Sleepless Dream

A foggy work with a full moon in Dubai in the early morning. Nothing more perfect than that! It was a magical morning...

A Different View at the Vatican

Not the first composition you think of when visiting this location (but maybe the 2nd...).


Day and Night images of the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi

Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City is a commercial hub known for glitzy shopping areas like Bonifacio High Street, filled with big-...


Above the streets of Manhattan is a world of which most no little about. Fire escapes leading to the unknown ...


January 2020 downtown Manhattan in the rain.

Busan, South Korea

Less focus on the actual city but still thought it belonged here


This photo was taken on the Brexit Evening 31th Jan 2020 in London. Before COVID-19 was a thing. Canon EOS R Canon 16-...

Downtown Durham

Here is another angle of the skyline in downtown Durham.

An Icon

Olympic stadion - Montreal

Downtown Durham

The Durham North Carolina skyline.
Last: May 11, 2020

Lucky Strike

This is from the American Tobacco District in downtown Durham North Carolina. I just upgraded to new camera. This was...

Cityscape of Bern

The Swiss capital in mild spring weather. The original was recorded in the evening and left artifacts in the lightening...
Last: April 1, 2020

Tring Over Hong Kong

My first real go at working in layers. Hong Kong but with a sky shot near where I live in the UK.

Slums of Kathmandu

Best thing about being a pilot is angles like this...

Late blue hour across from peer 56

Took this while out on a "walk" last weekend.