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Alaskan Landscapes

Despite living in Alaska my landscape photographs have been, objectively speaking, largely crap. Fantastic views do not automatically translate into fantastic photographs. I have been working on improving my landscapes skills, and think I have made some progress. Criticism and suggestions greatly appreciated.

Please Critique my Photo

I snapped this on a recent trip in Morocco. These are Wild Macaques that we came across driving through a particular forest that is known for them.

I'm looking for CC - this particular scene is an act where a smaller monkey (left) is grooming the Alpha male (right). With my editing I really wanted to emphasize the Alpha's dominance so I...


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MSO McLaren 570S session

A selection of images from my recent session with a MSO McLaren 570S. For the first 3 images, the entire scene was lit using an Impact Litetrek 4.0 strobe with the reflector to create the shadows and light the foreground and background. The car itself was lit with the same strobe, bare bulb to create harsh contrast and bring out the metal flake...