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The Most Awkward Wedding Photography Video Ever

The Most Awkward Wedding Photography Video Ever

As photographers, many of us will do the occasional wedding or two to help supplement income and boost our careers. Wedding photography can be one of the most stressful and challenging aspects of photography, but is often considered the most important because of its purpose. However, how do you handle an awkward situation where you're asked to stop photographing all together, in the middle of a ceremony?

In the video posted above, we see the officiant giving his blessings and speaking during a wedding ceremony. Seemingly out of nowhere, he turns around, and aggressively tells the photographer and videographer to stop doing their jobs, and go somewhere else. The worst part of it all however, is the look on the bride and grooms face, as this officiant makes everyone feel uncomfortable in the blink of an eye.

Certainly as wedding photographers, it's important for us to be like ninjas, and do our job as silently and nonobstructive as possible. But what happens when the officiant doesn't want a ninja, but someone nonexistent entirely?


[via SLRLounge]

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97point6's picture

Unless there were major antics off camera, the minister is at fault here. In a modern wedding it is accepted practice that a videographer and photographer will be present. Well BEFORE the ceremony (or rehearsal) he should have made his wishes known to the professionals and the bride and groom, so agreements, pro, or con, could have taken place. I can understand his reaction if this happened in a church, but it is obviously in a park setting, not a house of God. He may well have ruined the couples wedding day, he owes them sincere apologies and a refund if applicable.

weez's picture

Well that priest is gonna need a new line of work after this.

Fuego de La Noche's picture

Yo hago videos de bodas, y a veces es estresante encontrarse con estos sacerdotes, y si, si existen.
I'm part wedding videographer, and sometimes, finding these priests it's annoying, and yes, they exist.

goldfries's picture

I believe the article misrepresented / exaggerated the matter.

"However, how do you handle an awkward situation where you’re asked to stop photographing all together, in the middle of a ceremony? .......

........ Seemingly out of nowhere, he turns around, and aggressively tells the photographer and videographer to stop doing their jobs, and go somewhere else."

No, if the minister wanted to stop photographers, he could've stopped them earlier.

And he didn't ask them to stop altogether, just asking these photographers to stand elsewhere.

Note the phrase "do not get in the way". Clearly he got annoyed.

Guest's picture

Behind him is not in the way.

goldfries's picture

Bear in mind that they are all stationary, so this "getting in the way" wasn't referring to path of physical movement.

"getting in the way" here refers to interruption of the proceedings.

reina's picture

If you watch the bride through this, when the photographer asked a third time for them to move at about 40 seconds she scoffs at it. Then right at the end she says "this isn't happening" (sorry if someone already mentioned it) Yeah the way the priest is talking aggravates me, but gosh this is the brides day. I ALWAYS ask the officiant where are they comfortable with me being, and then work with it. But if one changed their mind in the middle of the ceremony and asked me to leave then I would LEAVE lol head bowed, red faced probably teary eyed because I am emotional when i get mad LOL but I would NOT hold a conversation while the couple is waiting for their beautiful day to continue. Don't ask where you are allowed, just leave and stay near where the guests are, because guaranteed he won't have a problem there. The fact that he asked were they still ok at the beginning is because the bride was distracted. Could be because she was emotional or whatever but I think the officiant was speaking on their behalf thinking it was all the photographers super close by, and the photographers should have just listened. As much as the officiant initially upset me, all I can feel now is bad for the bride.

guismo37's picture

This officiant is a jackass?! IS THIS THE MOST AWKWARD WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEO EVER?!!! If so then you may have attended wonderful dreamland weddings or something cause this is nothing compared to the weddings I have attended (11 years of attending weddings) In my experience this officiant was way too calm. People is over reacting to this too much. Calm down!

Brian Wong's picture

This is exactly why I always ask the officiant first if there are any restrictions on when and where I work around the ceremony...

Robin Johnston's picture

He's an officiant, yes, but not a Catholic Priest: Catholics do not get married outside. At least, they are not supposed to.

Mark's picture

"Too close" is a relative term. Some officiants will let you just about sit on their shoulders. Others want you to photograph via spycam from another city.

The officiant is hired to do a job and is not really any more important than the photographers or the caterers. Sure, the ceremony is their time, but that doesn't give them the right to be jerks. Chances are that this couple are not all that religious in the first place, given that this wedding was outdoors and not in a church building. So carrying on about it being God's day is all well and good for him, perhaps, but it likely doesn't reflect the opinion of the couple. For the couple it's "their" day. For the bride it's "her" day.

Poor priest; always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

David O'Shea's picture

In the space of 2 and a half seconds i can hear 9 clicks from the camera. The photog trying to catch smiles and expression from the bride I presume. Seems this is what sent the officiant over the top.

Too many shots and an over the top reaction.... phew...

Rob Krueger's picture

I like how certified the officiant is although he didn’t
fight to have the bride and groom get married in any sort of church. I
personally keep a very disconnected approach for the ceremony and I warn my
clients about that every time. I have sang for many wedding ceremonies and I
saw photographers and videographers getting called out all the time for being “too
close”. As a wedding photographer, I could feel for them, but as a photographer
with a dramatically different approach, I was on the side of the priest. Because
they were too close. I think the lesson here is find what works best for you,
your clients, and always speak to the officiant or ceremony coordinator before
it starts. Maybe they will let you do more if they know before hand or perhaps
the photographer will do less based on what they hear from those running this
portion of the day. In the end (I hope what I’m about to say it true for all
wedding photographers) we do our best. (If that last part is not true for you
as a wedding photographer, please quit because you are saturating a market you
will never succeed in.)

Kevin Thompson's picture

The officiant did not have to take that attitude, no question. But I believe if you watch again, and turn the volume up, you can hear that the photographer was using burst mode on his shutter like he was shooting a sporting event. And I'm sure that is what set the priest off. That was in poor taste for the photographer to choose to do that. It is distracting, and the photographer, and unfortunately his client, paid the price for that. My opinion on what happened. :)

Randolph Leslie Smith's picture

By the attitude of the couple I'd say this is a marriage destined to failure.

John Solano's picture

Had to of been the 9 frames a second the photographer was shooting.
I love my D4s, I love the multiple image capture sound. But just tone it down during the ceremony.

John Smith's picture

"This is not about photography, this is about MY AUTHORITY!!!" Priest is an arrogant asshole. I would not have paid him, had I been the groom. "Hey, priest, you effed up what was supposed to be the happiest day of my life because you're a control freak. Whatever your fee was . . . you ain't getting it."

Guest's picture

I was pretty appalled at how close the videographer was, and especially at the machine gun shutter of the photog right next to them. There's no reason to be that intrusive into a ceremony. It's kind of nice to see a priest lay it out like that, and I'm a wedding photographer! :) Maybe not the most diplomatic, though. That being said, it was certainly the responsibility of both parties to clear up expectations beforehand. Lesson to learn as a photographer, be respectful and lay off the rapid fire.

Joe's picture

Everyone should stop calling this guy a priest. He's obviously a Protestant minister of some sort. Different league altogether.

Guest's picture

You see where the confusion could happen don't you? It's not that big of a deal.

Brian Douglas Bauer's picture

It's hard to see but notice the photographer right before the camera turns off wearing a hoodie and khakis? Plus just as the video starts you here like 20 shots, if the camera is digital silence it! I do audio for weddings the pastor was rude but I've witnessed photographers with total disregard for whats happening they throw attitude to the coordinator and the pastor when asked to stay away from certain areas. And go where they feel like as if the days about them (and those type usually have an entourage).
I know on my wedding day I didn't even notice things that happened until I went back to the video. I was at one wedding where the photographer blew me away by how stealthy and aware he was of were he was and he got amazing photos. Now that I think about it mine was not in one video shot that I know of got amazing photos and was by himself. maybe some people shouldn't be doing weddings, I mean look at how they cut it to just the moment without the context.
Anyone else ever been so blown away by another persons actions that it;s hard to compose a proper sentence. Plus the guys like "where do you want me?", um maybe do your job and figure that out.
OK stepping of my soap box :P

Eternal Pictures's picture

i blame the photographer absolutely. Every church or venue has some form of restrictions on where photogs are allowed to go to. He should have confirmed this before being embarrassed by the priest. and people for crying out loud, if you are going to be behind the officiant, u don't have to be so close, their closeness alone could have made him pretty uncomfortable. was at a wedding some time back and had this photog who was all up in everyone's face taking pictures. he'd jump right in front of the other photogs, be like a few inches to his subject before taking his pics. talk about being really obtrusive. To imagine he had a zoom lens.

Guest's picture

This goes beyond rather if they should have been there or not. The minister should have kept his cool before ruining a wedding. No reason to put on a devil face and be so harsh, he could have handled it a lot better and still got his way.

Eternal Pictures's picture

I agree that he could have handled it better, but do you agree that the photog was where he was not supposed to be in the first place, then again can u imagine how many photogs the priest has had to address before realising that the photogs just don't get it, hence his "devil face"

Phil Shifley's picture

Yea I agree they was in a rather weird place. Really the more I think about it, I don't know if they was there from the beginning and he could have warned them right away or if they just got there. I would have to say without that knowledge I can't make the judgment against him. Or for that matter, any of us.

Jimmy's picture

Anyone ever seen a couple stand that far apart from each other?

Horacio Stjeward's picture

I know that priest, he used to be a photographer, and was pretty bad at it.

Sander van der Veen's picture

what a troll ..

wendell's picture

You can definetly tell the A type and B type people in the comments. All the B types think the Priest is a tard and all the A types think the Priest is justified. I'm a B type so I think the Priest is an idiot. I'm sure that most of the people including the couple are having a second thoughts about going to this mans sermons. There is the right thing to do and an effective thing to do and I'm convinced this man did neither.

wendell's picture

Also think it's priceless that people keep saying that the photographers should have talked to him before hand and then the photographer who was there keeps responding that he did talk to him and then two posts later another person saying that the photographer should have talked to priest.

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