Simeon Quarrie Goes Above and Beyond for Wedding Clients Yet Again

If you remember Simeon Quarrie, you'll recall that he goes out of his way to please his wedding clients. A couple months ago we featured his ridiculously stressful same-day edit from his wedding day video team. In this shoot, Simeon goes above and beyond once again to deliver a really special experience to his clients.

For his shoot with this couple, Simeon wanted to capture a piece of their life story. His vision for the shoot demanded rain and an dramatic scene. So, instead of waiting around for the weather, he ended up spending a couple hundred pounds on a DIY rain rig, not a bad deal when you get some awesome images like these.






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Vivek Kunwar's picture

Wow...this was such a fine pre-wedding shoot! Nothing like I have seen before.

Von Wong's picture

this is excellent they give me the chills...! 

Simeon Quarrie's picture

they were freezing. As customary for most our shoots, illness results. I often plan shoots to allow time for recovery from illness before the wedding. Often emails or messages are sent to remind everyone to dose up with medication after hard shoots.

Von Wong's picture

i meant the shots, emotionally gave me the chills. Loved to see you get down and dirty and wet to explain the shot. Shows you care about your work. Kudos mate.

Michael Kormos's picture

I certainly hope his clients appreciate all the effort he puts into their photos!

Gary Zin's picture


wow thats awesome! 

Kriston Bethel's picture

Great concept and awesome execution!

Golgo Thirteen's picture

Bet you like $100 their family and friends were like......did you get any regular shots outside?  These images are great and cool.  I don't shoot weddings but every time I talk to wedding shooters they say the client has no taste and wants boring stuff.

Simeon Quarrie's picture

This made me laugh. These two had really tough childhoods, so I would be really interested to see how the parents would respond. I matched this shoot style to the couple. I got absolute freedom with this. They will get the pretty outdoor shots for the wedding I promise!

Lawrence Moy Hing's picture

Wow! Really nice concept

John Afravi's picture

Such great execution! From concept to the final product! Well done.

Jeremy Cupp's picture

I hope to create something this epic one day. Great work. The lighting and rain was spot on.

Raheel Gauba's picture

Simeon - You are a magician, bro... been following your work for quite a while now and you're an inspiration...! Quick question... after you got your planned shot with the girl in his arms, did you just let them get into each other's arms naturally and make it an organic shoot or was every single shot posed?

PritpalKainth's picture

Excellent work, great concept unique....

Emil Nyström's picture

This is something that more photographers should do. Bring different concepts to the regular requests.

This is amazing, I wish someday I'll be albe to have my own studio and do some crazy things like this :)