Harley & Young Woman

Greetings. I've been shooting for a lot of years in a lot of different genres, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be portraits. No special reason I picked this one as my first submission to the group. It just caught my eye as I was looking through a...

Bearded pirate

Here's my latest portrait. He plays in a band who dresses up like pirates. I shot their new album cover so he was in my office discussing those photos. I asked him for a quick portrait.

Women's Physique

I shot with Kimberly Sayers from the Arnold Classic 2 days after her competition in Ohio. The set was my usual overhead softbox but I added the alien bees b800 (just the model lamp) for the hair. Slight dodge and burn.

Natural light and Flash

I love using natural light for my portraits but the use of flash gives images a little more pop, . I've used it here in my backlit image, I rarely use flash for these , so CC is more than welcome

Dia de los Muertos - Calaveras

Hey all, first post in the group! :)

Lit this with a single Alien Bees B800. These two ladies showed up at my studio as shown in the portrait. Jojo, the model on the left is a friend and former muse and the rightmost, her friend who did the makeup...

Modeling Test- Travon

A couple months ago a friend and I, did a small portrait test shoot in the studio. At first glance, I didn't like many of the photos. When work slowed down I took another look through the shoot and found this shot. Just wondered what people thought of this...


Let me know what you think.

AB800 Camera Left
Canon 5D II
Canon 24-105mm f/1.4
ISO: 100
1/160 Sec

Did You Start Out Shooting Portraits?

We all come from different backgrounds in the art & creative world. Did you originally start out shooting portraits right away when you decided to explore photography? Or were you shooting a different genre? Or better yet, did you practice a different...

Hidden Natural Beauty

Just a typical Friday morning until I reach the bathroom and found loads of water all over the floor. The bathroom sink sprung a leak, just great!
Floor mopped up and plumber on the way. I’ll do my makeup while i wait so when we’re finished with the...


This is the product of being hounded by my fiance to take a picture with our son. He loves the camera. I on the other hand am closer to my daughter in that we both dislike the camera unless we're on the other side of it. Be that as it may, I think the end...

Bourbon Brotherhood

Portrait of Bruce Corwin, founder of the Bourbon Brotherhood.

Based out of Louisville Kentucky, the Bourbon Brotherhood meets once a month at a different location to eat good food, drink good bourbon, network, and just have a good time in general....

16x9 Anyone?

I Really am beginning to like cropping some of my portraits to 16x9 with a bit of a cinematic feel to them. Can anyone else relate? CC always welcome.

Snow Fun Run

During the blizzard conditions in Boston I wanted to try out some gelled lighting. Ended up having to be my own model, but happy how it turned out and didn't get frostbite!

Struggling to cement my style


So I've been shooting portraits for about 5 years now and while I feel like I've some great shots, they all feel really detached from another.
There's a gallery of my work here: www.deadly.ie/portraits/ which I feel illustrate my point...

Green melody

One of my latest shoots. Shoot in natural light. Would love to hear some feedback from the community. :)

Nikon d750
Nikon 50mm 1.4
Lightroom and Photoshop