Jonas Peterson's Post-Processing "Special Sauce"

Jonas Peterson's Post-Processing "Special Sauce"

Jonas Peterson, superstar wedding photographer, recently wrote a blog post on his site revealing his post-prossesing secrets. After being recognized as one of the top ten wedding photographers in 2011 by American Photo Magazine and being featured on Frame Network's Film Season 2, Jonas is ready to share the secret to his stunning edits.

The images that Jonas produces are undeniably beautiful and have a lovely filmic quality. According to his blog post, Jonas uses a combination of VSCO and Alien Skin plug-ins with minor additional tweaks to give his photos his signature flare. Fstoppers has already reviewed the VSCO Film 03 plug-in here and the Alien Skin suite here.

Fstoppers Alien Skin Jonas 1

Fstoppers Alien Skin Jonas 3

Fstoppers Alien Skin Jonas 4

Fstoppers Alien Skin Jonas 6

Fstoppers Alien Skin Jonas 9

Fstoppers Alien Skin Jonas 10

Fstoppers Alien Skin Jonas 11

Fstoppers Alien Skin Jonas 13

Like what you see? Jonas has partnered up with Alien Skin to give his readers 10% off with a code available on the original blog post here.

What do you think of post-processing presets? Tell us below!

[Via Jonas Peterson]

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A couple of these are really nice photos (the three B&Ws, and the backlit couple), but the rest look like Instagram. And tellingly, the ones that look the most processed are the least interesting photos.

Edit- after clicking through to his main site, I'm even more at a loss as to why these are the images displayed on this page. He has a ton of great stuff, but my first instinct on seeing the less-than-impressive selection on this page was "meh." So I take back any negative implications, other than saying that it's kind of an unfortunate selection of representative images to display here.


Your joking right!

Sean Shimmel's picture

In a world of digital/mathematical precision Jonas pulled me right in. I admired him in Film season 3 for his compositional sensibility and, continuing here, for his coloring/tonal sensibility.

As for the Instagram argument... it so easily collapses on itself and become a parody of its own (Instagram haters). Yes, effects can be overused. But used judiciously and sparingly, they add a fun x-factor to the otherwise obedient precision of every current digital camera (expanded dynamic range, noise control, color accuracy, contrast...)

In praise of playful vision.

Signature flare. LOL.

I like it! Is there a promo code for vsco?