Fort Point In The A.M.

I've been to San Francisco several times but never got around to visiting Fort Point. It's a very popular photo spot and I was happy to visit and try my hand at photographing an iconic location.

That rainy night in Atlanta

It was a cold and chilly night in Atlanta. I was here for a day for work, and while the rainy days didn’t have much to offer, amidst the chill … the rain Gods decided to give us a small break. I grabbed my camera, got up on the Jackson Street Bridge and took the few shots that I could get (I remember the bridge was shaking due to heavy winds...

Manhattan Sunset

I have been trying to make this shot I took back in June work. It has been a challenge for me to make the dynamics of the light and extreme contrasts pull together.

Hibiscus zone, Cayenne, French Guiana

Hi evryone, new member here

French Guiana is know for the forest, not the cityscapes, but I managed a few interesting shots
Both shot were taken early in the morning

The first one was taken a year ago, and it's a 5min20sec long exposure. I managed it with the livetime mode on my olympus body
The two other ones were...

Scenes from Chicago

Sometimes I wish I lived in a big city just for the endless photography possibilities. I was in Chicago a couple weeks ago on business and only got to do about 2 hours of site seeing. These are my 2 favorites I got while walking around. Would love to go back sometime and get to actually bring my tripod and do some fun long exposures.

Griffith Observatory after a Storm

I've known about this spot in Griffith park for years, but had never been able to get a shot I liked. As Anglenos know, the air is clearest in the city right after rain, so while the clouds were still hanging in the sky I marched up "mountain" and finally got the shot.

Would love critique!

30 sec exposure - 135mm - 64iso

Beautiful Downtown Houston

It had just rained in some parts of Houston, but the location had just finished a huge downpour about 20 minutes earlier. I managed to get up on the roof of the garage and captivate the beautiful rainbow sunset tones rising on the building and amazing pink tones of the sky sunset receding behind me.
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Dublin Docklands

New FStoppers member, feel free to CC the image. Appreciate any feedback.

About this photo:
Taken from the south side of the river Liffey just after sunrise when the tide has calmed so the water is still and reflective. The street lights are still on but the reflection of the blue sky lights up the scene.

First submit to Fstoppers

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I follow the Fstoppers site and community daily but only now I thought I had images good enough to show here.

So here it goes...this first image was taken in my home town (more details in the image description).

I look forward to meet lots of other photographers there and hear out your...