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Hola guys,

I'm new here. If you have 5 minutes would you drop a comment about my pics telling me what you think about them? Would be much appriciated.

If you like them you can find them at my website: www.phunterbox.com


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Bas Rutgers's picture

The photo's are all technically really good with nice colors!
But I would like the images of the dragonfly and hoverfly to tell more of a story like the last image. I would like to see more of the surroundings in stead of the flies being the sole subject.

January Williamson's picture

I just went to your profile and looked through everything. I really love your work. I'm still a newbie, so I didn't vote on a few just because I'm not sure how to improve it. The bubble one (where your mom held the light) was my favorite honestly. It was simple but technical and creative. I think you're on to something! :)