And The Three Wedding Tutorial Winners Are...

The contest for our tutorial How To Become A Commercial Wedding Photographer just came to a close an hour ago, and the final 3 winners have been randomly picked. These three lucky readers will get a pre release copy of the Digital Download as well as a free copy of our new light modifier as soon as it is released sometime this year. Read on to see the winners

Here are the three winners from, Twitter, and Facebook. If you are one of the lucky winners below, please send us an email to with your email and full name and we will send you out the full 14 hour tutorial. The official release date for How To Become A Commercial Wedding Photographer is January 7th so keep an eye out for the full promo video next week. Congrats to all three winners and thank you to everyone who entered.

Fstoppers Winner:
Fstoppers wedding winner

Twitter Winner:
contest winner twitter

Facebook Winner:
contest winner facebook

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Can't wait to get my hands on this DVD.

From the contest rules: 

"Entries must be more than 5 words... extremely short comments will not be eligible."

I'm totally excited for the winners, that they don't have to shell out for this thing (which I'm sure is going to be worth it anyway).  But, are we as a society just going to stand by while people get rewarded for ignoring contest rules?  While fstoppers does indeed rock, the comment "You guys rock" is a clear violation of rules that we all agreed to play by.   So I say rise up fstoppers community!  Demand Pat and Lee give away a fourth prize!  I would like to take this opportunity to nominate this very comment, regardless of who wrote it.

Patrick Hall's picture

That particular "rule" was listed simply to prevent negative and spam comments.  I'm happy to give away another copy if that really bothers everyone.  I was the one who made that rule and I also approved the random my mind Ryan seemed eligible to me.  

Thanks Pat. I was just trying to be funny.  You guys do rock.

I feel Patrick Jeff should be given the extra copy. its only fair he called out the rules. If another copy is also available mine is still on the table. I will shoot a wedding for free after watching your videos to any couple to test out everything you have provided and provide a full review!

yahoo-76C57SRQH43VY5YAY5XVL5CQ4A's picture

He Should have wrote You guys Rock, Paper Scissors. <-- do i get a free copy for the Joke? : P

bizlar2002's picture

Is there an official release date for the DVD yet? .... nevermind, I see it.

congratulations to the lucky ones :)

Lee Christiansen's picture

Perhaps for future contests, prizes should be for the most creative or inspiring answers instead...  We are after all supposed to be a creative community.

But isn't a creative response a subjective thing?? What I think is creative, you might think isn't.. It seems you just can't win.. No matter what they do, ppl always have something to complain about in the way they do the contest.. The just wanted this to be a nice simple contest to enter.. Send a comment, you're in.. Why do ppl complain about ppl who give away free stuff when they don't have to give away free stuff?? And yes, I would say the same thing if I lost.. Because if you check other contests, that I lost, I did say the same thing.. They didn't have to do the contest.. But they did.. They made it as simple as possible to enter.. So just be thankful that they have you a chance!!

Shawn Robertson's picture

Would love to know the price of the DVD, Very excited for this and looking forward to getting it. There's nothing better than hands on training and this DVD seems like the closest thing to being there. Loved your original video with the iPhone shoot and cant wait for this one!

Patrick Hall's picture

It will be $299.  We are releasing everything on the 7th.  

I love you guys, and would love to get my hands on this amazing set of videos, but wow... $300? :( I just can't swing that.

Ike Xander Mendoza's picture

$299's a bit high for someone just starting out like me.. :(

Will there be any specials or discounts for early buyers?

Sabrina Myers's picture

Hey guys, i have a friend who shoots weddings as probably all of us do, he however has a blog which teaches you how to capture some amazing shots, well worth a look at for free

Patrick Hall's picture

Very cool, I will have to check it out.  Our tutorial is very heavy on the business side and answering questions we had when we first started our business (where to advertise, what legal documents are needed to start a business, how to build a compelling website, etc).  That information shockingly still seems really difficult to find online

This is awesome guys.. Thank you so much.. I can really use this as I've recently moved to a new province and basically about 90%,of my business has become weddings, where before it was 50/50 weddings and portrait!

So pumped about this!

Congrats to the winner!!!....

sniff sniff *empty handed :(*