Napoleon's Royal Romance

stone blue productionsA few month ago wedding photographer Jeremiah Guelzo of Stone Blue Productions emailed us a really exciting editorial shoot he did inspired by a mansion once owned by Napoleon Bonaparte. Like many videos we receive, Jeremiah didn't include enough juicy behind the scenes tips and info to earn a place on the front of Fstoppers. However, we were thrilled when Shaking Hands Productions added a nice intro to his video explaining how he pulled off this love themed shoot between Napoleon and Josephine. This production was quite extensive requiring months of planning and over two full days of designing and shooting. You can click through the links over at Hill City Bride to see the final images as well as read more info on how they did this on their video page.

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hmmm, private video, needs a password.

Thanks for the post today guys.

why is the video behind a password wall?

kinda rude move from the video maker imho.
Fstoppers tryn to give them some exposure... oh well

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Is it still private? It loads for me.

working now. wasn't when i left the comment.

It's working.

I didn't see anything that told the story he wanted to portray. It honestly looks like typical wedding photography done with the typical wedding photography color filter. He seems like a nice guy though.

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I went to the vimeo page..I am pretty sure that video company is called "shaking hands" instead of "shanking hands" lol

Hit the hill city bride link to read more about what inspired us to do this shoot. We were not going for period rather using ideas from the past to create a new twist on a timeless romance. This was featured in a special wedding publication.

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What a great location. I would almost feel overwhelmed with inspiration just being in a place like that. So many angles so many possibilities.

Great vid..+1 for Phottix triggers..

Great vid..+1 for Phottix triggers..

Great video, really like shoots like this that use minimal gear. Makes the photographers that dont have a ton yet feel better :)

I agree. Good basic gear gets the job done.

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I feel like there should have been much better photos produced given the equipment, location, number of people working on this project, etc. Themsquaredgroup was right - cookie cutter photos. Wheres the drama?

Want drama Breaux? Okay...checked out the "fine art photographer of Baton Rouge" ...the most boring wedding photos I've seen in a long time...that was the epitome of cookie seriously have no right downplaying this groups photos when your own work doesn't support your title.

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I think we should all agree that not everyone likes everyone else's approach to photography. Sometimes the BTS info is worth more than the final photos and sometimes the final photos warrant posting a horrible BTS video...I deal with this everyday but at the end of the day I realize some people will like something while not liking something else.

Did a guy just say he was going to bring drama? Let's not go all Real World Vegas on the comments, everyone just take a deep breath!

I was so proud to do this project with Jeremiah of Stone Blue and Brad of Shaking Hands. Here is a link to the full gallery of photos if you are interested! :)