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Dani Diamond
Waterbury, CT
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My name is Dani Diamond and I'm based in NYC.
Photography is a passion. I do it because I love it; getting paid for
it is simply a bonus. I'm often asked what kind of photography I
dedicate myself to. But I find it difficult to confine myself to a
label such as a fashion photographer, product photographer, etc. My
philosophy is that an artist is always growing and there is no reason
to put a limits on the artist's skills. With that in mind, if someone
presents an idea, even if it is out of my "comfort zone," I consider
it. Regardless, I do have my personal favorites. I love shooting
naturally lit portrait, fashion and commercial work.
Within everyone there is artistic skills that can be tapped into, but
only those who are passionate and ambitious ever tap into that and
become artists.

I wasn't born talented, I was born ambitious.

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Dani can you please please do a tutorial how to go about this https://fstoppers.com/bts/natural-light-tip-will-have-strobists-selling-...
I have tried and my results are so so. Could you show the settings you used to give a clue?

Dude, you're from the Dirty Water? Me too! What part of Waterbury did you grow up in?

Dutch Myers's picture

Hello Dani
Really enjoying your images, your articles. Thanks Dutch

Jan Christian Zimara's picture

Hello Dani,

I really enjoy your pictures and they inspired me to try something new and discover my limits.
Thanks and have a nice Christmas time.

Best wishes from Germany

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Hey Dani, I'm wondering if you can tell/write us an article on how you save photographs for online/fstoppers?

I have bene having problems with getting the images to appear sharp and the color is just off when I post images on Fstoppers :/

Sorry, I know you're not a help desk, but your images just look so beautiful!

Dani Diamond's picture

Jay there are many article on this, check out the first article I wrote for Fstoppers on sharpness.

Jason Lau's picture

Really enjoy looking through your portfolio Dani. Such a strong quality through them all. Hope to catch you in NYC one day!

Dani Diamond's picture

Same here hope we can meet some day, thanks for the kind words.

John JohnJohn's picture

Hello Dani,

I'm following you now, your photos are amazing and love all the information you are sharing.


Dani Diamond's picture

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Anonymous's picture

Awesome images!

Pat Black's picture

Hey Dani, I am going to be in New York this week, if I buy you lunch will you teach me how to be successful and take the best photos of my life?

Dani Diamond's picture

lol Pat just saw this sorry bro haha

Matthew Williams's picture

Hey your originally from Waterbury, Ct?