As I roam the city of Pasay in Philippines, the facade of this hotel is quite different and attractive to a person who shoots skyscrapers. Due to its unique design, I immediately grab my camera and tried to capture its beauty. From its curves and beautiful linings, I was able to create a stunning black and white photo of the building.

Tbilisi cityscape during sunset

You could never say by looking at the picture, but it's a particularly windy evening. In fact, standing on the terrace I got hit by multiple flying chairs and other pieces of furniture :) By some miracle, my light tripod didn't move despite the raging wind and I was able to blend multiple exposures to capture the dynamic range and then add the...

A changing sky

Hi everyone,
I'm new here and wanted to share one of my personal favorites of my home city, Pittsburgh. This was taken along the Monongahela river and I did my best to frame the background buildings in the frame of the bridge. Any and all critics are welcome, let me know what you guys think.
100 iso

Looking for a critique

Hello everybody!

I used to shoot jpeg wildlife/macro-ish almost my entire photography life and just recently got into RAW and landscape/cityscape shooting.

This is my most recent shot of Mtsheta in the country of Georgia. It's a time blending of an early blue hour with a late blue hour + a series of 30-second exposures to...

Liberty Without Justice

I shot this in May of 2000 on the way back from Ellis Island.
Shot with my Pentax K1000 on Ilford colour process B/W film. It's grainier than I'd like, but I can't go back and take it again.

Concrete Sky

Testing the high resolution mode with my G9, a lot of wind that day, the tripod was bangin, high rez mode not ideal with clouds but i'm happy with the result.
I had to resize the picture to upload it here...

Downtown Miami at dusk

Made in 2011 as seen from Watson Island in Biscayne Bay. Pano cropped from a single exposure. I've made a lot of pictures of the Miami skyline, but this has always been my favorite.

Lower Manhattan

A view that I have been planning for some time to capture.

Camera settings:
ISO 250

Post processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

I have two questions
-What are usually the best practices in order to pull out more details from a lowlight cityscape?
-Also, what could I have...

Stripes on the Haifa promenade

Hi all,

This shot was actually taken almost a year ago, but I just now got to work on it. I put my car for an annual treatment at the garage, and used the time to walk along the Haifa promenade. The location in the photo is used every week for folk dancing, but on a weekday in the morning it was pretty deserted. I used a low angle to...

Sunday morning in Austin

I like to get down to downtown Austin early on Sunday mornings when the weather is nice. I captured this last weekend and think it turned out quite well. I have been back-and-forth on trying to get rid of the bridge rail in the lower left corner.

The Rainbow Houses

Hi guys, I am a new member since a few days and I want to share with you this image taken in Houten in the Netherlands. I shot this image with a NiSi ND6 filter and blended two exposures using some tricks in Lr and Ps to enhance the colors and the sky. How do you like it?

Austin, TX Cityscapes

How Austin, Texas Became Known As A Great Music City

Austin, Texas has always had great musicians and music. But in order for a musician to succeed in the music business, he / she was more often than not likely forced to move to Nashville, New York or Los Angeles.

But that was to change in the 1980’s. And I am proud to say that I...

Burj Khalifa - World's Tallest Building in Dubai

Welcome to the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa, the skyscraper icon of Dubai! After capturing this city from above I wanted to get below to explore the grounds. I did alot of walking around shooting but narrowed it to this composition. This area is filled with locals and tourists so I opted to shoot past the railing to keep the busy...