The Bay

Singapore's city skyline and financial district taken during the golden hour of dusk from the Marina Bay area. The unique architecture on the left that looks like an open lotus is actually the Art Science Museum.

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Tower Bridge at Dusk

Hello everyone!
I was watching Stranger Things 2 with my flatmate when I noticed that the skies have cleared and that there would be a beautiful sunset, so I sprung out of bed and hurried myself and my flatmate to Tower Bridge to enjoy the sunset and get a nice snap of it.
I just bought my new Benro tripod so I was really keen to...

Golden Bilbao

This shot was taken during sunset from one of the best spots to capture the city. Single shot that not only includes a pink-ish sky but also includes the real fire sculpture at the Guggenheim museum, the Iberdrola Tower, San Mamés stadium where Athletic Club Bilbao plays and much more spots, everything located around the Nervión river.


City Of Embers

I arrived on location and the rain was coming down. I persevered though and after drying up then getting soaked a second time and drying up again The sunset proved majestic. Never go home with an empty card, weather can change in a heartbeat and if you are willing to put up with getting soaked you will reap the rewards.

Mexico City

I was in Mexico City a little bit ago and got this great sunset image at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. I couldn't have asked for a better looking sunset and the clouds really came alive. Normally I lean toward time blended shots with the blue hour sky and lights, but I have really been loving the look of the actual sunset image. The building...

The Land Of Oz.

If you happen to be taking a trip down-under and visiting sunny Queensland, then a photo from Kangaroo Point Cliffs is must, especially if you love your cityscapes. The vantage point from this lofty location, captures my beautiful city of Brisbane blissfully. There's plenty of other great spots to capture the view, that I have acquired whilst...

From A far

I grew up in Philadelphia, and I can remember when the tallest building in center city was The William Penn Building and at the time it was said, nothing would be built beyond its height. Now as the city grows in popularity so has our skyline! I am proud to say, Philadelphia is evolving into a worthy opponent of our worlds greatest cities!

The road to the sunrise

Putrajaya is the political capital of Malaysia. It is one of the most quite and beautiful cities in the world.
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A cloudy day

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