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"What are we hiding?" This is my first post to the site.

The original intent of this shoot was to practice using a lighting setup for the first time, but it evolved when I saw that I could put a message in this self-portrait. Under the surface I see myself as a fairly weak individual and I have what seems like an insurmountable number of fears, but when I look at the portrait I feel all of them melt...

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

This photo is from a couple of years ago when I was just getting into photography. We recently had a huge snow storm in North Carolina which gave me an opportunity to go through some old photos. I think the the black and white conversion gives this photo a completely different feel. Would love to know what you think.


Hi everyone! New to the group here.

I shot this as part of a series I'm doing. This was a crazy fun shoot and the model was just awesome. There's no photoshop here, just a few adjustments and touch ups in Lr. Everything was shot light painting with a fibre optic brush on long exposures :)

We spent about 2 hours doing the makeup...

Honda CBR

Shot with a Sony a99ii and 50mm f1.4 lens.
Shot in my garage with two king sized sheets behind the CBR600RR and the bike on the kick stand. The kickstand had an elevator under it to level the bike out a bit, but it was still leaning towards the left, so the camera was positioned to correct for the lean.
The final product is a...

Hi Everyone!

Hi, I'm new here in Fstoppers, I'm a chef from Italy living in Bangkok Thailand,
I started with photography around a year ago when I was living in Singapore,
the majority of my picture are shot during night because I don't have time during day
so I try to take a stroll after work and capture what I see .
Hope you enjoy,...


Album cover I shot and created this week for a album titled GooPrint using a mixture of digital painting, compositing, c4d. He wanted something high end feeling but bloody. So I decided to go more abstract portraiture with it. The negative space is for type just incase anyone ws thinking there was wasted space. Excited to make the rest of the...

from Messier 78 to the Flame and Horse Head

Imaged under bad transparency but relatively dark Bortle 4 skies, this image is 55 subs of 180s each ISO1600 with an unmodified Canon 6D and Skywatcher Espirit 100 ED F/5.5 refractor. Mount was an IEQ45 Pro autoguided.

Calibrated with bias, darks, flats using Astro Pixel Processor

Post: Photoshop CC + HLVG and AstronomyTools plug...

Photos of working people

One of my fascinations is capturing people in vital work modes. I consider whether they've had a good day, bad day, appreciated effort and more. When I can I print them out and send them to the subject. In some cases like this shot of a restaurant worker, I had to wait for the crowd to part for just the right space to get the pic I wanted.