Calling All Portrait Photographers!

The goal of this community is to share, engage, and learn from others across the globe doing what we all love, taking...
Last: May 7, 2020

How I kept creating art in this pandemic time

Title: Alive in isolation- A self portrait series The photo series is an outcome of the ongoing PANDEMIC which leads to...

Taking portraits at home due to COVID-19

A couple of images which I made earlier this year just after the lockdown.


Self Portrait was taken during COVID - 19 Isolation. This is a baroque inspired portrait, created to look painterly. I...

Portraits in Quarantine

Like many, my partner Sophie and I are on lockdown at home. To help pass the time, we've been practicing a variety of...
Last: May 20, 2020

From some portrait sessions

These are a few shots over the last year from studio and location portrait work


from my latest photo session
Last: May 19, 2020


Model test with Zara please Join me on
Last: May 19, 2020
Last: May 17, 2020

Feedback for a personal project

A few weeks ago I posted asking for some feedback on a personal project, and since I’ve been really focusing on trying...
Last: May 17, 2020

Free Flow

Free Flow Fashion Photo: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography⁣ Model: @k.dinara777 Agency; @...
Last: May 17, 2020

When Marion meet Rembrandt

Trying for a dramatic and painterly effect with a Rembrandt lighting
Last: May 15, 2020

Mongolian Girl Portrait

mongolian girl portrait with traditional modern dress
Last: May 15, 2020

A Moment in History

I wanted to capture this moment in history which encapsulates so many feelings and emotions. Taken in natural light...
Last: May 13, 2020

Self portrait

Self portrait using single light.

Black in White

Self portrait made at home during the lockdown for my birthday. The handcrafted mask was done with flour.


I am a hobby photographer who shoots just 4 fun ☆ I don't take money ☆ I shoot TFP only Homeshooting (Germany) after...
Last: May 12, 2020


Wandering downtown for a few hours. Sony A7R IV 135mm 1.8 GM

The (masked) girl with a pearl earring

Hi everyone ! I started a brand new series around the iconic portraits, but during lockdown times ! The challenge is...
Last: May 11, 2020