A7iii + Jupiter 9 85mm f2.0

Here I used a vintage Jupiter 9 85mm.f1.5 with my A7iii on a tilt adapter at 2 degrees down tilt. Notice how the...

Model: Jet

Model: Jet Munneke Photographer: Bram van Dal <a href="http://www.bvdbvphotography.com" rel="noreferrer nofollow"...

Young Rodeo girl

This young girl was waiting for her farther to finish his event (calf roping) at the local Rodeo. Small girl on a very...

Job in fashion magazine

Hello! Does anyone know how to get a job in a fashion magazine? Thank you!


I'm obsessed with these photos I took at the workshop with @lindsayadler_photo In Oslo! Using a ✨star filter✨ you can...

Mackynlie coming out of the shadows

Mackynlie is a former Miss Texas contestant and runs a pageant consulting business. We've been following each others...

Colorful Sky

Sky is a talented make up artist that I recently met in Jersey, Channel Islands as I was buying clothes in a department...

Emmi Peltola - Dancer / Circus Artist

I've been photographing different kinds of dancers and artists for a project of mine for 1,5 years now. This one is...


My brother was hired to make a Madmartigan costume (from the movie "Willow") and we got some shots of it before it was...

Natalie enjoying the Zen

Natalie is a newly signed model and needed some fitness images for her portfolio. I had her jumping up and down on set...

The Atmospherist

See image description for the idea and execution of the shoot. Feedback is welcome!


This image was created at LUFASI park somewhere in West Africa, inspired by the beautiful trees at the location and...

Senior shoot

Outdoor senior shoot using OCF.

Too glam to give a damn

From the workshop with @lindsayadler_photo In Oslo! Love this old hollywood look and the model was amazing.

Two looks from Nasha...

Two different looks. Any constructive comments are welcome. Thank you.


I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.

Caitlin's green bikini

I haven't photographed Caitlin since before Covid. She reached out for a pool shoot. We picked up right where we left...

Zoe in a black maxi

Zoe came over for a test shoot earlier this year. We shot 3-looks that afternoon. She loved this shot. It ended up on...

Test Shoot

Trying the create test shoot/look book lighting that still has personality and punch.

Shannon's simple portrait

Shannon needed a simple no makeup 3/4 shot in her portfolio to submit to a modeling agency. This is what we came up...