Long Exposure on Sydney Harbour

This was my first attempt using ND filters at night to try and capture the light trails of the ferries at Sydney Harbour. Is there anything you would recommend to improve this photo or what I could do for next time? Thanks in advance.


Greetings, I´m new in this group and in Fstoppers community. I love cityscape and landscape photography. I wish to sahre with all of you some of my cityscape shots. I will apreciate all yours sincere comments and critics.

These shots are two long exposures. For the first I blended together 4 exposures (1 for the highlights, 1 for...


The 5th tallest hotel in the world and probably the only 7-star hotel in the world but the management never claim it to be. Anyway it is fun to shoot this hotel during the night.

Small town cityscape

I've always spent my camera time focusing (pardon the pun) on nature, but lately I've been working on a "small town" project where the focus is more on small rural towns and their history. I was lucky to catch a great sunrise over this town square one morning, but didn't like the original edit. I just revisited these with some new Lightroom...

Wakefield, West Yorkshire (UK).

I'm very much a beginner to photography and I see so many wonderful shots posted in this group and I've always been very reluctant to share my own images until now. Having played about in PS I'm really pleased with the outcome, thoughts? Any advice/suggestions on how I can improve my work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking. DC x

Showtime in Singapore

View over the Marina Bay Sands hotel from the start of the Helix brigge in Singapore.

Multiple blend from various shots to have all the needed lights and colors.

Castle Rock

Standing atop castle rock
Edinburgh Castle, goes back 1100 years. Ancient from antiquity the stories this hill can tell . Walking through it takes you back into time cobble stone streets architecture built by hand.