A rally car tackles the water splash during the Wales Rally GB.

Motocross with the Sony 100-400 GM

Last weekend we were supposed to do some whale watching so I rented the Sony FE 100-400 4.5-5.6 GM. But, they cancelled...

River surfings riding the Eisbach wave in Munich

Using a Sony A7III with Sony 24-104 f4 zoom. A very good lens for this kind of action shooting.

a few snaps of my friends new bike

It's always nice getting back into warmer weather.

Catch the wave

Out for a ride, the waves carry on Many days spent basking in the rays All for the fun Cocoa Beach is a paradise for...

Minneapolis Aquajam

First post to a group, open to CC. If you are familiar with Mpls you have probably seen the Cherry and Spoon statue at...

Our Bmx Grindworks jam coverage

I've got a write up and photo gallery on Our Bmx covering a local bmx event that happened recently. Theres a lot of...

Specific feedback, no faces?

Hi, I'm new to the group and I'm looking for some specific feed regarding these images. Do you think they work even...

Moto and Supercross Photos

This is my second season of shooting Motocross and Supercross in Wichita KS and I'm hooked! I've also been working on...

New to this

So I'm new to action sports from a photography point of view. I would love some feedback on these.

Using flash to stop the subject.

Posting an example of what I don’t want. I know the flash is supposed to “freeze” the subject in frame to eliminate...

The Whitewater Rafters

Hello, my name is Thomas Vasas. I took this photo several years ago, I need some input on this photo. I would like some...

Picking up dust in the Karoo, South Africa

Shot this using a 150-600 sigma contemporary in the Karoo in South Africa during sunset. What do you think? At first I...


I'm new to the Fstopper's community. Wondering how many bmx folks are on here. The photo is FBM welder John Corts up at...

Framed in the jungle

I am always looking for natural curves when shooting fish eye. This is one instance where it worked out well to frame...

Rock Climbing at Smith Rock, Oregon

This was my first time setting up some rigging to take rock climbing photos from on the wall. I would love to hear what...

Signature Logos for watermarks?

Hey all, please give me your two cents about Signature Logos. Example in my photo. Also, here is a shot made on Canon...

Drop at Venice

Venice Skate Park, California in October 2018 Nikon d7200 with Sigma 18-35


A couple of recent shots from some splitboarding missions over the last couple weeks. First one was riding down a...

Pouring resistance

Was hired to document a cycling lap of 300km near South Padre Island, Texas. Everything went great I got on the back of...