quickest route to becoming a full time photographer.



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Patrick Hall's picture

It's a digital download, there is no extra costs

Lee, thanks for putting this together! You think this would be helpful to me as a wedding cinematographer?

 Before Lee answers this I give you example from different industry. I'm a fashion photographer, not just shooting ads, portfolios and studio shots, I do tons of fashion shows. The one thing I always want is to have a video guy side by side. We bought have to go through similar things, though knowing the equipment and what does what. You do have certain advantage as the video is capturing constantly but there are times that no matter how great the shot is, video just tells it better and vice versa.  So imagine you hook up with someone who shoots weddings while you film them. You both know each other and both respect each other,  so there is no ego going around who gets what and you both work as one team. No photographer jumping into your footage or your tripod in his photos. So to your question, will this work for you. Absolutely, the concept is the same, especially the marketing part. .

Patrick Hall's picture

I think it can help you as well.  Some of the sections are heavy on flash photography and obviously you won't benefit from those, but a TON of content is based on marketing and building a successful business.  The same themes that work for photography work for videographers.  Some sections like shooting a Bridal or Engagement session might not make sense though because as far as I know videographer usually don't shoot those events.  

I've been waiting for this for so long... pitty i'm still up to my knees in debt :(

Wayne Leone's picture

 in for a penny, in for a pound :)

Brilliant, I was waiting for this for years. So happy guys you put this together. I remember when you were talking about actually putting video on P. H. work I was like ok but no everyone is into head shots though everyone loves to make money with photography even if just to cover their equipment and experiment with better stuff. I'm grateful for all the connections made guys, seriously, imagine that 20-30 years ago someone would like to teach someone else about their business and all that in just in click of a mouse.  Those that bought PH videos from Fstoppers agreed it was the best investment in very, very long time and I'm sure this is another example. Lucky those who won the contest for the DVD but for everyone else, if you are into this and really hesitated for years and even said Oh I hate to shoot weddings just because you had absolutely no idea what to do and how to shoot weddings, get this video.

Thank you Lee for pushing this to have it done, 3 years is a long time.


Wayne Leone's picture

To me, the FStoppers brand says "truth and honesty of effort". I already learned 2 new things from the promo video alone so goodness knows what else I'll pick up. $300 is not cheap, but neither is 3 years of knowledge and experience. Plus, you managed to interview one of my heroes, Cliff Mautner!

Best of luck with this guys.

Isn't it retail wedding photography? Not commercial wedding photography? If I was into wedding photography I would totally get it $300 for 14 hours is unreal!

Most wedding photography seminars can cost AT LEAST $200 for an all day 8 hour course. And according to some folks I've spoke with mention those seminars aren't always valuable. This DVD however is 14 hours and you can watch it and replay it from the comforts of your home. I'm not seeing what the issue with the price is.

If someone said they could teach you all about wedding photography from scratch, for just $300, I'd say thats a steal.

 or you can just go to creative live and get 14+ hours for free or 99$. Not that hours alone mean anything. But then we have no idea how good this is or if it actually contains info you can't find anywhere else. My guess is no but who knows yet.

Patrick Hall's picture

That's why we give you a 100% money back guarantee.  I know for certain it contains info found no where else because we feature a lighting product that isn't even out yet, we show you an interesting speedlight hack for departure shots, and as far as I know we light a few things unlike  anything other photogs have ever explained (they may do it but haven't taught it).  Obviously some stuff like SEO is going to be universally taught but like most education, hearing it presented in different ways is the best way to learn it.  

I can only imagine what my Biology teachers would say if I asked them if I had to pay for the sections of the course that were presented in Bio Chem or an introduction to biology class!

Jason Vinson's picture

 i dont want to pay for the first half of this book because i have another book that has that info!! can i buy just the last half of the book?

Patrick Hall's picture

what book are you referring to?  This is a shows real world weddings in HD 720 format

Jason Vinson's picture

haha sorry, it was a sarcastic comment in reference to your biology comment! :)

im in the process of talking my wife into letting my buy this! although we just spent some money to shoot a friends wedding in Belize this last weekend (more of a wedding present than paid work) so will probably have to wait...

Patrick Hall's picture

Ah a Belize wedding, that sounds awesome!  Ha yeah, I have about 20 biology books I've hung onto and together they all cover about 80% of the exact same material; some are just more molecular than others.  Unfortunately I had to pay full price for all of them each time :(

Jason Vinson's picture

 same with my engineering books! :( 

I own the entire wedding collection from Creative Live.  I've watched every single class in that collection...some of them twice.  I'm only 3 hours into this video and I've already learned four or five things that will absolutely help my career.  So yeah, speaking as someone who owns every wedding video on CL and also on Kelby Training, I will tell you that this video is worth it.  

Patrick Hall's picture

Wow that's great to know Marc.  Kelby and CL have some awesome material, we are friends with those guys and wanted to offer our own perspective on things.  Glad to know you are finding it useful.  Once you watch the entire 14 hours, we would love to hear your honest opinions on the review page:

Looks like pure 100% gold.

hope to get my hand on these tutorial very soon

I have a quick question, in the preview video, which softbox are both of you guys using for your on location shoots in which you assistants have them mount to a monopod/light pole?
BTW, I cannot wait to watch this. I have been looking for something like this for a long time.

Next check that comes my way I plan on getting this video. Good Job guys!

Also - do you go into any detail with respect to buying gear. I'm curious about the flash lights and associated accessories you use as that is probably where I would take the most advice from.

I'm hoping you have recommendations to what to buy etc?

We go over the very basics and then point everyone to this link for a full list of our gear.

Is the onlyoption downloadable video or I can actually get a set of DVD's ?

Richard Mayrand's picture

Lee or Patrick,
I'm considering moving into wedding photography as a parallel career. Have not shot weddings before, do you think your video will help me with the business side even if I don't have any wedding portfolio for now ?

Yes but it will not help you learn the basics of photography. Make sure you know your gear first.

Patrick Hall's picture

Our goal is definitely to get people on the fast track to making money and learning the business of wedding photography as fast as possible....but like Lee said, we can't teach you how to use your camera so make sure you practice that on your own too

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