palacongressi of Riccione . Italy

view of the congrssi altarpiece in the city of riccione. with the shapes of its stairs

Skopje, North Macedonia

Sony SLT, View from the castle.

The town of Fira, Santorini

Overlooking the town of Fira, Santorini during the blue hour. This is from a trip where I was shooting medium format...

Cityscape panoramas

4 panoramas of my fav cities, 1. Dubai Marina composite panorama 2. Santorini, Oia , day to night panorama 3. Moscow...

Venice classic

Hello, I'm new on Fstoppers. This is my version of a classical spot in Venice: San Giorgio Church.

Just the street

I've just never been very interested in photographing people. These days I'm looking for urban scenes that are...


Seattle from across the Puget Sound.

Melbourne's docklands at sunset

A moody sunset in Melbourne just before the rain. Two moments in time combined in this exposure -one for the sunset and...

Panorama of Marina Bay Singapore

With Apple’s new floating store, I wanted to challenge myself with a panorama of Singapore’s famous Marina Bay using...

Schuylkill Riverfront Trail - Reflections

Storm clouds rolled across the sky but the calm water under the bridge provided a great reflection for the structure...

Capitol Sunrise

Several times a year, the sun rises almost dead east. Washington, DC is built in such a way that buildings line up...


This was taken back on 9/15/2018 on a trip to Seattle to catch Am-Trak to go to Portland. It was overcast as you can...

Streets of San francisco


1-8 Locks, Ottawa



Would appreciate serious feedback and CC's pls.

Cityscape of Bern

The Swiss capital in mild spring weather. The original was recorded in the evening and left artifacts in the lightening...

Good Morning Venice

Taken one morning in the summer from the Accademia bridge in Venice, Italy. It is a 3 image blend with some compositing...

Skyline at Blue Hour

One of my recent favorites. Sony A7iii.

Dubai by night

Nikon D750 Tamron 24-70 f2.8