What Are the Ethics of Editing Images?

Modern post-processing technology allows us to drastically alter or even fundamentally change images, and this has created entirely new ethical questions about the boundaries of digital manipulation in different genres. This great video features a seasoned photographer discussing his thoughts on the matter and how different situations change those boundaries.

3 Great Wide Angle Prime Lenses for Under $100

A good wide angle lens is a fantastic and versatile tool that can help you create all sorts of interesting images, but they can also be quite expensive. However, when you dive into the world of vintage lenses, there are quite a lot of great deals to be had. This great video features three awesome vintage wide angle lenses, all of which you can buy for under $100 on the used market.

8 Helpful Tips for Creating Better Vertical Videos

Whether you like it or not, vertical video is quickly becoming a more popular format. With more and more people using their mobile devices as their main means of entertainment and information consumption, vertical video is becoming a natural means of delivering content, though it takes a different way of thinking, particularly since most professional devices are designed for horizontal creation. This great video will give you eight tips to improve your vertical videos.

5 Great Photo Editing Tricks in Lightroom

You might think that Photoshop is the place for more advanced edits, and while that is generally true, it often surprises people just how much you can get done using only Lightroom. This excellent video will show you five great editing tricks to take your images further when working in Lightroom.

Adobe Photoshop for iPad Gains Curves and Apple Pencil Pressure Support

Adobe surprised everyone with a Photoshop for iPad announcement when they said it was "full Photoshop." Creatives were elated, but then later disappointed when that apparently meant the algorithms were the same as on desktop (good news), but the features were not (not so good). Major features such as Curves were not even available at launch, but today, at least some of that has changed.

Small, Sharp, and Cheap: A Review of the Samyang 75mm f/1.8 Lens

Samyang has begun to expand their lens lineup into the realm of autofocus while trying to retain their reputation for being sharp and affordable. One of their latest lenses, the 75mm f/1.8 for Sony E mount cameras, provides a unique focal length great for portraits combined with a wide aperture, all in a small package. This helpful video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of results you can expect from it.