Should OM Systems Release an Update to This Impressive Classic Lens?

Not many kit lenses are known for their performance or image quality, but there are a few hidden gems out there that offer quite a lot for not a lot of money. One such example is the Olympus M.Zuiko 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3, and this great video review takes a look at the lens, what makes it great, and why OM Systems should consider an updated version.

Insight From the Creative Conference in New York City

We often describe children as creative. We are impressed at how they create art using nothing more than a crayon and a sheet of blank paper. Many adults, however, neglect the artistic spark they had in their youth and label themselves as “not creative.” The Creativity Conference, a no-cost, full-day event held in New York City on June 10, presented speakers who encouraged the adults in attendance to believe that they are indeed creatives who should be proud to pursue and share their artistic creations.

What Camera Quirks Annoy You?

Modern cameras are quite capable and powerful machines, but none of them are perfect. Every camera has quirks that we find annoying or would like to change. This interesting video discusses five annoying camera quirks in current cameras.

Godox Parabolic Light Modifiers: Better Than Broncolor?

Parabolic light modifiers are some of the most versatile on the market. Coincidentally, they are also some of the most expensive ones out there. Loved for versatility, hated for the price, and very few photographers actually own them. Godox set out to create an affordable but also a truly parabolic softbox. So, how did they do? Spoiler alert: much better than I expected.

Can Modern Supertelephoto Zoom Lenses Replace Expensive Primes?

There used to be no contest in image quality between supertelephoto prime and zoom lenses. Zooms simply could not keep pace with primes, and if you wanted to create professional-level photos or work in demanding conditions, you had no choice but to shell out for a top-shelf prime. Supertelephoto zoom lenses have made tremendous progress in the last few years, however. So, do you still need to buy those ultra-expensive primes? This great video discusses the topic.

Three Reasons a Monopod Is Better Than a Tripod: ProMaster Air Support AS431 Monopod

Tripods have been sturdy companions for photographers all over the world. A good tripod can help you produce images that are simply not possible when shooting handheld. Unfortunately, tripods can be a bit of a pain to carry around, especially if they're any good. This is why, in many cases, a monopod ends up being a better option.

Two Months With the DJI Mavic 3 Cine Drone

The DJI Mavic 3 is the company's newest drone, and it brings with it a nice range of new features and improvements. This great video review takes a look at the drone and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

Light Lens Lab Hints at Prototype for Replica Leica Standard

I recently noticed something interesting while looking through the Leica Classifieds page on Facebook. One of the distributors of Light Lens Lab posted an image for some upcoming products, including what appears to be an Abrahamson-style rapid winder and, more significantly, a Leica Standard-style camera.

8 New Film Photography Announcements Ranked in 2022

It didn’t seem like there was much to cheer for film photographers in 2021. Supply chain issues, global film shortages, and price rises led to a wave of discontent among film photographers, leading many to cry into their soy lattes and burn their berets.

Can You Use the Canon RF 800 f/11 for Astrophotography?

Wide field astrophotography is quickly becoming an established niche that is increasingly available to more hobbyist photographers with the availability of better, smaller, and cheaper tracking mounts. But the smallest galaxies, nebulae, and planets have always been prohibitively expensive to capture. Can this lens change that?

Make Your Landscape Photos Pop With These 5 Easy Tips

The best way to get a good landscape photo is to be at the right place at the right time. Sometimes, though, you can be there and still struggle to get a photo that's different from what's already out there or the weather isn't cooperating, and that's where the magic of editing comes in.

Shooting With the Cheap and Small Canon RF Primes

Canon has a lot of amazing but expensive RF lenses. If you can’t afford these L lenses or don’t want to spend that amount of money, you can also choose the more affordable versions. I took three primes on a trip to France to find out how they perform in real life.

The Power of the Portrait

Mastering portraiture involves more than knowing which lens to use to ensure your photograph does not show unflattering perspective distortion. It is not enough that you understand where to place strobes to create dramatic lighting. As portrait photographer Mark Mann explains in this excellent video, it is important that you make a personal connection with your subject.

A Review of the New Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 Lens

Viltrox has established themselves as a company producing highly affordable but impressively capable lenses, and their newest option, the AF 13mm f/1.4, offers Sony and Nikon mirrorless APS-C photographers and filmmakers a versatile ultra-wide angle focal length paired with a very wide maximum aperture. This excellent video review takes a look at the new lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

How One Creative Started Getting Higher-Paying Jobs

Higher-paying jobs are the goal of just about any photographer or filmmaker, but the path to getting there is not always clear. If you are looking to land those more lucrative gigs, check out this great video essay that discusses how one creative started pulling down more income with his work.

Five Common Video Editing Mistakes

Creating a compelling, professional video is just as much in the editing as it is in the shooting process. Editing is a serious undertaking, and as such, it can be easy for things to go wrong. This great video tutorial details five common mistakes creatives make when editing video and what you can do to fix them or avoid them in the first place.

How to Blend Ambient and Artificial Lighting

Using natural or artificial light is not always a binary choice; often, you will want the two to complement each to produce a more balanced overall photo. If you would like to make your lighting skills more versatile, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you how to blend ambient light with flash for portraiture work.

The Best Wireless Headphones in 2022

I purchased the eight most popular noise-cancelling wireless headphones to find the best one. Sadly, there isn't a single set that is clearly the "best," but I can help you choose your next pair wisely.

Learn How This Landscape Photo Was Edited

In general, landscape photography is a two-step process, shooting the photo and polishing it through the editing process. As such, your skills at the computer need to be as finely honed as those behind the camera. This excellent video tutorial will show you the process of taking an image with a lot of potential and turning it into a compelling final photo through the power of editing.

Why Most Photographers Should Turn This Lightroom Setting On

Lightroom has more than one way of keeping tracking of the edits you make to your images, and the various methods have pros and cons that you should be aware of as your catalog grows. This helpful video discusses the usefulness of XMP files and why you should consider using them.

A Unique Element in Your Photography That Only You Can Bring

When we create a photograph, there are things we can do to change it from being mundane to interesting. Here are some of the most important aspects of composition and the one unteachable factor that is exclusively yours to discover.

What Photos Can You Create With a Kit Lens?

Photo gear is quite expensive, and tricking out your kit can be a serious hit to your bank account. And yet, we often chase that next new piece of gear in the hopes of getting better image quality. And while new equipment can do that, you might be surprised by how much you can accomplish with basic equipment. This great video shows you the fantastic photos you can create using nothing more than a kit lens.

How to Create Subtle Light With Off-Camera Flash

When you think of using artificial light for portrait photography, you might think of it being a calculated, obvious aesthetic, but often, using flash is more about creating a subtle, understated effect that makes your images more balanced and well exposed. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to use artificial light to create an elegant effect for an eye-catching photo.

Which of These Wide Angle Zoom Lenses Is Right for You?

A wide angle zoom lens with an f/2.8 maximum aperture is useful for a wide range of applications, including wedding photography, landscape work, astrophotography, and more. Such lenses can be quite expensive, however, often going for north of $2,000. Both Tamron and Sigma offer much more affordable options, however, and this excellent video comparison takes a look at both to help you decide which is right for your work.

How to Get Photo Credit

Millions of photos are uploaded each day, but we don't know who took them, unless they are properly credited. With proper credit, you can actually book more jobs, and it's a remarkable way of expanding your network.

A First Look at the New Canon EOS R7 and R10 Mirrorless Cameras

For the first few years of the RF mount, Canon released only full frame mirrorless cameras, but now, both the EOS R7 and EOS R10 offer APS-C options for photographers who enjoy the extra reach and more affordable price of a crop sensor camera. If you are considering either of the cameras for your own work, check out this great video review that takes a look at both models and the performance and image quality you can expect from them in use.

Understanding the Value in Pursuing Personal Projects

Photographers are creators. As creatives, we have something to say. Photography, as a medium, can capture a mood or a message as powerfully as words, music, paintings, and sculptures. Embarking on a personal project is the perfect opportunity for a photographer to convey their message without the influence of any client concerns.

A First Look at the New MacBook Air

Apple recently announced the new MacBook Air, which brings with it a range of notable new features and improvements, including the company's latest SOC, the M2. This great video takes a first look at the new computer and everything you can expect from it in real-world usage.

Are You Too Rigid in Your Landscape Photography?

Because we can't control the light or conditions in landscape photography, it is quite important to plan ahead to ensure that the time of day and weather will be right for the photos you want to create. However, as important as that is, it is also crucial that you be willing to stay flexible if an unexpected opportunity arises or the weather is not cooperating. This great video discusses why being overly rigid can be detrimental to your work.

A Lightroom Killer? We Review Gemstone Photo Editor 12

If the Adobe subscription package is pulling at your budget, perhaps this single payment editing software can give you everything you need, plus more. With so much other software out there, what makes this one any different? In this article, we'll focus solely on the raw editing capabilities of the software to see if it is the answer to your subscription deal.

An Effective One-Light Setup for Portraits

If you look at the work of professional portrait photographers, you will probably notice that they often employ multi-light setups to achieve their desired looks. And while those are useful, you can absolutely create professional-level photos with a single light, and this helpful video will show you what you can accomplish with one.

How Good Is the New Sony E PZ 10-20mm f/4 G Mirrorless Lens

Sony's E PZ 10-20mm f/4 G is one of the newest lenses from the company, and even though it comes in a portable package and does not cost that much compared to comparable options, it packs in it a lot of nifty features for photographers and filmmakers alike. This excellent video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

4 Mistakes Photographers Make Editing Landscape Images

Most landscape photographs require at least some degree of post-processing to produce a complete image, and as such, you need to be comfortable with your skills not only behind the camera but at the computer as well. If you are working on improving your landscape image edits, check out this excellent video tutorial that discusses four mistakes photographers make in the post-processing stage and how to fix or avoid them.

How To Be an Artist in an Ever-changing Marketplace

The things that help us survive in life are often the same as those which help us survive in business. And when you make your living from your art, survival in business can feel a lot like life or death.

How Good Is the Affordable Viltrox AF 85mm f/1.8 Lens?

The wide-aperture 85mm lens is one of the most popular out there, especially among portrait and wedding photographers. However, a good 85mm lens can often be quite expensive. The Viltrox AF 85mm f/1.8 bucks that trend, though, and it looks like quite a nice bargain. This excellent video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

Should You Use Teleconverters for More Reach?

On the surface, teleconverters seem like a fantastic way to help a lens pull double duty by allowing you to extend its focal length for a lot less than it would cost to buy another entire lens. While they can be quite useful, they also have some drawbacks you should be aware of before you buy one. This helpful video will show you their pros and cons as well as some other options to help you decide the best approach for your work.

Here’s Why You Need To Invest in This AI Photo Editing Software

AI retouching software is becoming increasingly more popular among photographers. The key benefits are that these kinds of software perform complex tasks quickly and to a relatively high standard. This effectively saves a great deal of time, and it's that time benefit that can end up being extremely valuable.

The Ugly Truth About Iconic Places in Landscape Photography

There is nothing better than being out in nature, inhaling all the mood out there, deciding on the best possible camera position, and enjoying landscape photography. But what if there are 25 other photographers beside you so that it becomes difficult to move just 20 inches to the left or right without disturbing another photographer?

A First Look at the New Fujifilm X-H2S Camera and XF 18-120mm f/4 R LM PZ WR Lens

Both the Fujifilm X-H2S mirrorless camera and XF 18-120mm f/4 R LM PZ WR lens are impressive new devices from the company, and so far, it looks like they will be quite popular with many photographers and filmmakers. This excellent video takes a first look at both the camera and lens to give you an idea of what you can expect from them in practice.

A Beginner's Guide to Using Polarizing Filters for Better Photos

There are two fundamental lens filters in photography, the ND (neutral density) filters and the polarizing filter. While the ND probably gets a bit more usage, the polarizing filter is quite useful as well. This great video tutorial will show both why and how photographers use polarizing filters to improve their images.

Images You Can Create From Your Own Bedroom

If you hop on Instagram or the like and click on a landscape photography hashtag, you are likely to see mostly scenes from famous locations, often in distant and remote regions. And while there is a reason so many people shoot at those locations, they are not the only worthwhile places. In fact, as this great video shows, you can create fantastic photos even from your own bedroom.

5 Simple Mistakes You Need to Avoid as a Photographer

Photography is a complex thing that takes a combination of technical skill, creative vision, and (if you are a professional) business savvy to find success, making it easy to fall prey to traps that can derail you along the way. Here are five subtle mistakes photographers make that can negatively affect their experience, images, or careers.

How to Create Natural Light in Studio

It might seem strange to work in a studio only to use it to replicate the look of natural light, but it is a classic style that can be quite effective for a wide range of applications. This useful video tutorial will show you the technique behind creating the look as well as some helpful tips you can use to make it your own.