Just One Eye

I typically work hard to make sure that both eyes are visible in my portraits. But...I just really liked this one for some reason. I'd love some CC, does the single eye stare work, or would you have had her brush her hair back?

Magic Hour Session

I realized that I always steered clients toward portrait sessions in the late afternoon or as close to sunset as they would allow. This led to a new portrait offering: magic hour sessions. Clients who agree to sessions close to sunset are rewarded with the most gorgeous light.

Have you tried offering this type of session to your clients...

Cheongsam Portrait Session - Natural Lightings

Lucky to participate in a Cheongsam Portrait shot session lately. Look like everything align perfectly. The model is cool and gorgeous. The make up artist did a fantastic job. The lighting in this national park is beautiful.

Shots taken in Olympus Em2 mk ii with Olympus 40-150mm f2.8

Critiques pls !

Shot with canon 700D , canon 18-55 mm ef II lens. captured at the time between 5.30 pm to 6.15 pm. simpex 522 speed lite was used. Lightroom was used to edit.

1st time using OCF

This is a my 1st time using OCF after watching TONS of video on line.
Im using the godox ad200 with a shoot thru umbrella. I had a 32" soft box, but didn't set up for that.

Im looking for any advice from one who is willing to share.

Get Ready

made the mistake of asking her to be creepy :)
shot with 3 lights -
one on the background, one strip light horizontal above her fave, one strip behind her on camera right.

First real studio attempt

Hello, folks. I finally got most items needed for a ghetto home studio and this is the result from the photoshoot. Please let me know what you think! I am looking forward to any constructive criticism as well. My wife was a very patient model and I think it came out great.

Canon EOS 6D, EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM
ƒ/3.5, 200mm, 1/...

The Architect

Amoda(My client name) is an architect in profession. We are good friends since we met at the Photography school in Colombo. She had hired a Professional photographer and done a shoot for her portfolio but did not happy about the output. She wanted me to get few pictures and following are my shots. finally she was happy and had used few photos...

Solemn Music

In order to practice on some of my portraiture work a friend let me take some of his pictures for Tinder.

The good news? Within a week of this he had a girlfriend!

The sad news? I got sick and didn't get the pictures to him until after said girlfriend :'(

Young Love

I did a shoot this weekend and the young man really wanted a few shots with his girlfriend. At the end of the afternoon, with the sun setting through the trees, besides a crumbling industrial complex, I got one last shot that I think really captured what the young man requested.

The Blue poppy

Parbati Chhetri is a Bhutan national medical students who is currently doing her medical degree in University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. She has a hobby of doing modeling when she is not too much busy. I got a chance to capture few photos of her at the Mount Lavinia beach

Renaissance Festival Portraits

I love photographing at the Renaissance Festivals as there are some awesome characters and events. It is challenging at the same time as you have limited time with a subject or events can happen quickly and you need to be ready at all times. Background control is always a challenge as there are a lot of people dressed in regular clothes that...


This is a portrait of my friend Frances in a coffee shop during a recent trip I made to Abuja.
She says the weirdest things and has a healthy sense of humour.

I remember rather distinctly a cab trip involving quizzed glances from the driver in the rear view mirror, fighting his disbelief, desperately asking his eyes to corroborate...

My Veteran Project

As a Vietnam vet myself and a member of two military aviator groups, I decided that these guys need better photos. Most have not had a real portrait done since graduation from flight school - if eve then. Here is one of about thirty I have done so far. Some are putting on their uniforms, most I huts ask them to arrive with dark shirts. If they...

Looking for feedback

This is my 1st take a sports photography, I know some things can be a little better, but you live and learn!
Anyone have some tips or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.
Also, I am going for the faded grunge look with these photos. Trying to offer something more than your typical 'take a knee' shoot.

Bonneville Salt Flats At Dusk

The Bonneville Salt Flats is truly an awesome place. With the wildfires out west, the smoky skies produce some unexpected colors during sunset and just after sunset when this photo was taken. Everything takes on a sort of pastel hue.

This photo was taken just after the sun dipped using a single speed light through a 43 inch umbrella...