A warm summer sunset along Singapore's Central Business District. Even with the humid weather, the rush of people going in and out of work is something unique about Singapore.

3:00 A.M.

Did you have such a thing that having already shot, having removed all equipment, you go home, heating in a car and dreaming about hot tea with cookies and good sleep, as suddenly, near your house you see a frame you cannot pass? It was just the same case - a sleeping city, quiet streets, moody fog and light breaking through tree leaves. It was...

Bridge to Asakusa

Blue hour with the Tokyo skyline and a full Japanese culture experience at the city of Asakusa will surely complete your Japan trip. Just an advice though, in Japan, summer is wet while winter is dry. So if you want to see Mount Fuji, go at winter. But if you want to photograph Tokyo's beautiful skyline with a beautiful sky backdrop, then go...

Iconic Sydney

Hey guys,
I wanted to know what you think of my latest shot of Sydney. I used a Canon 80D with a 70-200 f/4L lens. If you have any critique, let me know! Thanks

Port of the Future

Burning sky over Japan's iconic Yokohama sky line.

One thing I learned about photography: Just go out and shoot. Forty minutes before I took this shot, the sky was completely clear. And then suddenly it exploded into this magnificent sunset. You will never know what nature has in its store for you so the best thing to do is to just get...

Taking in the sky

I went to Philly to pay my respects to a departed friend and stayed to savor the city. Each morning I woke up to find a new location to see the city and then in the evening sought a place to see the sun set and the sky light up. It is a very photogenic city;

Your constructive feedback is welcome.

Textured Waves At Sunset Chicago IL

I recently took this shot of the Chicago skyline using a composite of a few different images to capture the textures of the waves, motion of the clouds, variations of lighting of the buildings shown. I am currently an armature photographer who has been shooting with a canon t6i. This image was taken at 30mm, f25, various time exposures. I would...

composition question, please help

Hey, everyone,

My last post was completely trashed for poor composition. So just throwing these out there for your opinions. Quality is not the best, had to use the old 600D for reach. Sorry for that.

So version 1 is basically the original with the two workers brightened and everything else desaturated. Trying to isolate the...

Bay Bridge at Night

I keep coming back to this spot time after time trying to get a better image. This time, the sky was clear, and the bridge was centered. I got more detail in the water, and the reflection of the buildings. I didn't modify the colors to have a cyan and orange look like last time. I could have gotten a longer exposure with this one, but I left it...

London Framed

Visited London for 3 days, and trying to conserve space I foolishly didn't bring my camera. I had to settle for my iphone when I spotted this scene while walking along the Thames.

Daling Harbour, Sydney

This is a time blend of a post sunset and a blue hour shot (for city lights). The base shot was also a 20 seconds exposure to smoothen the water and the clouds.
Feedback will be appreciated, thanks.


Here's a couple of shots I took in Sydney, what a beautiful cityscape!

Hope you like it :)