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Dani Diamond
Waterbury, CT
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My name is Dani Diamond and I'm based in NYC.
Photography is a passion. I do it because I love it; getting paid for
it is simply a bonus. I'm often asked what kind of photography I
dedicate myself to. But I find it difficult to confine myself to a
label such as a fashion photographer, product photographer, etc. My
philosophy is that an artist is always growing and there is no reason
to put a limits on the artist's skills. With that in mind, if someone
presents an idea, even if it is out of my "comfort zone," I consider
it. Regardless, I do have my personal favorites. I love shooting
naturally lit portrait, fashion and commercial work.
Within everyone there is artistic skills that can be tapped into, but
only those who are passionate and ambitious ever tap into that and
become artists.

I wasn't born talented, I was born ambitious.

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I took a go at your challenge do you have any critiques http://tigerphotographyhouston.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Screen-Sho...

Dear Dani,

You are my inspiration in my Life.... u becoming popular in INDIA (TAMILNADU),
I'M spreading ur work and type of technique using in photography and everybody started watching you in Instagram & fb....

After learning few things from you from Youtube video's and Fstoppers articles...
I'm self motivated that I should shine in this carrier like you....

And the most notable things from u is... u never want to hide that what gears u were using..
Posting replies to whomever commenting.....
u very simple and neat on your photographer attitude......

Dani..... now I've started my nartural light portrait photography with the name of (FLATTERING ANGLE)
So far I've done one trail shoot with my canon 5diii & 100mm 2.8L....

U continue rocking DANI.... doing a great JOB......

Hello Dani, your work is awesome! On your natural outdoor shoots, do you normally shoot using spot metering and do you focus manually?

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I use matrix metering and never focus manually. I'm all about auto everything. Concentrate on poses and getting natural expressions. Camera settings are overrated.

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Auto everything? Do you shoot on auto?

Aperture priority

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So good bro.

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Have come across some of your Youtube videos! Being new to the DSLR, I have lots to learn, but find the journey is an enjoyable and interesting one for sure. Thanks for your help within the video's you share!

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Learn from you is wonderful, your natural light is amazing. One of the best out there ;)

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Hi Dani! I just land in your magic World with your tutorials on natural light. You're great and definitely an inspiration.. thanks a lot for sharing! You're the best! :)

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Thank you for the kind words my friend.

Iovely photography

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Thank you

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Dani, just wanted to drop in and say I love your work. You critiqued one of my photos in Critique the Community naturally light just the other week and I just wanted to say I'm so honored you liked the styling and the headpiece I created by hand. I really want to break into the fashion photography world and may have some questions for you down the road, but for now thanks and again love your work!

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I love that portrait of yours, great job. Thanks for stopping by with the kind words.