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Recent wedding shot

Hi guys!

Last saturday I had a wedding, 37 Celsius and midday Sun. The couple hired a 1969 Ford Mustang
for the wedding, and we had to remove the passenger seat to fit the bride in the car :)
Here is an image from the shooting:

Too crazy?

This has been taken with a 16-35mm lens. My model is wearing no makeup and has had no colour put in her hair. I just pulled her off the couch. I have used a speed lite. The rest is PS. I would appreciate CC to know if its just too dramatic.

Federica (critiques)

I just came back with another photo that I'm asking for some comments and critiques.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM
@ f/2.8 - ISO 160 - 1/40s
Natural - Window Light - No Reflector/Diffuser
Retouched in Capture One Pro 10
[Only the skin cleanup has been done in...

Budget Prints vs Pro Lab Prints

Printing represents the final step in the journey of a photograph. I have just written a comparison blog post, looking at the differences between a print ordered from a budget lab and one created by a pro lab.

The same 300dpi, sRGB jpeg was sent to both labs (which, to save any embarrassment shall remain nameless) and the resulting...

Anastassia - Natural Light

Just a couple of images from a shoot I did over a week ago now. I'm pleased with how the shoot went and how the images turned out and my model really likes them, so I can't ask more than that.
Using my 5d mark iii & my 50mm f1.8 and edited in Photoshop.
As always CC welcomed.
More can found on

Hannah N. Headshot #2

Hey everyone. I'm looking for some constructive criticism for this image. This is my first shot at ditching the strobes for natural light using the translucent portion of a 5-in-1, forty-something inch reflector for my key light, and the silver side of a small reflector for kicker. At first glance I really liked this image, but there are a few...