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Astrophotography From $100 to $10,000

Astrophotography has quickly become incredibly popular these days, with the advent of increasingly smaller and affordable star trackers, and not to mention the global pandemic, which has forced people to make do with photographing what is immediately around them, or above them.

Should You Work for Free as a Photographer?

Art either has extremely high value or no value at all. Getting from one to the other can take decades. Some never make it to the other end. The same is true for photography. At the start of your career, you will surely create art for free. But should you?

A Long-Term Review of the Sony a7S III Mirrorless Camera

The long-awaited Sony a7S III finally appeared on the market last year, and it has been in the hands of a lot of filmmakers for the past year. If you have been considering the camera for your own work, check out this great video review that discusses just how powerful it is in real-world usage.

Learn How This Tricky Couples Portrait Was Shot

Shooting weddings involves a number of challenges, including having to work with whatever light you are given that day while still being expected to produce memorable, compelling images for your couple and their family. This awesome video tutorial will show you how a photographer captured a great couples portrait in a field even with harsh sunlight complicating the equation.

How to Easily Fix Blue Sky Gradients in Photoshop

Often caused by polarizer filters, lens vignetting, or side-lit scenes, gradients can be a pain to handle in post-processing. Follow these simple steps in Photoshop to gain control over gradients commonly found in blue sky images.

How One Photographer Cut The Weight of His Gear in Half

If you work in a studio, it is not a big deal to have a lot of heavy gear, but if you are someone like a landscape photographer who is often hiking miles and miles with a bag of gear, every little ounce makes a big difference. This great video shows how one photographer majorly trimmed his bag while still carrying everything he needs to create.

How to Save a Terribly Lit Portrait in Adobe Lightroom

We have all taken a shot where the flash didn't fire, we didn't have any lighting for a sudden moment, or we just made a mistake. If the image is particularly nice in other regards, it can be disappointing. So, here's how you can save portraits that aren't well lit using Adobe Lightroom.

How to Clean Your Camera's Viewfinder

I am willing to bet that a lot of us have not thought about cleaning our camera viewfinder before, and I am also willing to bet that if those of us who have not thought about it looked at our viewfinders right now, we would be a bit grossed out. Take five minutes and watch this helpful video to learn how to clean yours so it is bright, clear, and clean.

Helpful Ideas for Finding Great Portrait Locations

If you are anything like me, you have probably found yourself agonizing over finding just the right location for a portrait shoot at one time or another. It does not have to be that difficult, though, and this helpful video tutorial will give you some great tips for finding suitable locations quickly and easily.

Fashion Photography Has a Big Problem, but It Is Not Photoshop

What comes to mind when you think about fashion photography? If you are aware of the stereotypes surrounding fashion, then it’s certainly something along the lines of young, sexy models in revealing clothes. In this article, I will try to explain why fashion is so much more than that.

How Exposure to the Right Can Improve Your Images

We are all always striving for better and better image quality, and a lot of the time, it simply comes down to improving our techniques or trying new methods. One such method is exposure to the right, and this great video tutorial will show you what it is and how it can improve your photos.

A Better Way to Increase the Dynamic Range of Your Final Image

As improved as dynamic range is in modern cameras, there are plenty of instances in which you will not able to easily capture full coverage of shadows to highlights. In this video, learn a complete workflow for improving the dynamic range of those high-contrast images.

Join This Collaborative Discord Community for Landscape Photographers

Landscape Photographers Worldwide is a dedicated Discord channel for landscape photographers to come together and discuss the tools of the trade. Whether you are looking to discuss gear and locations, share your images, or receive direct feedback from your peers, this community delivers immense benefit for landscape photographers looking to connect and collaborate with like-minded creatives, and it is entirely free to join!

How to Easily Set Up a Portrait With Paramount Lighting

One of the first lighting techniques I learned in graduate school was Paramount lighting. It's an easy way to come up with consistently solid portraits of almost anyone. Here's a quick tutorial from Adorama and fashion photographer Lindsey Adler on how to get that just right.

Has COVID Killed Travel Photography?

At the start of March 2020, I found myself at a photography convention in Cape Town, South Africa, to present a workshop on travel photography. The central theme of my presentation was the notion that it isn't necessary to travel to be a successful travel photographer. Little did I know that within a couple of weeks of that presentation, I would be putting my advice into practice as the borders of the world slammed shut virtually overnight.

I Can’t Wait for This Photography Simulator Video Game to Be Released

Photographers and gamers, would you play a wildlife photography simulator? At first glance, it seems cheesy, but when I watched the trailer for Photography Simulator, it actually looks fun and engaging. I researched the game to learn more about it and share why you might enjoy this game too.

What Is It That Makes a Good Landscape Photo?

If you are anything like me, you have probably experienced the feeling of sitting in front of your computer, agonizing over which shot from a series of similar images you should select to edit. So, what is it that every good landscape photo should have? This informative video tutorial discusses three things that most (if not all) landscape photos have.

The Guilty: Making Movies With Intention in the Time of COVID

Intention in filmmaking has the potential to elevate movies. As a photographer, watching a movie with thoughtful cinematography is my favorite way to pass a Friday night. Maz Makhani’s work on The Guilty, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Antoine Fuqua, is an example of realizing this potential.

How to Add Shine to Skin Quickly and Easily Using Photoshop

While the kind of shine one gets from oily skin is something that most people would like to avoid, a touch of shine in the right places can give skin a radiant glow that really enhances an image. This awesome video tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily add a touch of shine to your subject's skin using Photoshop.

3 Skills That Will Improve Your Landscape Photography

Landscape photography takes numerous skills all coming together at once to create successful images. We talk a lot about various camera techniques and post-processing methods, but there are other skills you need to have beyond what you do with your camera and computer, and this fantastic video tutorial discusses three of them that can improve your work in the long run.

The Nets Set to Trap Photographers

Ash wants to take up photography. Never having owned a camera, besides the one on their phone, it’s something they have always had a hankering to do, especially after seeing all those great photos on Instagram. This is a cautionary tale, telling what can go horribly wrong for photographers.

Just How Far Have Sony Cameras Come?

Sony cameras are well known for standing at the forefront of technological innovation, offering top-notch image quality and class-leading features. What were their cameras like when they first started, though? This fun video review takes a look at the company's first digital camera, the DSC-F1, and what it is like 25 years later.

How to Use Dry Ice to Make an Epic Product Commercial

Adding special effects to shots can turn a nice but rather plain image into something truly memorable. In this video, what behind-the-scenes as a commercial is made for a brand of flash-frozen coffee using dry ice.

How to Copy the Color Grading of a Painting to Your Photos

One of the most recognizable aspects of any visual artist's style is their color grading, and it is a fantastic way to really level up your own work. If there is a painting, movie, photo, or some other visual piece that you really love the color grading of, this fantastic video tutorial will show you how to copy it directly to one of your own photos using Photoshop.

How Shadows Can Improve Your Portrait Photography

When we learn about lighting in portrait photography, we mostly focus on where to add light and how to shape it, but the presence of light is only made impactful by the mutual presence of shadows. Shadows can be a fantastic tool not just for contrast but to create a sense of drama or to tell a story with your images. This fantastic video tutorial will walk you through the process of lighting a portrait image with carefully crafted shadows to show you just how powerful they can be.

Skylum Reveals More Details of the Upcoming Luminar Neo

Skylum created a bit of a late summer storm when it announced a new image editor, Luminar Neo. The complaint from users has been that Skylum drops development on an editor, only to release a new one, while essentially going end of life on the current software.