Father In-Law portrait

A portrait of my father in-law Doug Bayer. I already feel that the I would have liked the highlights a little more thin. They're spilling on to his face a little much. I'm not the best portrait photographer but I'm working on it, so what do ya got for me.

Critiques please

If you have a minute, would you please take a look at my pics? I'm still learning, so any critiques to help me better myself and my work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Wedding Day

This was taken from my first ever wedding! I want to stand out from the typical earth-toned edits that every photographer in my small town sticks to. What do y’all think about this edit?

Review of blog entry

This group seems to be open to critique of more than images so I'm hoping this is an acceptable fit.

I have just created a blog entry on my site that covers a simple rule/composition trick that I feel does not get the attention it deserves.

I'd love it if some could check it out, let me know their overall feeling of the entry and...


Hola guys,

I'm new here. If you have 5 minutes would you drop a comment about my pics telling me what you think about them? Would be much appriciated.

If you like them you can find them at my website: www.phunterbox.com


New to this site.

I'm new to this site and I've been doing photography for a while now, just for fun.

I've also created a profile here:

I'm happy to have some constructive criticism to help me push myself to new levels.