How to Master Single Light Portraits

A lot of the time, you will see professionals use two- or three-light setups for portraiture, but you might be surprised by the professional results you can get from just a single light. This fantastic video tutorial will show you how to master both the technical and creative aspects of a single-light setup for portraiture.

Getting Comfortable Is Dangerous in Photography

It is very easy to fall into a routine in photography — taking the same general pictures, applying the same sort of edits, and taking the same opportunities. But stagnation can be a very dangerous thing both in terms of creative growth and professional success. This excellent video essay discusses why you should stop saying no to opportunities just because they might challenge you.

Being an Introvert as a Photographer

No doubt, a lot of creatives tend to be quite introverted, and that can make it difficult when you are a photographer and need to be able to work with and direct people. If that is something you struggle with, check out this fantastic video essay that discusses being a photographer as an introvert.