Gorgeous Elopement Photos And Video

Sometimes a big wedding isn't for everyone. Sometimes you just want to elope with the one you love and keep your wedding small and intimate. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that, although if I did it I'd have to go into hiding from my family out of fear of what they might do. Regardless, just because you elope with the one you love doesn't mean you shouldn't document it. When Whit and Colby decided to elope they made sure to have it documented. Check out these beautiful photos from Blush Photography and video from Christopher Robert.

To see more photos from this wedding go check out Blush Photography's blog here.
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Tam Nguyen's picture

That was the boldest and most stylized "non"-wedding videos I've seen. Love it. Very unique.

Really like this. Very different. Love the feel of the images and video.

Milan Lorenc's picture

Please anyone can help find out the song from this video.. LOVE IT!!!!

Von Wong's picture

This is absolutely stunning. I love it. 

Absolutely awesome.

Milan Lorenc's picture

Squeamish Ossifrage: Thank you very much...

these photos are so fuckin great

Nicholas's picture

That was hot! What I love is how the videography and photography wasn't about the photographer, it was about the couple, and completely had a style tailored to theirs. It's probably one of the most real and raw captures of a couple I've experienced in a while. Awesome and awe inspiring work.

I'm guessing not every wedding is as interesting as this one either!

Well done!

What would you call this style of film/vintage/washed out color correction?