High contrast lighting issues

Hi Guys,

I would appreciate some input from other experienced photographers. I do quite a lot of event photography. At the weekend I was taking photos of cyclists on an event during the middle of the day in full sun. In these situations I often struggle to get a decent exposure on people's faces. I have been trying to use spot metering,...

Advice for Night cycle photography

Dear All,

I would appreciate some guidance and reassurance as whether I have the best technique for photographing cyclists on a night ride recently. I normally photograph cycling events during the day, but was asked to come and photograph a night ride.

The camera I used was a Canon 5Diii with a sigma 35mm 1.4 lens. My settings...

Always trying to be more creative

I've only been shooting sports seriously for about 6 months now, but I'm always trying to do it differently than the last guy, and when possible incorporate more of an artistic feel to the final image. I'm curious to know what everyone thinks about these.

If you want a challenge, try this sometime. Panning is easy; It's a whole new level...

aspiring surf shooter

i've actually been shooting surf for a few years now...got into it totally by accident after being solely an underwater shooter. needed something to shoot when it was too rough to get underwater ;)...

Pocketwizards Help

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to buy a couple of pocket wizards to remote trigger my Canon 5D3. But I'm struggling to find the answer to my question. I would like to use my fuji XT-2 with the PW on it to trigger the Canon. But I cannot find out if this would work anywhere?

Does anyone know if this would work?

Wide pan

A wide pan at slow shutter speed of a Mercedes AMG GT GT3 during the Blancpain GT Sprint Series at the circuit of Zolder, Belgium.

Fire and raw horsepower

Brittany Force launches from the starting line in her Top Fuel dragster. This was shot at Wildhorse Pass raceway outside of Phoenix, Arizona while the NHRA pros were there doing pre-season testing in February of this year.

First Real Day with Strobes

Finally got out and did some shooting with strobes you can see all the images at the link below. Something that I plan on really learning this year is lighting so let me know what you think of the images and blog post.


Spring Bmx Photos

The spring has been really good to us here, staying nice and dry and usually above freezing so we have been doing lots of riding.
I know bmx doesn't get much love on here but any feedback good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

Photo 1 - This is actually me riding, I saw this set up and knew it would make a good shot but nobody I...

New member

Hey all! Stoked to have found this page. I'm still new at this, so comments on my pictures to improve my newly found passion besides skateboarding and jiujitsu is greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays!

Payson AZ rodeo

I do aviation and Rodeo Sports Photography among other things. Thought I would post a few Photographs I took over the last couple of Years, using a Nikon D2x and D3.Was professionally trained Photographer in the 1970`s but had to relearn the digital aspect of it, but do it for my own satisfaction now

Swoard extreme carving in Zinal (Switzerland)


Recently I was shooting a customer event in Zinal for the swiss snowboard brand, Swoard.

It was a good possibility to see if the X-T2 autofocus is so good as Fujifilm is saying ... I had to compare with the last year when I shooted the same event
with a 7D II and a 5D III.

These shots are taken with the 50-140...

Reining Horse Show

New to this group and thought I would post a few images I shot this fall as the OP at one of the competitions I shoot. Let me know what you think. Shot with Canon 5d m111 and Sigma f/2.8 70- 200. No flash and inside.


Hi, I'm new to the Group. I thought to try my hand at sports photography & came back with these two perhaps being the best of the lot. The light was miserable, it had rained earlier for the photo of the three women. I had to do a ton of processing to get something reasonable out of it while the other one took less work. For that one I tried...

New photos

Update - Just wanted to update this post with 5 of my favorite shots I've gotten over the last few months. Any feedback would be great, I don't have any real training as a photographer so I know my technical skills aren't the best but I enjoy capturing these moments with my friends and I'm just trying to improve my photos.

I haven't...

New Work


I shot this photo of an bmx rider a few months ago. We tried create a photo with just straight lines. I shot the picture at 35mm with my Canon 5D Mark III. 2 Flashes pointing at the rider illuminate him on top of the container.

Downhill with Smoke

This is the first image from a set of photos, were I created action sports images with smoke in the picture to highlight the rider and add some color to the image.
I took the picture in a forest in Germany with my 70-200mm lens. We put a smoke bomb under the jump and I added a strobe with a blue gel behind the rider to get some backlight...

New work

hi everyone,

Here is one of my last sessions, building on my cycling commercial work. Feel free to comment on the shot, framing, composition, lighting, retouching...

was shot with Profoto B2, on a 16mm focal length, f5, 1/1250th of a second, HSS, full power with 5ft octa and no diffusion panels. Massive wind, was holding it with...

First shot at horse racing

I love it! This is such a fun thing to photograph its a different change from my usual sports like baseball and hockey. Just thought I'd share some images for feedback/CC if anyone wants to. Thanks! Location was Canterbury Parks, Shakopee, MN.

Skatepark Photos

I haven't posted anything in a while here are a couple photos that I took a little while ago. What do you guys think do you like the flash or is it better without flash?