Boston cityscape

This is a a popular location to shoot the Financial District.
Last: December 18, 2019

Full circle

In january 2018, I visited a landscape photography workshop oriented on panoramas and night photography. It opened my...
Last: December 18, 2019

HMS Belfast

Placing emphasis on the ship and the building in the back which both depict movement - No. 1 Blackfriars Road in...

Christmas in Southwark

Sunset above the Southwark Christmas markets in London. This area is known for a no tripod policy, so to manage to get...
Last: December 16, 2019


Lol find c and get a life :)

In the Matrix

Reflections of the Parallel universe


This is where Siri and the lady on the Gps told me to stop swearing !! As they cannot compute the destination i was...
Last: December 14, 2019

"Cupid's Arrow", Rosslyn, VA

Christopher Gardner's sculpture, "Cupid' Arrow" reflects the lights of buildings and traffic in Rosslyn, Virginia.

Little different look in Vegas

Late blue hour would have been better for this and clouds. But 1st time out with my new Z7, using the Tamron 24-70, F/...

LA lifestyle.

I am from Paris, France but move to Los Angeles. This is I believe a perfect resume of Los Angeles. What I love about...
Last: December 13, 2019
Last: December 13, 2019
Last: December 13, 2019


Good morning Dallas
Last: December 12, 2019