Rock Climbing Photography

Hey all, I am an amateur rock climbing and photographer. I went climbing with my friends out at Smith Rock and took this photo during sun rise. I feel like its my best photo yet, but I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks.

Minneapolis Aquajam

First post to a group, open to CC. If you are familiar with Mpls you have probably seen the Cherry and Spoon statue at the Walker Sculpture Garden, this is a nod to that iconic MPLS landmark. These were taken at the MPLS Aquatennial skate contest hosted by Familia Skate shop/park.

Our Bmx Grindworks jam coverage

I've got a write up and photo gallery on Our Bmx covering a local bmx event that happened recently. Theres a lot of expired film, a couple photos from my friend Matt V. And a video filmed and put together by my friend Kyle Dolan.

Specific feedback, no faces?

I'm new to the group and I'm looking for some specific feed regarding these images.
Do you think they work even though you can't see the faces of the climber?

Grateful for any thoughts.

Moto and Supercross Photos

This is my second season of shooting Motocross and Supercross in Wichita KS and I'm hooked! I've also been working on playing around more with composites and actions in photoshop. Last year I made trading cards and parents/riders loved them and I sold quite a few. This has been fun. Glad to be part of this group! I'm currently shooting with 2...

Using flash to stop the subject.

Posting an example of what I don’t want. I know the flash is supposed to “freeze” the subject in frame to eliminate motion blur. This photo was taken with a tokina 11-16mm at 1/250th and a cheap speedlite attached to the hot shoe. I’m not happy with the motion blur on the subject. Everything else I’m happy with. Let’s discuss!


I'm new to the Fstopper's community. Wondering how many bmx folks are on here.
The photo is FBM welder John Corts up at Breaking free Skatepark in Rochester, NY

Signature Logos for watermarks?

Hey all, please give me your two cents about Signature Logos. Example in my photo. Also, here is a shot made on Canon 5D Mark IV with the monster 300mm in Scottsdale AZ with no ND filter... I know... don't hate on me. lol


A couple of recent shots from some splitboarding missions over the last couple weeks. First one was riding down a bulletproof gully and the second one was a wide open corn field. Different takes on the same subjects.

Gravity assisted MTB

I was shooting three days in July 2018 event called Sappee Bike Fest. Here are some photos of downhill, chainless and enduro races.

Fast paced outdoors sports are my favorite thing to shoot and these definetely qualify in to that category.

I do often go for tight shots but I try to remember to take some wider shots as well even...

Pouring resistance

Was hired to document a cycling lap of 300km near South Padre Island, Texas. Everything went great I got on the back of a pick up truck and shot for about two hours. Around the 230km mark weather suddenly changed and the sky turned from beautiful puffy clouds to gray menacing clouds. Rain wasn't even forecasted, so I wasn’t prepared for any...

Prairie Giant

I wanted to use this elevator for an action photo, in particular, a snowmobile shot. I couldn't figure out how to make it work, so I settled on a snowboard shot with my cousin, Tyson. I love how the setting sun threw his shadow onto the grain elevator.