The Flatiron

I've been wanting a shot of this building for awhile, and after several attempts..finally got a composition I really liked.

Comments and Critiques welcome!

Melbourne Long Exposure

The Yarra River in Melbourne during winter. Looks frozen, but it's just a long exposure. Desaturated everything except the orange and yellows to give a "Sin City" feel to the image.

Tips for Avoiding a Tilt/Shift

Hello all,
I was curious if there were any tips for avoiding the use of a tilt-shift (without EXTENSIVE use of Photoshop).

I took this shot last May in Chicago - I love it overall, maybe a bit over-processed, but the perspective is low-key bothering me ever since I had a print made and I look at it every day.

I shot this on...

Dubai Heart of the City

Recently had the pleasure of visiting Dubai. For the longest time I have been fascinated with the mystery and beauty of this mirage in the desert. I was excited for the challenge I would face in capturing this city through my own eyes. Many have photographed this place and I wanted to do my best in creating something of my own. During my stay I...

Looking for critique, first post

Hello all,

I am just starting in photography, so I would like to hear your critique on this image.
I took this photo just after a rainstorm this summer in Valencia, this is a time blend and the widest angle I could get

Thanks in advance!

My new favorite 50 megapixel camera

I waited a long time before getting a drone because I wanted something portable and with larger than a cell phone sized sensor. When the Mavic 2 Pro came out, I got one and figured I could have some fun with it. What I didn't count on was how good it was at taking panoramas. You just push a button and it automatically takes a sequence of shots...

Your thoughts about Cityscape colours

Just curious, what is your favorite way to edit a skyline? As much as I love making the image look like a better version of the raw image I absolutely love bringing the blues to a teal and the reds to a more magenta tone to create this "cyber punk" theme.

What's your favorite way to edit these types of images?

Before and After...

Jakarta and december sky

Living in one of the worst polluting cities in Southeast Asia and love cityscape photography is quite challenging. Clear blue sky and beautiful sunset or sunrise only shown under 3 conditons. First, ied mubarak holiday season. Almost half of jakartans worker and their vehicles will go back to their hometowns during this holiday season due to...

Critique of Simplistic City/Industrial Please

Hello all,

This location is the St. Joseph Lighthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan - a few hours from Chicago. This photo is taken west, out over Lake Michigan. Normally this location is photographed in February when the whole thing is encased in ice.

I was fortunate enough to get some beautiful pink light on some storm clouds over the...

Berliner Sunset

Berlin ciityscape taken just last week from 16th Floor of Fischerinsel 1 with Fujifilm XT-2. A blend of about a dozen of multiple exposures.

Traffic Jam

It was shot above the ringroad toward Saint Luce in Nantes (France) at 9am. I wanted to show the way vehicles move, to observe the flow and rhythm of traffic, to look at the mobility challenge faced in day-to-day life. This photo is a composite of 15 pictures taken at different exposures ranging from 1/125s to 20 seconds exposures at f11 using...