Johnnie Blue 🥃

Second photo shoot. I received some really good feedback from my first shoot relating to lighting. I applied those tips...

Still Life Project

I have a fondness for old film cameras for both photography and movie making. I have a small collection and wanted to...

Father In-Law portrait

A portrait of my father in-law Doug Bayer. I already feel that the I would have liked the highlights a little more thin...

Critiques please

If you have a minute, would you please take a look at my pics? I'm still learning, so any critiques to help me better...

Wedding Day

This was taken from my first ever wedding! I want to stand out from the typical earth-toned edits that every...


Hola guys, I'm new here. If you have 5 minutes would you drop a comment about my pics telling me what you think about...

I'm looking for thoughts on my website

I like my website a lot but everything can always be better. I know it's not world class. It's simple and basic but I'd...

Water Lilly

Inviting Critical comments

Looking for feedbacks

Looking for constructive feedback. Let me know what you folks think could have been improved or changed to make this...

Is my edit too wild?

Roast the entirety of this image, please.

In Coming Train

Tried to isolate yellows.

Which edit do you prefer?

On the left, is the re-edit and the right the original edit. So which one do you like?

Hi I'm new here, and want some critique and tips on how to get better

Hi so i wanted to get some input on how i am doing and what i do wrong, god, what I'm missing and well any input that...

New to this site.

I'm new to this site and I've been doing photography for a while now, just for fun. I've also created a profile here:...

Would love some critiques!

Hey everyone! Please critique these images, as well as my website at!

OK, I'll go first

Well ... SOMEONE has to start. Fire away.

It's Sunday

I saw this old couple just relaxing on a Sunday and just snapped a quick one. What do you all think.

Hi just joined are we still active?

Hi all just wondered how this works do you critique my site( or just an image? look...