Calling All Portrait Photographers!

The goal of this community is to share, engage, and learn from others across the globe doing what we all love, taking portraits!

With that said, please feel free to introduce yourself here, where you're from and share a favorite portrait of yours!

Why I have decided to improve my photography in camera

I had always been reluctant to improve my photography in camera because I used to think that you could always make a bad picture into a great one in Photoshop. I mistook retouching for manipulation.
I always improvised my shots and never paid attention to light quality and composition. When I started editing a picture, I could see that my...

Evening colours

i took this picture in a church with some great stained glass, enough to throw some great colour on my model. I would have preferred another lens but I was shooting with my 16-35mm that day. I love this shot and I had a tough job just keeping the edit the way I wanted it to be. CC is more than welcome.

How much time does a picture capture?

Is there a way to know how much time of our lives is captured in a single picture? It seems to be that time is infinitely divisible, therefore the time that is captured in a frame will always be dependant on how fast the camera is. Modern cameras are much faster than previous generation photography equipment. However, is there a physical limit...


The Photo is collaboration between a young VET and her study towards most poisonous PYTHONS and how she hold and captivate snakes with her eyes , we took around 80-90 shots and every shot came amazing .

Summer Days

Hello Everyone, I am from India but live in Bahrain. This might look like a beautiful garden but the model (Fernanda) is actually standing in a swamp and balancing herself on a lil piece is rock. The light was good and I love orange against green. Hope you like it

Portrait Retouching

Portrait Retouching for Business.
- Skin retouch
- Adjust lighting or contrast
- Retouching with realistic perfect skin
- Color correction
- Adjusting posture
Get one try here:
#portraitretouching #portraitshooting


I was out scouting locations for future shoots and decided to visit a place in Utah called Little Sahara. What a gem of a location. I can hardly wait to go there again.

Any thoughts or input appreciated.

Authentic Beauty with Profoto A1

Captured at Profoto A1 India launch event and of course used nothing but Profoto A1 as source light. The image came out really well and i'm really impressed with A1 and how genius the product is. I used 5D Mark 3 and 70- 200 telephoto 2.8.. hope you like it.

Double Exposure Portraits

Hi this is my project Elementos (Elements). these are double exposure nude portraits, to show the fusion of nature and humanity.
2 Lights Setup a 60" Octabox for background and a 38" Octa for main light

Love Without Borders Instagram project

Hi everyone,
My name is Laura Shortt and I'm a headshot/portrait photographer based in Vancouver, BC.

I've recently started a photo project on Instagram called Love Without Borders. I started it to celebrate people who love each other across cultures. Inspiration for the project came as a result of the events in Charlottesville. It...

weekend fun

My niece is an aspiring makeup artist, and was having some fun the other day using her imagination. We went out to the garden with some lights to try and capture what she had done. The headshot in particular is a "heavier" retouch than i am normally comfortable with, but maybe it works because of the makeup - not really sure and would love your...

Blade Runner inspired portraits

ISO 100, ƒ4, 1/320

Having recently seen Blade Runner 2049, I was very smitten by its look and feel, plus I had these gels I bought a year ago but never got around to play with so wanted to learn how to use them. We had a winter coat with a collar that we just popped up (like Ryan Gosling in the movie), and we combed Megan's hair...

How to whiten teeth on Photoshop?

I did this tutorial video and written an article guide when I have a cup of coffee :)
Whitening teeth easily in photoshop!!
I hope you find something there to interest you :-)
Cheers and happy snapping!
Watch details here:

Tear me a new one, Noob seeking a critique

Last month, I finally started shooting people. I've been doing photography for about 5 years on and off but didn't start taking it seriously this summer. Last month I did my first 4 portrait sessions with 2 pics from each posted here. I want these photos torn apart, I don't learn from people saying, "nice pic".

The post processing has...

Color Grading Is Killing Me

If I can improve one thing about my photography and editing skill, it will to creatively color grade my photos to create my own artistic style. But soon I will learn that too. My first attempt at color grading without just throwing on a filter using Alien Skin or other plugins.