Rainier makes the Seattle skyline

Rare shot of Rainier in the winter. 30 second exposure with the Sony 24-105 f/4 and A7iii.

Metropolitan Sunset - Moments in Time.

I've always wanted to make a cityscape image at sunset but often found myself wandering to the coastline. It was only...

Old in the New

Classic old buildings gives some warmth to this freezing night

NYC at Twilight

Lower Manhattan, taken from the Rockefeller center, i knew i couldn't take a tripod, but i was able to brace myself...
Last: January 20, 2020


Montreal at -14degC and dropping fast due to wind
Last: January 20, 2020


The colorful buildings in Girona along the Rive Riu Onyar.

The Capital

Framed - One for the wall ? the wide or tight cropped?

Old Look

just had to make this look old to fit with the ambiance
Last: January 7, 2020


One night late in London UK
Last: January 6, 2020


Side view ... pity the buildings in front are cluttering the image

Car trails at sunset

These are my first attempts at blending car trails into sunset shots. I'm honestly not too happy with the arch one as...

The Radcliffe camera

View of the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford The square where the building in question lives is quite small so that I was...

Colour or B&W

What do you think colour or b&w?
Last: January 4, 2020

Dodger Stadium and DTLA

My favorite time to shoot skylines, as the day gently slips away.
Last: January 2, 2020
Last: January 2, 2020
Last: January 2, 2020