I could take some photos in a swimming pool with one of my models. She lay down to the edge of the pool and I shot from the top with a wide-angle lens. I also used a studio flash with a 150cm octobox on the right side and a rim light from the other side.
If you have any suggestion or remark, I would welcome.

EXIF. 27mm/ƒ/4.2/1/125s...

Morning lights naturally

I took this photo after soon sunrise with only natural lights and I also used a small reflector under model's face. Furthermore I modified the colors.
I would be happy any feedbacks or suggestions regarding the composition or coloured as well.

EXIF: 85mm; f/2.8; 1/4000, ISO 100

High ISO, no problem

I'm actually not afraid to bring my camera past 640 anymore. Grain is a characteristic for a reason and we can't always shy away from it. Of course sometimes it doesn't work well but sometimes its minimal and attractive.

Iso is 2000 btw.

A Unique Opportunity

My cousin, Gabe, asked me to design a portrait shoot for him just recently. This was truly a unique opportunity because Gabe was born without arms or legs. He is launching his career as a motivational speaker and much of his speaking material is designed around the topics of excelling without limits and how he has continued to achieve his goals...

Light setup Essential with a little special guest

a little cute portrait in natural light (from a window) with Mr. Fredricksen

01: i used just a color correction and sunlight.
02: i add a little paper behind his to lit the shadows.
03: i add a simple mirror to create a window light that project the image on the wall.
04: backstage
05: more drama with different...

New Lighting Technique

Hello, My name is Joel Isimeme. I am a senior in college and a part-time Portrait & Wedding photographer originally from Nigeria but based in Lynchburg, VA. Trying a new lighting setup for a portrait series I'm doing.
Any critique would be nice? thoughts?

13th Day

Let's be honest, this image is not original (or that's how I see it) because I'm sure you've seen a lot of different/similar versions of it.
however, I'm sharing with you my version and ask for your comments to let me know what do you think of it? I should also mention that I've done a lot of color gradings on it, so there might be some...

Double exposure

A double exposure on a high key portrait I did of my friend.
Critic welcome, good / Bad .What do you like and dislike ;)

Nikon D810 f/4 1/640 ISO-100 Nikon 85mm 1.4
Light 2X elinchrom ELB 400 high sync with 70x100 softboxes

Bearded pirate

Here's my latest portrait. He plays in a band who dresses up like pirates. I shot their new album cover so he was in my office discussing those photos. I asked him for a quick portrait.


I made this portrait with just natural light after sunrise time and I also used a smaller reflector under the model's face.
Exif: 85mm, f/1.8, 1/200, ISO 250