Why Photoshop Smart Objects Are So Useful

There are a ton of ways to approach editing an image, with different methods having their own pros and cons. One method involves using Smart Objects, and this helpful video tutorial will guide through editing landscape images with them and show you why they are so useful.

Noise and Blown Highlights Aren't the End of the World

If there are two things that photographers work really hard to avoid in their images, they are noise and blown highlights. It is drilled into us from day one that these are to be avoided as much as possible. But are they really the end of the world? Maybe not.

A Review of the New Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS Sports Lens

The Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS Sports lens is here, and it brings with it a range of improvements and the company's latest technology, all meant to make it a versatile, high-quality supertelephoto lens that will not break the bank. This excellent video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

An Interview With Baber Afzal: Light Painting a Porsche Commercial

Baber Afzal is the soft-spoken talent who only found his way to photography after picking up his sister’s Sony point-and-shoot nearly over a decade ago. That twist of fate has led him to work for some very well-established clients in the UAE, including the Porsche UAE’s new Panamera campaign.

Lasers Will Damage Your Camera Sensor, Says Sony

A few unfortunate photographers have found out the hard way that lasers can permanently damage camera sensors. Now Sony has listed the warning on its website, hopefully preventing further accidents.

5 Tips for Beginner Photographers To Better Edit Your Raw Landscapes

Learning how to properly edit your raw photographs can be highly daunting if you do not have much experience with Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other post-production suite. In this video, learn five basic steps to getting more out of your raw files.

5 Common Portrait Retouching Mistakes

The vast majority of portraits you shoot will involve at least a small degree of retouching to create a finished image, and there are a lot of places where things can go awry. This excellent video tutorial will show you five retouching mistakes portrait photographers make and how you can either fix them or avoid them completely.

Why I Don’t Mind That My Astro Photos Aren’t Great

Like many photographers, I love to see interesting astrophotography. There are plenty of stunning examples out there, usually featuring the Milky Way over a dramatic landscape. Also, like many photographers, I've tried my hand at astrophotography and have not quite gotten the same results. Unlike many other wannabe astrophotographers, my images make me feel happy.

An Advanced Headshot Lighting Setup

Once you have mastered the basic properties of light by working with a single source, you can begin to explore your creativity with more advanced lighting setups. This fantastic video tutorial will show you an advanced four-light headshot setup for creating an eye-catching image and everything you need to know to replicate it in your own work.

6 Different Ways to Get Out of Using Your Camera's Auto Mode

When you are new to photography, you probably use your camera in auto mode. And that is a great place to start, especially since modern cameras are remarkably competent at creating balanced images. Nonetheless, if you want to advance your photography, you will need to eventually embrace semi-automatic and manual modes, and this great video tutorial will show you six ways to start taking more control of your camera and your photos.

How To Edit/Fix Backlit Photos

Every photographer has been faced with the task of photographing subjects in front of beautiful sunrises or sunsets. Ideally, you'd have a light, but if you don't or the subject is too large to light, you're going to have to fix the image in post.

How to Fake Eyeshadow in Photoshop

Many photographers and artists say that your subject's eyes are the most important element in an image. But trying to enhance them or add a little eyeshadow can be very tricky. This tutorial will show you exactly how it's done and teach you great Photoshop techniques in the process.

Do You Need To Be the Best at Photography?

It’s probably fair to say that we would all like to improve our photography, perhaps in a small specific way or maybe a whole new aspect, such as off-camera flash or wedding photography. Having a desire to improve is why we do things like buying lots of expensive new equipment in the hope it will improve our images or spend hours taking photos and editing them, much to the annoyance of our family and partners.

How to Photograph Beer Using Basic Equipment

There is no better reminder that strong technique and knowledge of how to shape light are what create good images than seeing a professional make compelling photos use basic equipment. This fantastic video tutorial will show you how to create a professional-level product image of beer using entry-level equipment and also walk you through the retouching process in Photoshop.

How to Know the Perfect Moment to Take a Picture

Cameras are more advanced than ever, but at the end of the day, nothing can replace the sort of experience, technique, and intuition that all go into knowing exactly when to press the shutter to capture that perfect moment. So, how exactly do you know when to press the shutter release? This fantastic video essay discusses the topic and how to improve your own sense of timing.

Long Exposure Photography of Clouds

Long exposures are highly popular in landscape photography, normally used for turning turbulent, violent water into silky smooth flows. However, they are fantastic for creating motion in the sky as well. This great video tutorial will show you how to create such images, including the gear, settings, and compositions that go into making compelling results.

Is LiDAR the Master Plan for Apple Smartphone Cameras?

September is fast approaching, which means we’ll soon be getting a new iPhone announcement. It’s a safe assumption that Apple will be announcing a faster processor and a better camera. But how can smartphone cameras continue to improve without the ability to include large lenses and larger sensors?

A Year With the Canon EOS R5: Is It One of the Best Cameras for Video?

The Sony a1 and Canon EOS R5 hold the distinction of being the only two consumer cameras currently on the market that offer 8K raw video. And while the video specs of the EOS R5 certainly are mightily impressive, you might wonder how it performs in the real world, particularly with issues like overheating. This excellent video review discusses the camera's video performance over the course of a year, including 8K, 4K 120p, overheating, and more.

What to Do When You Hit a Wall With Your Photography

Whether you are an amateur or professional, it is something that we will all struggle with at one point or another: hitting a wall with our work. So, what can you do when things just are not going well? This insightful video discusses the topic and offers some great advice for getting out of a rut.

How to Create Eye-Catching Photo-Based GIFs in Photoshop

We've all seen the cute cat GIFs and the funny GIF memes. But, making your own photo-based GIFs is a great exercise and can be a fun way to spice up your photography work without having to dive headfirst into video.

Does Tamron's Latest APS-C Lens Make More Sense Than Buying Sony?

Tamron has produced a host of excellent lenses for Sony over the last couple of years and has recently been fleshing out its offerings for APS-C. How good is Tamron’s new 11-20mm f/2.8, and should you consider it over the equivalent Sony f/4 lens?