Car trails at sunset

These are my first attempts at blending car trails into sunset shots. I'm honestly not too happy with the arch one as...

The Radcliffe camera

View of the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford The square where the building in question lives is quite small so that I was...

Colour or B&W

What do you think colour or b&w?
Last: January 4, 2020

Dodger Stadium and DTLA

My favorite time to shoot skylines, as the day gently slips away.
Last: January 2, 2020
Last: January 2, 2020
Last: January 2, 2020
Last: January 2, 2020

Wildlife vs Human Life

unintended capture of the crane. original photo was coververed under darkness
Last: January 2, 2020

London - in one go

Wide-angle view of CBD from Greenwich Park
Last: January 2, 2020

Two-point vs. single-point perspective

I played with the perspective controls in Capture One and created two versions of the same image. In the first, I...
Last: January 2, 2020

Color vs B&W on Cloudy Day

Hi all, I took a few shots of Cincinnati yesterday on a foggy morning. I have edited a pano I really like both in color...
Last: January 1, 2020

From the water

Shot with a Nikon D5 and a 70-200mm with telephoto extender. So, it's at about 310mm.
Last: January 1, 2020

10 Seconds to go

Montreal Old Port - last bit of 2019

Question about portfolio uploads

I'm new here in the sense that i haven't been very active in the past. i've uploaded a few images, however when it...

Minneapolis skyline

I wrote a short blog post about my experience in getting this photo:

Morning Blues

A picturesque view of Singapore's Central Business District during the first lights of dawn and before the influx of...
Last: December 27, 2019

Dubai skyline

Making first steps in heavy post-processing. EOS R * 16-35L f/4 * 1/8s * ISO 100 Yes or No?

A Yokohama Christmas

Greetings fellow users of the internet. Just a quick one, nothing to wax poetic about, today. I didn't have a lot of...