Plane or No Plane

I was editing this photo of a bright blue building I came across in Orlando and couldn't tell whether the image was better with the plane in the sky or without. It was a tough call for me so I thought it would be a good reason to let the community decide.


Hello everyone in this group. I am Ben. 18 year old photographer residing in the UK.
I have a huge interest in Cityscape photography. The hustle and bustle is such a great feeling.
I hope i enjoy my stay and can help some of you in anyway i can.

Attached is a Cityscape i took for my A level coursework. Canary Wharf Sunset

On the Water

I took this on the Halifax River and thought it looked nice in black and white. In particular, I would like to see what others think about the sky.

Hamburg Harbour on a foggy day

This picture shows only a small section of the 70 square kilometer area of Hamburg's harbour. I took this picture from a view point that is off the beaten track but can be researched in the internet.
In this moment there were little colours, everything looked bleak and dreary. Ideal for a monochrome picture to convey the mood of standing...

Széchenyi Lánchíd

A landmark that reminds us of less easy but simpler times, when little or nothing was fast but made with quality and art, to endure the years to come. (In the distance the Parliament of Budapest, Europe's second largest)
For centuries only a pontoon bridge connected Buda and Pest. Count István Széchenyi came up with the...

Cold End

A poignant memorial alluding to the cruelty and injustice lived in Budapest. The Jewish people who lived in this city were imprisoned, mistreated and confined to a small neighborhood. As if that was not enough they were aligned along the Danube and killed by firing squad. To these poor souls, they were ordered to remove their shoes before being...

Old Verkade Factory in Zaandam, The Netherlands

My first post here, hope you enjoy it!

This unique factory, built in 1886, was formerly used as a biscuit- and chocolatefactory. The bulding is located in Zaandam, The Netherlands, directly next to the Zaan river. Since 2004, it is used as a multifunctional building, housing a library, food market, restaurant, gym and several other small...

The Tree of Life

The DNA of the National Museum of Natural History - BluPrint. Looking up at the Tree of Life structure and dome which now covers the central courtyard of the adaptive reuse of the original Antonio Toledo-designed building, by Dominic Galicia Architects and Periquet Galicia, Inc.

A hybrid system of a single layer shell and trusses is...

Mission Inn, Riverside, CA

Time blended shot taken at the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. The light streaks from the cars were to cover up some huge trash bins on the right side of the building. The cars were actually there later in the evening.

Turin (Italy) Cityscape

Hi there,

I'm an offsite student from Sardinia in Turin, Italy. I'm not seeking a career into photography as engineering school already owns the credits for my constantly raising hair loss rate, so better not to push my brain limits too much as the gap from engineer to mad-freaky guy is pretty tight.

With that being sad, I find my...