Reversal for the victor

D850, 18-135mm, 1/500, Shutter priority, f5.6, 90mm, ISO 4000

Trying to block the shot

Taken at a local high school game. D850, Shutter priority, F5.0, ISO 4000, 24-70.

Red Bull Ice Cross in Percé

Percé is at about 30min from my house and yesterday it was the Red Bull Ice Cross ATSX 250. So I took the opportunity...

Higher ISO vs. shooting underexposed

What the best practice for shooting sports in low light? I shoot my son's basketball games in a school gymnasium, and...

Looking for Feedback - LAX Season is Just Around the Corner

Over the last several years, I have been shooting high school soccer and lacrosse games. I have a vested interest with...

Surfing Photography First Attempt

Hi all, been following the group for a while, but I don't normally shoot action sports so I haven't posted here yet...

Power lifting meet, USAPL

First time out attempting to document my friends at their lifting meet. I didn’t know what to expect. No flash, Nikon...

Go Girl

No pain no gain

Rock Climbing Photography

Hey all, I am an amateur rock climbing and photographer. I went climbing with my friends out at Smith Rock and took...

speed skating session

Hi people! Here are two photos from my quick session today. What do you guys think? Do you have some feedback?

Flying Tackle

little know sport called rugby league , not to be mistaken for rugby union , this was a local amateur game

Rodeo pics

Wall SD

Eighteen's are wild

Hi, being new to the group and Fstoppers I would like to put up one of my favorites and say hello to everyone

Into the turn.

I shot this at the Clarendon Classic bicycle race in Arlington, VA. I had to find a spot where I could get a good close...


Passing the baton at a high school track meet.

Sister Golden Hair

High School track meet.

Not today on my side of the field.

I'm just an old man who likes to take photos of the local high school kids. Night games have much more atmosphere...

Pro Wrestling

I photograph mostly pro wrestling, everything from people on TV to small (tiny) venues. Here is a small sampling of...

The Sky King

I knew this existed but when I saw this jet surfer do his thing, I was blown away by how beautiful it looked. I shot...

Big handrails with my friend Jake Sheets plus a little rant haha

I've heard it said that action sports photography is one of the most challenging from of photography. I'm not really...