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Harvest Moon

I got this shot on Saturday morning from the hills above Berkeley, where I happened to be staying. The light was amazing in these minutes before the sun came up. I took a series of several photos, some with the sun finally up and illuminating the hills, but I think this blue hour image is the best. At least so far. I haven’t had a chance to...


Taken over the weekend, the forecast wasnt favourable with clear sky until after sunset with high clouds approaching inland.
Figured we take a chance and hope streaks of clouds would approach inland before the expected forecast.
Hope you like it

Island Hill

When I seen the sunset last night I had to grab the camera and head for somewhere local just to try and capture the beauty of it. Needless to say the actual sunset was directly behind me but I feel this still made for an awesome photo with the colours in the sky.

This is the 1st photo where I feel my photography has progressed (still a...

Converted this shot to B&W

It changes the character quite a lot, but I kind of like it. In color of course it is , well colorful, mainly blues, and some green from the trees in the distance. But by converting to B&W and adding some grain, it becomes more transcendent than scenic.

This was shot using a Fujifilm XT-2; Fujinon 18-55mm zoom.

Recent Stuff

Just sharing, nothing more - Behemoth, Slipknot & KISS, picked up what I refer to as my Toyota Center Toy, a Sigma 150-600 Sport. But haven't had a chance to use it yet, it arrived a couple hours before the show (thanks B&H Sarcasm) but then we were bumped back up to the pit for KISS. Waiting to hear on 3 more shows starting Sunday, so...

Amateur Macro with very basic "gear" Sony QX10

Hello everyone!
Well I'm not a photographer, obviously? , But I really enjoy this as a hobby, and trying to improve..
I love macro/super macro photography, and since I lack any kind of equipment for that, not even a large sensor or interchangeable lens camera! I've decided to try it with some DIY style, and here sharing some results...

Victoria at Scott Spring, Ocala

It was a cool weekday when Victoria and I started shooting in this sinkhole in an Ocala park. There was a park ranger in the area who left about five minutes after we arrived and after that, we were alone to pick and choose the best angles and poses.

I love this kind of "guerrilla" photography. Get in and get out with no permission and...

Would love feedback as I am new to the world of fine art portraits

Hello all,

First time posting in Fstoppers. I am new to the world of fine art portraiture, and I'd love any feedback on how to take my work to the next level. I am a circus artist and photographer, so my subjects are mainly members of my circus community. This is image is one of a lovely Cyr Wheel artist, and I'd love any CC that you...