How to Photograph in Harsh Sun

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are now in the throes of summer, which means harsh sunshine for a larger part of the day. While midday sun is generally not ideal for photographs, it isn't always avoidable. Luckily, there are some simple ways to work around and even with that blazing star and still end up with strong images.

How to Get Perfect Exposure and Accurate Color in Videos

If you have ever struggled to get perfect exposure with accurate colors in your videos, then you are not alone. But with the help of the X-Rite ColorChecker Video and DaVinci Resolve 17, you will be able to create perfect-looking videos in a fraction of the time.

We Review the New Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VXD Lens

As a working professional, I rely on my gear and need it to perform in all conditions. Recently, I was given the opportunity to field-test the new Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VXD. It may just surprise you, as it did me.

Choosing the Right Film Based on Conditions

Unlike digital photography, where pretty much all the style is added in the editing process, in film photography, you are making a significant creative decision the moment you choose which film to put in your camera. So, how do you know which to choose? This interesting video follows a photographer as he discusses shooting the same area with several different films and some of the decisions that go into each shot.

Improving Landscape Photos by Creating Separation

If you look at the work of a lot of successful landscape photographers, you will probably notice that the majority of them are very good at controlling the layers of an image to create a sense of depth that draws the viewer in and encourages them to linger and explore the photo. Being able to effectively separate those layers to avoid the image becoming cluttered is a crucial skill, and this excellent video tutorial discusses how to compose your photos to do just that.

Here's Why You Should Put Yourself in Your Landscape Images

A lot of landscape photographers will tell you that the best types of images are devoid of people — just nature in all its splendid, unspoiled glory. I beg to differ. Here are some reasons why you should put yourself in the frame of your landscape images.

A Review of the Fujifilm GFX 100S for Cityscape Photography

The GFX 100S is one of the most impressive cameras available now, offering high-level medium format image quality with a feature set traditionally reserved for full frame bodies, and put together at an impressively competitive price. This excellent video review puts the camera to the test in one of the areas for which its dynamic range and extreme resolution are seemingly best suited: cityscapes.

5 Ways to Make Your Portable Workspace Better

A lot of the time, we have to work out of our dedicated offices, and that can be a bit of a pain given a lot of the specialized tools creatives tend to use for their work. If you find yourself on the go a lot, this helpful video will give you five tips to improve your portable workspace to make it more efficient, effective, and enjoyable to use.

The A Mount: Sony's Future That Never Was

Sony's not a camera company or at least hasn't been until relatively recently. Its heritage is as un-optical as any recent manufacturer can be and is certainly far removed from the heritage of the likes of Nikon, Canon, Leica, and Pentax. Yet, among the gravestones we see littering the photographic landscape, it seems likely that the A mount will soon join them, finally severing any link to the past. So, why wasn't the A mount Sony's future?

How to Change the Color of Plants and Foliage in Photoshop

One of the most common and useful functions of Photoshop is the ability to change the color of different objects for creative effect. If you are shooting outdoor portraits, landscape photography, or anything else with plants or foliage, this excellent video tutorial will show you how to easily and convincingly change their color using Photoshop.

3 Things To Unlearn When Shooting Editorial and Lifestyle Food Images

Food is a fundamental part of survival. The very first thing we do after being born is eat. Human brains know food on a primal and instinctual level. Our brains automatically reject or call into question food imagery that doesn't look real. In advertising, our brains are a little more forgiving.

How To Capture Steam and Smoke in Food Photography

One of the things that can drive someone new to food photography mad is capturing steam or smoke. It doesn't have to be complicated. And it is easy to do without any special equipment to create the steam or smoke.

5 Great Uses for the Calibration Panel in Lightroom

Of all the functions and panels in Lightroom, the one that gets used the least is probably the Calibration panel. In fact, many photographers have been working in Lightroom for years and have never touched it. And while it is not necessarily essential, it can make a big difference in certain situations, and this excellent video tutorial will show you five ways it can improve your work.

Photographing the Recent Solar Eclipse

Did you see the recent solar eclipse? It was quite a stunning sight. If you missed it, take a few minutes to watch this fantastic footage that shows the process of shooting it and the eclipse itself.

How Does Canon's RF 50mm f/1.2L Compare to the EF Version?

The Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens was one of the first in the company's full frame mirrorless line, and it turned a lot of heads by establishing a new standard of quality that has been continued by many subsequent RF lenses. Just how much better is it than the original EF 50mm f/1.2L, and is it worth upgrading? This excellent video review takes a look at both lenses and what you can expect.

What Did WWDC 2021 Bring for Artists and Creators?

On June 7th, 2021 Apple streamed their Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote for 2021. This keynote had been eagerly anticipated, as we’re now halfway into Apple's transition to Apple Silicon, and many people have been waiting to see what new software will go alongside the impressive hardware launched at the April Spring Loaded event.

How Effective Are Apple AirTags for Photographers?

Apple's AirTags offer the ability to track and find anything you attach them to by leveraging the vast worldwide network of Apple mobile devices. As expensive and precious as our photo equipment is, they are an intriguing option for giving ourselves a bit of security and peace of mind. This great video review takes a look at AirTags for photo equipment and how they perform.

When Will Instagram Tell Us How Much Money It Makes From Your Stolen Content?

Earlier this week, Instagram published a blog detailing information on how its algorithms work and why transparency is important when it comes to building trust. With that in mind, when will Instagram tell us how much money it makes from allowing the millions of possible copyright infringements that happen every single day?

A Drone Crash on Protected Wetland Left 1,500 Eggs Abandoned

On May 13, an illegally flown drone crashed on the nesting grounds at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach, California. This isn’t the first time a drone has crashed in the protected wetlands. This time, it coincided with the breeding season for thousands of terns, and as a result, the birds abandoned their nests, thinking it was a predator.

A Closer Look at Lens Diffraction

Every lens has a sweet spot, the aperture where the image sharpness is at its best. If the aperture becomes larger, lens errors will become visible. When the aperture is closed, lens diffraction will become visible. In this article, I am going to take a closer look at lens diffraction.

How to Approach Compositions in Landscape Photography

Composition is a challenging thing that is difficult for a lot of landscape photographers, particularly because it is a bit more nebulous and difficult to codify than something like the settings to choose for an image. If that is something you are struggling with a bit, this excellent video tutorial will run you through how one experienced landscape photographer thinks about composition while featuring some great example photos.

How to Remove Creases From Backdrops Using Photoshop

Backdrops are a fantastic tool for a wide variety of work, but the majority of the time, they are made of fabric, and fabric has a nasty habit of accumulating creases and wrinkles that can be distracting. If you are dealing with that issue, this great video tutorial will show you how to get rid of them using Photoshop.

Who Was the First Global Social Media Travel Infuencer?

You take photos, you write books, you're published in weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines, and travel the world with the sole purpose of... traveling. You sound like one of the early social media influencers of the 2010s who was "living the dream," constantly on the road, distributing a drip of photos and articles to the travel-enthused general public. However, it's 1888, and your name is Frank Carpenter.

The Camera Gear and Settings Peter Hurley Recommends

There are few people on the planet who know as much about headshots as Peter Hurley. In this helpful video tutorial, he discusses the sort of camera gear and settings you should consider for your headshot work.