True beauty

Hi again guys,

This time im posting a portrait of a russian model, with who i had an amazing bikini photoshoot last week in Miami, Florida. And this is a one of the shots.

I used only available light, model is in the shadow and background is blown out. Me myself i just love the natural look of it. We shot this on the beach. I...

Colour Gels with Katey

Hey everybody.

I've been having great fun with my colour gel based shoots lately and I thought I'd share. Here's a shot of Katey that was lit with three lights, two with different color gels and one a bare beauty dish.

I changed the colors in post, as the original red and green combo looked a little boring when I assessed it. It...

Just One Eye

I typically work hard to make sure that both eyes are visible in my portraits. But...I just really liked this one for some reason. I'd love some CC, does the single eye stare work, or would you have had her brush her hair back?

Crazy kids

This is a group shot of my kids. They were all having such fun being crazy around the house. I managed to get them to pause for a minute to capture this frame. A natural smile always makes a great photo in my eyes. I love capturing moments like this.

First try of an environmental portrait with flash !

Hi everyone ! Here is my very first try of a portrait using a huge part of landscape behind my model, usually I take advantage of the Hi-Sync to blur the whole background at full aperture (f/1.4 - f/1.8) with flash, here I wanted to give my picture a different look, more subtle and with a strong sky, let me know how I successed/failed !...

Devastating Divas

I had the opportunity to capture my mom's excitement as she just became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.

In stadium

A shoot in a stadium, I had never really thought of it .. Thank you for your opinions.
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People of Parker

I began work today on my "People of Parker" project (Parker is a tiny town in Arizona). Couldn't have started with a better person.

"I came back to Parker to help my Dad turn this place into a million dollar business. I gave myself five years to do it. I had a few things come up, like losing my Mom, and the death of my Dad, so it ended...

Shooting outside is my favorite!

I like nothing better than a beautiful subject, beautiful surroundings, and beautiful light!
Oh, and I'm thinking that purple and green might just be my new favorite color combination..

That hair though...

So, I was working with a local musician for fun and I came away with some great shots and one that we both agreed could be his next album cover. Very simple black and white with simple lighting and some tasteful editing. I would love any feedback you would be willing to share!

Simply South

This is a portrait taken during my trip to the south of India . Would love feedback .
Thanks in advance.


Recent Headshot Session I Enjoyed

She came to me as a commercial videographer looking to update her 'about me' image. As with any headshot session, my usual goal is to present him/her as approachable as possible. This was the final frame from our shoot.

Only thing that bothers me is the railing, I would have liked to have it come from the bottom left corner. And her...

Portrait of pre wedding

Good morning everyone! My name is Alejandro and I am from Argentina.

There they have my first picture. I'm happy but not satisfied. I feel like something is missing from my photos in general.
What do you think of this? What things do you find good or bad?
Thank you!

Nikon D750 + Nikon 85mm 1.8
Edited in Lightroom...


I took this shot in a swimmingpool 3-4 months ago. I used a studio light with a 150cm octobox.
I would be happy with any feedbacks.

EXIF: NIKON D610; 18.0-35.0 mm f/3.5-4.5; 27mm/ƒ/4.2/1/125s/ISO 640