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The Most Awkward Wedding Photography Video Ever

The Most Awkward Wedding Photography Video Ever

As photographers, many of us will do the occasional wedding or two to help supplement income and boost our careers. Wedding photography can be one of the most stressful and challenging aspects of photography, but is often considered the most important because of its purpose. However, how do you handle an awkward situation where you're asked to stop photographing all together, in the middle of a ceremony?

In the video posted above, we see the officiant giving his blessings and speaking during a wedding ceremony. Seemingly out of nowhere, he turns around, and aggressively tells the photographer and videographer to stop doing their jobs, and go somewhere else. The worst part of it all however, is the look on the bride and grooms face, as this officiant makes everyone feel uncomfortable in the blink of an eye.

Certainly as wedding photographers, it's important for us to be like ninjas, and do our job as silently and nonobstructive as possible. But what happens when the officiant doesn't want a ninja, but someone nonexistent entirely?


[via SLRLounge]

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wendell's picture

The videographer should have piped up and said, "It isn't about the photography! It's about the videography!" and then stayed and then when the priest said all the photographers need to leave say, "I'm not a photographer." Then the priest would say, "Videographers too!" Then say I'm not a videographer I'm a cinematographer!"

Transpod's picture

In my years as a photographer I did hundreds of weddings. I always spoke to the officiating person before. Not only did I ask them for their rules, I outlined what I had been asked for by the couple and what I envisioned on doing in their facility or church. Simply asking for general rules is not enough, imo. Could this have been handled better, most certainly on both sides. I fail to see why the person who shot this would post this to the net other than to try to embarrass the minister or priest which speaks volumes about them. This should have been one of those live and learn experiences and then move on with your life.

wendell's picture

Transpod knows all.

Richard Cave's picture

God loves photographers, he said give them light and they all turned down there ISO. I know on the Nikon there is a silent shutter mode, also bursts on a static scene? the couple are stationary, single shots will do. to be honest the camera was way too close (video) also at that height. Would make anyone feel uncomfortable. Also being in eyeline or periphery of someone is a bit of a no no. 70-200mm use the lens length. You have to be a Ninja, as well. I think the ships doctor from Voyager was right to be uncomfortable. On the first haughty look in my direction, turn your back and walk off. If you turn your back and walk, they dont get into an engagement with you. Go somewhere else, he is right it is not a photography session, it is someones special day and there are ways and means to get the shot you require without drawing attention to yourself. I understood the photographer spoke to the ships doctor prior, I always make them part of the team, using phraseology like lets make this special for them, lets help each other out, I know we are frustrating, could you during the rings step back for a moment so we can get it and out of your way, and so on, I have kids to feed and this is my only source of income.... Now if he was being an arse just for the sake of being an arse, then the time to speak would be at the end. If that does not resolve itself, speak to his boss, someone mentioned church lady, jeez, flowers, card and flattery sorts them out, rohypnol in there tea helps as well.

Brian Lewis's picture

I just went to a wedding. The photographers ruined everything. They stood in front of people, moved around constantly, and blocked my view of the bride and groom at every turn.

Jason Armond's picture

This story was on CNN this morning. WOW

Jimmy Schaefer's picture

Good for him! Why are you even getting a front on shot anyways, This should be featured in the 10 things not to do post

Miranda Mirsec's picture

This is a very unfortunate situation! It doesn't even matter who the priest was talking to. He was rude and unprofessional. I don't even care what what going on behind him (it could have been a party for heaven sake!) a professional he needed to handle it differently. Regardless of what the photographer might have done or not done it doesn't matter (its how the priest drew attention to the matter and STOPPED the ceremony to do it!) We wouldn't be having this discussion and no one would even know about this had he continued to perform his duty as priest (as he was hired to do) There are distractions in EVERY wedding, crying babies, honking cars, things get dropped, family members who are want to be photographers, service staff working in the back, weather, planes overhead the list goes on! For him to go off on anyone is incredibly unprofessional! Imagine what this discussion would look like if he had yelled at a mom with a crying baby! If this is an issue for him to be able to perform the service he was hired to do...then he should have included it in his contract with bride and groom...not power play with the photographer. And even then no matter what happens he needs to pull it together....its the right thing to do. Priest in in the wrong here. End of story!

Gabriel Barrios's picture

I see a man guilty of wrath!

Lorenzo P's picture

"This is not about photography, It's about God"

Tijmen Dal's picture

And that's why you don't do it like that.

Craig Lillard's picture

I can understand why John Malkovich would not want the fact that he is now performing wedding ceremonies recorded to videotape. It could ruin his career in Hollywood!!

Lola's picture

I consider the photographers to be at fault here. Not to mention that they haven't touched base with the officiant before, they could also stop the argument as soon as the officiant said something and changed their positioning. For some reason they chose to drag it out with their pointless questions. I might be in the minority to say this, but I do not think the officiant was a jackass. He taught all of us, photographer, a lesson. Let's admit, photogs tend to get plenty arrogant.

Mike's picture

Well first and foremost they were clearly breathing down the back of the Priest, I would never get behind an officiant and shoot like they did, call it what you will but respecting his place and your place are paramount. These idiots are the reason the priest/ officiants give us the photographers a hard time to start with. How bout if uncle Johnny with the new digital camera was standing behind you close enough to hear him breathing and you running into him if you step back or sideways. I am glad he spoke up and embarrassed them maybe they will learn some respect and etiquette.
a little communication goes a long way, being an arrogant photographer makes for some pretty nasty law suits later.