Boring sky and I can't get the Blue Hour...

Hello everyone!!

Imagine this scenario:
You are going to Rome, but you are only staying for 2 days.

You will only have the opportunity to photograph 2 places with the blue hour, so how can you photograph all the other beautiful places with a boring blue sky without having to resort to photoshop and fake sky picture?


Havana Pavillion - Prague

Hi Folks.This photo was taken this winter in Prague. It's the Havana Pavillion. The clouds and the birds flying around made me think about Alfred Hitchock's movie "The Birds". It was shot handheld while wandering with my girlfriend during a lovers weekend. What do you think about it? Thank you for your comments and critiques.

90mm lens...

Traffic Jam

It was shot above the ringroad toward Saint Luce in Nantes (France) at 9am. I wanted to show the way vehicles move, to observe the flow and rhythm of traffic, to look at the mobility challenge faced in day-to-day life. This photo is a composite of 15 pictures taken at different exposures ranging from 1/125s to 20 seconds exposures at f11 using...

Sunset at Narrows Bridge

Here is my most recent photo taken at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge during sunset. Let me know what you guys think and constructive critique is always welcome. Feel free to share the techniques you guys use for long exposure shots when shooting road or freeways.

The confluence of traditional and modern

When most people think of Dubai, they think of the ultra-modern: the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall and, seen here, the Burj Al Arab. But there are still pockets of traditional Emirati life surprisingly close - this is a date farm whose existence predates nearly all of the skyscrapers we see on travel websites and photographs.

First image on Fstoppers - Hong Kong


Here is my first post, it's a shot I took from Lion Rock Head in Hong-Kong.
I've wanted to go to this location for a long time but I've had to wait for my 4th time visiting Hong-Kong to have a decent-enough weather/visibility to go up there.
When people visit Hong-Kong, they first think about Victoria Peak and the skyline...

The iron mosque of Putrajaya

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