The famous "hole in the fence" Seattle Cityscape

On the D5600, 24mm crops to 36mm, F/9, ISO-100, 8 seconds, 3 shots blended to bring out the blue hour, building and light trails. I will be cutting out the cranes you can kind of see when I print this. And for fun Iv added the cell phone photo of me taking the photos lol.

Dublin Grand Canal

Dublin Grand Canal.. one of the sister canals to Royal Canal.. is one of the social places in Dublin.. Summer time.. grab a beer.. sit n talk.. n add a beautiful sunset.. Nothing more u can ask..

Montélimar (France) - 2

Other pictures showing a sort of transition between two populations. The ancient one and the new one.
With these photographies, I'm trying to approach a local complex sociology, being transformed.

Montélimar (France)

South of France is an attractive place for people. Most of the cities are being being transformed as more and more people live there. Companies, schools, houses refelct the waqy of life.
Buildings are made with geometric shapes and regular forms. It's not about knowing if it's good or bad, beautiful or awful. This is a trend that modern...

To the other side

A cool and not so well known architectural spot that I wanted to shoot in Singapore.

I wanted to achieve an image really looking like a sci-fi movie.

A Blue Sunset

First post on this website, discovered it today from a friend. Seems incredibly cool and full of great photographers. Most of my photos are from a while ago because I fell out of the habit of shooting, but seeing all these new pictures and discovering this online community I feel as though I have to start taking pictures again. Any feedback or...

Dubai extravaganza

Have you ever been to Dubai? If so what are your favourite spots?
I went there for a second time a few months ago and there are so many angles to shoot from! Such a fun city for photographers!

Dubai Marina at sunset

Met up with a friend who had been given an upgraded apartment with this amazing view. Set the composition up ac couple of hours before sunset and just waited.