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The Most Awkward Wedding Photography Video Ever

The Most Awkward Wedding Photography Video Ever

As photographers, many of us will do the occasional wedding or two to help supplement income and boost our careers. Wedding photography can be one of the most stressful and challenging aspects of photography, but is often considered the most important because of its purpose. However, how do you handle an awkward situation where you're asked to stop photographing all together, in the middle of a ceremony?

In the video posted above, we see the officiant giving his blessings and speaking during a wedding ceremony. Seemingly out of nowhere, he turns around, and aggressively tells the photographer and videographer to stop doing their jobs, and go somewhere else. The worst part of it all however, is the look on the bride and grooms face, as this officiant makes everyone feel uncomfortable in the blink of an eye.

Certainly as wedding photographers, it's important for us to be like ninjas, and do our job as silently and nonobstructive as possible. But what happens when the officiant doesn't want a ninja, but someone nonexistent entirely?


[via SLRLounge]

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tavenger5's picture

Is it safe to say that officiant is the Tiger Woods of officiants?

I read in the comments about the priest: He is hired... ?
Well, I am not religious but isn't the priest in Christianity kind of a standin for God...?
Hahaha, if it is all a theatrical act performed for the camera - why not hire 'Elvis' instead?
And you know what, I am pretty sure this particular priest asked the photogs to show more consideration several times before - but the photog wants us to belive that he is an angry type... not beliveable!

Suhey's picture

Out of respect for the couple and their guests and as a professional dealing with all sorts of ignorant people throughout my career as a photographer, I would have just done what he asked me to do right away....instead of answering back and making the situation even more awkward for the couple. The guy (priest) is a jerk period!!...first off, if you've married people in the past you know the drill with the photographers, so letting them know ahead of time your rules would have prevented all of this nonsense. At the end, the only ones affected was that sweet couple, that hired arrogant idiots from the priest to the photographers to create their perfect day. SMH

Felipe_Paredes's picture

Thanks god I'm an atheist!

guismo37's picture

In México it's worst. There are priests that doesn't want you to stand over some places, others that doesn't want you to use flash, there are even priests that doesn't want the quartet to play anything except a particullar selection of catholic music (And if they doesn't have it in the repertoire they don't play at all). I have seen worst situations than this one and I have to say I think this priest is right. He, as a servant of god, sees things different and maybe he feels sad because he knows people tend to do things for superficial recognition instead of paying attention to their religion (I can't hear very clearly but I think the priest said the couple wasn't confessed eventhough they were getting married so that's kind of dissapointing from a religious point of view wich adds to my explanation). I'm an Atheist, but even I can understand that if he is the spiritual lider of those 2 people getting married then they should pay attention to him and respect his calling and therefor all the employees of the couple should do so. I think the camera guys were disrespectufl towards him by the way they answered, I would have only said "Yes father, i'm so sorry" and then moved to another point, is not the end of the world, that angle wasn't the Academy award one or something!

I'm a wedding photographer and I think that the order of importance in a wedding is like this:

3.-Workers (Photographers, videographers and such)

And yes, religion over people because supposedly religion takes care of people!

Yes! It is our job to take beautiful pictures and video for a one in a life time momment but that doesn't mean we should do it without respecting others, specially the religion of the clients, I think we don't need to become PAPARAZZIS and start doing annoying things just for that million dollar shot! There are plenty of creative options that we can use and if lucky and humble enough maybe we can convince priests and church staff to let us have some more freedom.

I think this video is a sad example of how society it's so wrong at not knowing what is right and what is wrong. Just my atheist and logical point of view as a wedding photographer but more importantly as a human being.

Jan 'Archee' Bloch's picture

always talk to the minister or priest prior to the event.. asked them where to be.. don't think that your sweet spot is the only one... I shot several weddings as videographer and photographer and always asked.. it is just better to avoid this.. and this is not just for wedding.. it goes to anywhere you are shooting, places which usually you wouldn't be allowed to shoot or with special access. If you are being nice at the beginning 99% people won't be jackass !!

Ken Yee's picture

Someone should contact the videographer and find out if they talked to the priest beforehand or did a rehearsal.
I've read stories where the priests have changed their minds the actual day. And of photographers/videographers who didn't talk to them beforehand.
And this is one reason I don't shoot weddings :-)

Dennis Pike's picture

I think it would be one thing if they were in a church, but they were outside. I would have been SOOOOOO mad. Out of respect for the B&G I would have moved, but I would have had some SERIOUS words with that priest after the ceremony.

What does he think is more distracting, someone shooting a wedding behind him, or him stopping the ceremony to complain about it.

What an ass hat.

Brandon Polack's picture

he doesn't sound like a man of god

Dan Cavallari's picture

I've seen this a few times now and I'd be really interested to hear what the bride and groom thought/did about this. Who did they feel was at fault? How did they broach this with the priest afterward?

Yes, the priest was being an ass. Yes, the photog probably shouldn't have shot burst right behind the guy. But that's weddings. That's how these things go. There's never really a smooth ceremony; little hiccups happen, and at most, this should have been a little hiccup. The wedding would have gone on just fine had the priest said nothing. You know how I know that? Second before he said something, everyone was smiling.

Nick's picture

Never seen something like it:)

Wesley Rolfson's picture

I recently did a Wedding at a Catholic church and saw a similar moment looming. Prior to the Wedding I had decided I was going to try something from a previous article and setup a "virtual asssistant." I attended the rehearsal and got a great idea of the lighting and positioning for my actual assistant. I also found out that the Organist was all about stepping on the wedding planner's toes and was not excited about my camera having a flash or me being anywhere near the front of that church. But I also noticed that the Priest kept eyeing my camera like he wanted to see what I was using. I decided to approach the Priest as if I wanted to leave as little trace as possible and stay out of his way and the sanctity of his church. I think the thing that got me the most free reign was the idea of using an unmanned camera to capture the images from behind him, removing the annoyance of somebody going back and forth during the ceremony. After the Wedding was over he was extremely happy with my services and commented that he didn't even notice we were taking the pictures and wanted me to come back for other events. I can forsee him letting me put a few more remote cameras (triggered by one remote) back on the alter next time.

Robert Pilla's picture

Fauxtograpghers for certain. They should have checked with the Dude in Black to make certain they could be up in his "grill". Looks like the idiots were using short lenses. maybe they need to take paparazzi 101 and invest in some long glass.

Dionisio's picture

Another fascism tick of the church. And its about God rape a kid? Hyprocrite.

Jayson Carey's picture

Did anyone else notice that the videographer was ruining his own shot? there's a tripod directly down the aisle that the officiant's head is blocking. if he stayed behind the altar through the whole ceremony, he would be in every frame of that view.

GraphicDesignNY's picture

Yes I did notice that. And there was another photographer to the right with a pretty big lens.

Rory Lindsay's picture

So God doesn't like photography, or photographers? Since when? I must've missed that bit of the Bible.

Dixie Sotillo's picture

Getting a few up close shots quickly before the minister starts the ceremony is ok, but I agree, once he or she starts the ceremony you should find a position further back and use your zoom lens.

Lydia Shoto's picture

This is their wedding and they are paying them money to do their job just as they are paying him (officiants are paid in most cases). It's their wedding. He has no right to dictate anything. And as the bride, if he had the nerve to interrupt my wedding to have his way, I would have checked him and told him they were doing what I wanted. That was really rude of him. It's not about him it's about their wedding day and I'm sure God has no problem with their wedding getting captured so don't even try to pull that card.

Pete Arnold's picture

In the priest's defense the photographers should have had the conversation with the bride and priest long before the ceremony. Also, how many fucking photographers did they need? And when the priest asks you to move, just fucking move! These are the type of wedding photographers that give the rest of us a bad name and lead to asinine rules like photos can only be shot from the back pew or balcony!

Jaymes Poudrier's picture

Sounds like his beliefs objected to the camera being there at all.

Dan Zahra's picture

This is NOT about GOD! It's about the two people standing in front of you vowing in the name of GOD to love one another till death due they part. At that moment It is NOT about GOD. Someone needs a little more sleep. I would have leaned into him and said if you stop I will tell everyone here about the boys... Yes I too can be an ass.

Walt Mateja's picture

A Sacred Ceremony is NOT a Photo-OP. This is a great example of why the Catholic Church will not permit wedding ceremonies anywhere but inside of a church. A professional photographer should not be part of the scene presented to the congregation. Guests at a wedding are witnesses to Solemn Vows, NOT an audience!

Jinx WeddingPhotography's picture

we have been asked to (and did) photograph a wedding through a window so it doesn't surprise me in the slightest

GraphicDesignNY's picture

The photographer was not in a position to question the priest over logistics. If he is disrupting the ceremony the priest should let him know it. Maybe he could have been sweeter in his overall delivery but the photo/video person was the jerk by asking where do you want me to go. If you are asked to move by the priest conducting the marriage, don't go back and forth about it; JUST MOVE! My guess is, this guy was a hack anyway because he should have known that his actions would be, at the very least, a distraction. Photographers are there to capture the moment, not antagonize the participants. Calling the priest a jerk and saying it was about his ego is a sign of ignorance. Forty-one seconds really doesn't seem like a lot of time to make a character assessment in this instance. Weddings took place long before DSLR's and cellphone video and are actually more important in this case. We don't know if this guy was "really" paid or even a professional at all. We also don't know how long he was standing there making noise. I'm glad the priest took a stand. More professionals in the field as well as in the comments should pay more attention to "situational awareness" and etiquette. It's not always about getting paid to do a job. It's also about doing a good job within the acceptable parameters of the assignment.

Peter Lai's picture

Truth me told, I expect the officiant to be the last one to lose his cool, And to talk about spreading the love. What a joke. Live the word, not just preach it.

Brian Reese's picture

All I could hear was the spray and pray. How many images of 1 second does a photographer need?

Mark D. Rohl's picture

So cut to the end screen shot. Is that photographer wearing a hoodie? There are a lot of things wrong with this one but, a hoodie?

Jake Odening's picture

Both parties are at fault, the pastor for losing his temper and his lack of grace with the situation. And the photographer for standing so close and clicking away THEN trying to reason with the pastor afterwards. This is what the 70-200 was invented for. To keep your self at a safe distance so not disturb the ceremony. Be respectful and discrete. If the pastor turns to give you the stink eye, turn your ass and get the hell out.

Finally to all you "priest and pastor" haters out there. I know some men of the clothe haven't been so Christlike in the eyes of the public but come on don't pass judgement on all pastors just because a few are real jerks. They are human and not perfect. Get to know a few more before you discredit the whole lot.

woofa's picture

It's about god. LOL

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