Remnant of the Sun

Sometimes there are moments so beautiful that are hard to express in words. I felt blessed to witness this magical moment as it took me 3 visits to this place just to get the shot that I wanted. Surreal.

This shot was taken with Nikon D5300 and Tokina 11-16 v2.

Sardinian sunset

I shot this image on the first days of fall in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy).
I've been waiting for the perfect sunset to pair the view above the roman amphitheater below.
This location is quite hard to shoot as per the sunset is always behind those mountains on the horizon so it's difficult to get great colors on the sky.
I have...

Seattle from Alki

Another fall cloudy day over Seattle. I decided to pay a visit to Alki beach and of course I couldn't pass up a shot like this. Big puffy clouds, some mellow water, sand, and classic waterfront of Seattle. Enjoy! As always feedback and comments are welcome.

Seattle sunset

On a current road trip I spent a few days in Seattle. What a great city, It was my first time there ever and I fell in love with just how alive the city is. This is one of the shots Ive always wanted to take, the classic Seattle shot almost.

I'm using a canon 6d, Tamron 17-35 lens and a ND filter.

Feel free to tell me what you...

New York Sunrise

A shot of the Sunrise over Lower Manhattan from the shores of Jersey City over the Hudson River. Whilst travelling to the area for work I was able to grab this shot using an old Nikon D3400 and Nikkor F1.8 35mm lens; this equipment is entry level and to get this shot proves the equipment isn't the limiting factor. The shot settings were SS 1/...

Luxury Living

Fort Lauderdale's skyline is a bit tricky to get. There are only a few locations that offer optimal viewing of the skyline. Climb up on bridges, overpasses and other routes and you'll see only a few that give you the best vantage point.


A warm summer sunset along Singapore's Central Business District. Even with the humid weather, the rush of people going in and out of work is something unique about Singapore.

3:00 A.M.

Did you have such a thing that having already shot, having removed all equipment, you go home, heating in a car and dreaming about hot tea with cookies and good sleep, as suddenly, near your house you see a frame you cannot pass? It was just the same case - a sleeping city, quiet streets, moody fog and light breaking through tree leaves. It was...