Golden Hour

View of the waterfront of my home town on North Carolina coast. I may have try this photo again with my telephoto. I feel like the composition of this could be better but not sure what to do besides zoom in a little more. Any suggestions?

The Tower

This image was taken on the coastline of Daytona Beach. I am currently creating a collection of minimal fine art architecture for my portfolio. There should be more like this coming in the future.

All comments welcome.

Editing Feedback Requested

Hi everyone,
I’ve only just found fstoppers and think the quality of photos and photographers is excellent. I would like to improve so I’m looking for some feedback on my long exposure photo of The Chain Bridge in Budapest. How do you think I could I improve the editing on this photo?

Erasmus Medical Center - Rotterdam

Usually I photograph people. But during a session at the hospital in Rotterdam, I couldn't resist taking a couple of shots of the city. The light was perfect!

I am wondering. Should I do this more often? What do you think of the images?

Minato Mirai Panorama

I've photographed this location more times than I can count, but I've never felt like I had ever captured "the shot". This was my first time shooting this location with my D850, my first time shooting it in summer, and my first panoramic shot. I was a little nervous trying to get my first panoramic shot when conditions were finally what I had...

My Boring Hometown

This is a 15th century Ottoman mosque built on top of 2nd century Roman baths in Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

As I grew up in this city, I take everything around here for ordinary and not particulary inspiring. However I got really excited yesterday when I managed to capture this image, since I've never seen my hometown from this point....

Seattle Union Exposure

Early morning exposure shot of Seattle with Lake Union to the south east. This was one of my first long exposure shots of the city. Any advice is much appreciated on what could be better and/or what is good with this shot. Thank you for stopping by!

Miami Nights

I love to catch the sun drop over Miami but at night it is nice to see the skyline light up.
(Great shots in this group. Big respect)