A Winter's Tale in Seattle

I was leaving the office on a snowy, dark late afternoon when I spotted this person walking down the alley. I had time for only a few frames before the figure turned down the street and disappeared.

Light up The sky

moment before sunset in frint of HMS Warior in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The ship is never used in real war dueto the outdated technology whne the ship is finished. The burning red colour of the sky give another chance for the ship to light up the sky with its 68 pounder gun.

Moody January Day in Seattle, WA

Took this on Saturday. Was a off and on rainy day in Seattle. Went to Gasworks Park in Seattle and captured this. Liked this old rusty pipe on the beach with the moody city in the background.

The famous "hole in the fence" Seattle Cityscape

On the D5600, 24mm crops to 36mm, F/9, ISO-100, 8 seconds, 3 shots blended to bring out the blue hour, building and light trails. I will be cutting out the cranes you can kind of see when I print this. And for fun Iv added the cell phone photo of me taking the photos lol.