Modeling portfolio for Maddie J. Miss Utah International. Taken in Albion Basin, UT with HSS and Westcott's Rapid Box Beauty Dish.

2017 So Far


I have had a passion for photography, seven years, when I started I did a lot of landscapes, events or really photography which was around me and where I live in the UK. I had always liked the style of street photography and photojournalism photography. But I had never done portrait photography before this year, I have never been...

Critiques pls

Captured with Canon 700D, Canon 18-55mm ef II lens , simpex 522 speedlite , lightroom is used for editing. it was captured at time between 5.45 to 6.15 pm.

Light modifier question

I'm normally shoot architecture/interiors and commercial product work and I'm expanding into headshots and corporate portraits.

I currently have a couple of 42" shoot-thru umbrellas with blacked out backs to control spill (they're similar to a softbox in that way). I'd like to grab an octo-box for my new headshot work.

Here's my...

Testing Canon zoom

Hi guys, I just got a new lens - Canon 70-200 2.8 II and I must say I'm quite impressed with the bokeh and image quality on this heavy piece of glass. Might even sell 85L :) Anyway, this quick snap was all natural light + a small silver reflector. London street as a "bokeh generator" :)

All the best!

The Exploration of Exploration: The Alpinist.

This is the 3rd installment of my series. Thus far this been the most challenging, as it required the most resources.

I wanted to capture the Exhaustion and confidence of early day climbers, who used minimal gear to tackle some of the largest peaks in the world.

A lot of my inspiration was drawn from Sir Edmund Hillary. Hours...


One week ago my dream came true and I had a photoshoot in a very beautiful abandoned building in Germany. So here I would like to share with you the first result form the shoot :)

This photo is barely retouched. I only did color and skin correction. The rest are in camera effects.

Let me know your thoughts :)

Mother Nature

I would like to share with you a photo from my recent fine art photoshoot.
I did it with Canon 5d Mark 3, Canon 50mm 1.4 lens and natural light.
And of course lots of photoshop afterwards :)
I would like to know your thoughts about this photo.

More of my work:

Savannah the Nurse

Headshot/Portraits of my friend Savannah the nurse. I really loved the complimentary colors and freckles in the image and wanted to push it a little further than I normally would in post.

Is there too much contrast ?

I love the colours in this image and my model liked it because it was like a music video but what's the general opinion ? Would love some CC. Shot in natural light with 16-35mm.

New photographer looking for some input

Hi! I bought my first camera a few months ago and I've really jumped in headfirst. I'm looking for any critiques or suggestions you have. I don't really know many photographers personally so I've been lacking on peer input.

Federica (critiques)

I just came back with another photo that I'm asking for some comments and critiques.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM
@ f/2.8 - ISO 160 - 1/40s
Natural - Window Light - No Reflector/Diffuser
Retouched in Capture One Pro 10
[Only the skin cleanup has been done in...


Photo: Silver Pearl Photography
Model: Aurelia Isabella

If you are a fan of fantasy and fineart shoots, you can also check out my other profiles for more! :)
Instagam: @silverpearl_photography

Just stepping into the group.

Hello everyone, my name is Morgan.

Just wanted to put up some of my work to introduce myself to the group. I am based in Savannah, Ga but frequently travel to Toronto, ON. Just looking to network with new people, share work and get opinions as well.

My site is currently down but you can view my Instagram account at https://...

Hello, I need your feedback

Yoyo guys, I just did a CRAZY shoot with the most talented MUA and a model who is exotic in my country (Croatia). Give me your feedback on the photos, I started doing beauty recently and my retouching is still not top notch. I'm trying to improve and in the process I need feedback. HONESTY IS REQUIRED !

Goth Girl

A simple portrait of my favourite model Danielle Fiore.

I used my 50mm with one flash in front of her
I hope you like
for other images you can follow me on instagram @leledigitalartist

Mellow Midsummer

Few weeks ago we had small photoshoot with Linda. I spotted the location few years ago and decided to photoshoot that spot some day. I used just Godox V860 just behind the fern, right above.

Shadows are harsh, but I loved the look on her skin. What do you think about, fellows? C&C are very much welcome!

Simple Portrait on White - How does the processing look

I love trying to keep my lighting simple. This is shot with a 5' octabox and a Godox AD200. The light is above her and angled until I could see some catch lights in her eyes. No other reflectors or lights were used. I try to keep my processing simple and not overdo it, so any CC on that would be appreciated. Thanks!

Canon 6D, 70-200mm f/...

Crits welcomed

Just joined and this is my first post, i'd love to hear your opinions on what works and what doesn't. Is the lighting too flat? Poor composition? Too much post-processing? etc.

Model: Camile Velasco
Lens: Canon L 50mm

Thanks everyone!