London - in one go

Wide-angle view of CBD from Greenwich Park
Last: January 2, 2020

Two-point vs. single-point perspective

I played with the perspective controls in Capture One and created two versions of the same image. In the first, I...
Last: January 2, 2020

Color vs B&W on Cloudy Day

Hi all, I took a few shots of Cincinnati yesterday on a foggy morning. I have edited a pano I really like both in color...
Last: January 1, 2020

From the water

Shot with a Nikon D5 and a 70-200mm with telephoto extender. So, it's at about 310mm.
Last: January 1, 2020

10 Seconds to go

Montreal Old Port - last bit of 2019

Question about portfolio uploads

I'm new here in the sense that i haven't been very active in the past. i've uploaded a few images, however when it...

Minneapolis skyline

I wrote a short blog post about my experience in getting this photo:

Morning Blues

A picturesque view of Singapore's Central Business District during the first lights of dawn and before the influx of...
Last: December 27, 2019

Dubai skyline

Making first steps in heavy post-processing. EOS R * 16-35L f/4 * 1/8s * ISO 100 Yes or No?

A Yokohama Christmas

Greetings fellow users of the internet. Just a quick one, nothing to wax poetic about, today. I didn't have a lot of...

New York, New York

Taken with Canon f10, 32mm, 20sec and iso 100
Last: December 22, 2019

Amsterdam by the Night !

This location from Amsterdam has been shot to death. The only way to make your image standout is to stylise your edit...
Last: December 22, 2019


Only saw the crane after processing the photo

US Capitol at twilight.

The lights in and around the US Capitol building glow softly as night falls over The Mall in Washington, DC.
Last: December 21, 2019

Sunset in Ljubljana

First walk with new camera and I was greeted with this view.
Last: December 20, 2019

Time Blending Multi-Pano Cityscape

This is a time blend panorama that I tried to do with just a regular tripod. Please let me know what you think and any...
Last: December 20, 2019


Hi. This is not cityscape at all. But this is for help in Panorama. Had individually processed each image to nearly...
Last: December 20, 2019