Why All Photographers Should Take Self-Portraits

Self-portraits tend to get a somewhat bad rap, in part because of the selfie craze. But, self-portraits can be an incredibly beneficial process for photographers that can lead to great growth and skill development.

The Battle of Mesa Arch: Landscape Photography Gone Wrong

Twenty feet away from arguably the most spectacular high desert scene lay a pile of photographic detritus. Busted tripod legs, smashed lenses, and camera bodies pulverized beyond recognition, the scene looked more like a badly bungled camera store robbery than a National Park vista.

Apple's M1 iPad Pro Can Comfortably Handle Canon EOS R5 Footage

With its latest line of M1 devices, Apple has really shocked the market. Laptops such as the Apple MacBook Air are demonstrating performance that is on par with more expensive computers. Now, the Apple M1 iPad Pro is demonstrating incredible performance.

Is It Worth It to Enter Photography Competitions?

There are a ton of photography competitions out there, often promising prizes, prestige, and more to the winners. Are they actually worth taking the time and spending the money to enter, however? This excellent video essay discusses photography contests and their pros and cons.

A Common Mistake Landscape Photographers Make

A successful landscape photograph takes the confluence of multiple factors, and because you are dependent on multiple factors, it can be easy for just one to go wrong and derail the entire shoot. It is common to overlook that phenomenon and to be left stuck, and this excellent video essay discusses what you can do to ensure you still come home with a worthwhile image.

Simulate Light Setups On Your Computer With Set.A.Light 3D

If you are going to shoot a model, it is great to have an idea about the right lighting setup. Experimenting when the model is standing in front of your camera may not be the best time to do this. With the software set.a.light.3D, it is possible to simulate any possible lighting setup imaginable.

Shooting Long Exposures With a 90-Year-Old Camera

We are lucky to live in an era where we have vastly powerful cameras that can tackle extreme situations with ease, but of course, that was not always the case. This neat video follows a pair of photographers shooting long-exposure landscape images, one with a modern camera setup and one with a few older film cameras, one almost a century in age.

Fstoppers Photographer of the Month (May 2021): Thomas Andlauer

The Fstoppers community is brimming with creative vision and talent. Every day, we comb through your work, looking for images to feature as the Photo of the Day or simply to admire your creativity and technical prowess. In 2021, we're featuring a new photographer every month, whose portfolio represents both stellar photographic achievement and a high level of involvement within the Fstoppers community.

Don't Overlook the 70-200mm Lens for Landscape Photography

The majority of landscape photography is done with wide angle lenses like a 16-35mm. And certainly, these are highly useful for the genre, but on the other hand, they are not the only appropriate focal length. In fact, much longer lenses can be just as useful, and this excellent video discusses why a 70-200mm lens could be just what you need for your work.

A Review of the Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens

A quality macro lens can be one of the most useful optics in a photographer's bag, suitable for a huge range of applications from detail shots to portraits. For Sony shooters, there is the FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS, and this excellent video review takes a look at the kind of image quality and performance you can expect from it in practice.

Bigger Is Better: We Review PNY’s PRO Elite MicroSD Cards

While the choice of a memory card might seem simple if you normally just grab whatever’s on sale, there are a number of reasons to reconsider that method. The latest generation of cards offer faster speeds and larger capacities at better price points. Whether you’re looking to equip your newest action cam or drone, PNY’s Pro Elite MicroSD card is a great choice.

Secrets To Getting the Orange and Teal Look in Your Videos.

It’s no secret that the orange and teal look is popular in movies and photos but getting that look without using LUTs, can seem like a mystery. Unless of course, you know exactly what steps to take in post-production. In this article, you’ll discover the secrets to getting the orange and teal look.

Medium Format: Why Did Fuji Get It Right and Pentax Get It Wrong?

Leica pretty much took the world by storm with the 35mm camera, and manufacturers haven't looked back since. In the film and digital realms, 35mm has been the mainstay for any serious photographer, however, it is also true that those who wanted a little bit "more" went medium format. This tended to be the mark of certain professionals with a price tag to match. So, why then is Fuji capitalizing on a digital market that Pentax seemingly had at its feet?

Streamline Your Video Recording Setup With an 'All-in-One Studio Stand'

When the pandemic started, as a professor I had a plan to record all of my lectures in a professional-style studio setup with proper mics, lighting, background, etc. While it was mostly kids and life that got in the way of doing it that way, a huge factor was also the complexity of setting up all the necessary equipment to make it happen.

How to Sharpen and Enhance Details in a Beauty Photo Using Photoshop or Capture One

When it comes to beauty photography, being able to showcase the details is a crucial aspect, which means the need for strong post-processing skills. If you are looking to improve your work, check out this great video tutorial that will show you how to sharpen and enhance the details in your photos using both Capture One and Photoshop.

Canon EOS R3 Now Listed on B&H Photo: What Else Do We Know?

Last month, Canon teased us with the R3, offering some incredible features while keeping many of its specifications under wraps. Since then, pricing rumors spread, leaked photos emerged, and the product listing has just gone live. Based on Canon’s history all of this gives us a few more insights into what might be in store.

Ready to Start Making Money From Your Photography? Here's How

For a lot of us, making the move from passionate hobbyist to professional is a dream, but the road there is anything but straight and easy to navigate. If you are ready to start making some income from your photography, this excellent video tutorial will give you some helpful advice to increase your chances of finding success.

What Is It That Makes a Great Landscape Photo?

A good landscape photograph is about more than just an interesting subject and a proper exposure. A good landscape photo is able to capture and keep the viewer's attention by telling a story and evoking feelings. This excellent video essay discusses just what it is that makes a good landscape photograph and how to make them yourself.

Where Is AI Taking Photography?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has leapt into photography, and as usual, Olympus cameras lead the way with these new technologies. Great for enticing new photographers into our art, it simplifies capturing images. However, as AI takes its first big steps into photography, will it boost overall sales?

The Best Professional Photography Investments

As a professional commercial photographer, most of my purchases are made as investments. Sadly, not all of them have been, but the general ethos is that I have to invest in my photography to stay relevant in my career choice.