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Wet look

This is my first post in here guys, so please leave me some comments on my work, if ts anyhow interesting.

Little story behind this shot, this is taken in Montenegro last year. I was on a holiday and bumped in to this amazing swedish model Emma. We decidet to arrange a photoshoot as she was living in a really nice hotel where was this...

What Do You Like to Listen to When Retouching?

We all know, retouching can be extremely tedious! Especially when it comes to beauty or close-up work. It requires extreme precision which in turns tends to make the process quite long. I'm sure we'll have habits when editing and I'd love to hear yours!

I used to have the TV on all the time when retouching, but I've found that EDM, House...

Slam Dunk Da Funk

Another self portrait of me with my basketball, Wilson from the film Castaway.
I love ultra wide angle even in portraits to express the quirkyness of character and to try and break from the norm.
The shadow on my right arm is from the rising sun causing a shadow from the basketball hoop pole thingy.
Would love your thoughts...