This was a fun one. What started as just a headshot session resulted in much more.

Two "looks" from Chantel.

Had the pleasure of working with Chantel. First shoot but not the last.


back porch capture in black/white


Jay came to my studio and wanted a portrait and she said she wanted something heavenly like a celestial being. i was...

Dramatic Scenes with Olha

Olha is a model with a ''hidden depression'', usualy models do not want to show their ''inner worlds'' or ''feelings''...

The Lost Autumn

I am constantly looking through Instagram and finding new people to work with. Sure, a lot of women aren't interested...

Documentary/Street Portraits

Some street/documentary portraits.... thanks for looking.

Old portriats

Here are some old portraits. Let me know your thoughts

Shadow Fashion with Big Hat

Playing around in the studio with a single light 48" Octabox camera right and above


Modern/Standard Ballroom Dances They include: Viennese waltz, English waltz, foxtrot, quickstep and tango - School:...


First time posting here! From a test shoot with Matvey in Miami Beach. Shot on Fujifilm X-T4 with Fujfilm 16-55mm F2.8...

Alex soft and pretty

Most of Alex's portfolio is strong poses in bikinis. She reached out to me and asked if we should shoot something "soft...


I always like portraits of natural moments in between the posed shots. I think it was Jamie Windsor who coined the...

Harley in a tulle ball gown

We shot this tulle gown in my studio and got some great fashion images. I thought it'd be fun to get some rooftop...

andrea, encinitas, ca

New to the group and trying to improve my portrait work; any feedback is appreciated!

Mood & Emotions

Various Portrait Works

Continuous Lights in Portraiture

I presently own a speed-light (with model light) with 33" silver deep octa (cum beauty dish) modifier along with set of...

The Straight Talk with Ceren

Here, we wanted to achieve a scene, where she was waiting the right and straight answer from our conversation. Her...

Savannah in her leather tassel skirt

Savannah reached out for a shoot. When I asked what wardrobe she wanted to shoot she said "it's hard to beat nice...


Elle portraits