Downtown Seattle

Birmingham AL

Birmingham AL


At the beck of may city tower.

Lucky Strike

Pretty pleased with how this turned out. Tried a different way of replacing the sky using “blend if”. It was much...
Last: July 11, 2020

Dawn in Sarasota

Panorama of Sarasota Florida skyline with the Ringling Bridge bathed in dawn's colors


Wasn't carrying around a tripod so it's not very sharp.

The Oculus

Pentax K-01
Last: July 11, 2020

A Different View at the Vatican

Not the first composition you think of when visiting this location (but maybe the 2nd...).
Last: July 11, 2020

S h e n z h e n

S h e n z h e n
Last: July 11, 2020

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

I visited this mosque like every other tourist when I visited the United Arab Emirates. I went during the day and it...

Sunrise on a rainy morning in Pittsburgh

I was up on Mt. Washington capturing sunrise as rainstorm moved over the city. From my vantage point the sun came up...


a photo from Vienna - st Charles church at blue hour
Last: July 4, 2020

Golden Sarasota Skyline

This is a photo of the skyline of Sarasota, Florida with the iconic Ringling Bridge in the foreground. The Golden Hour...

Old City Sunset - Philadelphia

Took this one last year. The Ben Franklin Bridge provides a good vantage point to Philadelphia's waterfront and the...

Zen !

A glimmering legacy of medieval Japan, Kinkaku ji or the Golden Pavilion as popularly known to foreign tourists was...
Last: June 29, 2020

Thunderstorm over the City

Taken on July 5, 2015, Dig.Comp. 4 Shots

Shade over the city

This is one of the best accessible cityscape I have seen in sometime and I keep returning to this place every season...

Water Reflection

Pentax K-01

The Manhattan Bridge

Olympus OM-D M10ll