Beautiful Downtown Houston

It had just rained in some parts of Houston, but the location had just finished a huge downpour about 20 minutes earlier. I managed to get up on the roof of the garage and captivate the beautiful rainbow sunset tones rising on the building and amazing pink tones of the sky sunset receding behind me.
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Dublin Docklands

New FStoppers member, feel free to CC the image. Appreciate any feedback.

About this photo:
Taken from the south side of the river Liffey just after sunrise when the tide has calmed so the water is still and reflective. The street lights are still on but the reflection of the blue sky lights up the scene.

First submit to Fstoppers

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I follow the Fstoppers site and community daily but only now I thought I had images good enough to show here.

So here it goes...this first image was taken in my home town (more details in the image description).

I look forward to meet lots of other photographers there and hear out your...

Comment welcome

This was an attempt of sunset photo but clouds get in their way, i'm really happy with this photo but if you could give me your opinion I will surely learn and try to do better next time. Thanks

Petrochemical site at night


I went on a small trip these last few days and focused on the petrochemical sites I've spotted. I've picked a more vivid colour pattern, but for cityscapes I still figuring out what would fit the best.

any CC is very well welcomed.


Charlotte, NC at Sunset

Hello guys,
I am from Charlotte, NC. Here is an image I shot a while back ago during the sunset. This photo was shot at a rooftop bar from the 21st story of a building. Let me know what you guys think :3
Camera: Canon 70D
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II SLR Zoom Lens
Focal Length: 33mm
ISO: 500