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Calling All Portrait Photographers!

The goal of this community is to share, engage, and learn from others across the globe doing what we all love, taking portraits!

With that said, please feel free to introduce yourself here, where you're from and share a favorite portrait of yours!

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I'll get the ball rolling!

I'm Nick and I'm from Tampa, FL.

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My name is Benedict Eric, I am from Accra, Ghana.

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Your coloring is fantastic brah. Love it.

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Thank you MJ

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Isn't it great to share how you did the retouching and toning here? I really love this tone and still researching on toning. its a great help by sharing what we know with each other. so why don't we start a new thread and share?

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sure mate... I can do that, maybe share my retouching process

Asoka Edussooriya's picture

Excellent mate! So shall we share it here with a new post then?

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You're certainly welcome to!

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Hi, i'm Alberto from Bloomingdale, NJ

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Hey all! I'm Rex, from Saint George, Utah.

Phil Davis's picture

Nice depth of field

I'm Tjeerd Doosje from Lelystad, the Netherlands, taking portraits since 2012.

This is great work. Stunning.

Thanks, GG G!

Still like this image a lot Tjeerd, it's almost timeless.

Hey Doug, also here on FStoppers? I agree with you: to me it's also one of the most compelling images I've shot. I think timeless describes it well!

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Hi! I'm MJ and I'm from Salt Lake City ,UT.

Hi! I'm Alexis and I'm an amateur photographer from Thessaloniki, Greece

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yessss! love this

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Hi, I'm DJ and I'm from Detroit, MI.

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I'm Justin and I'm from Santa Clarita, CA

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Hey I'm Carlos from Barcelona, ES

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I'm Gregorio from Orlando, FL.

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I'm John and I'm from the Boston, MA area.

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I'm Daniel from Salt Lake City, Utah.

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One of the best. Not a classic Portrait but I loooooooove it. Fantastic composition.

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My name is John Paul, originally from Newark NJ but currently in Philadelphia

Edward Crim's picture

Edward Crim with Sister Afrika by the Father of Waters.

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Very nice...

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Hello...I am Asoka From Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Hi there, I'm Linh Nikon from Vietnam.

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I'm Farbod and I'm from Iran.

S N O W F L A K E W A L K by Farbod Green


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Love this shot, by the way.

Farbod: Super image, great lighting and pose. Well done. Doug

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Good composition and nice use of falling snow!

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Hi, my name is Elan and I currently living in in Malaysia and photographing South East Asia.

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I'm Henry and i'm from Nigeria

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Lukas from Lithuania here :) North Europe

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Wow, blown away from the response, all! It's amazing to see photographers from all ends of the earth on here.

Feel free to make a discussion post anytime! Ask questions, ask for critique, or simply share your photos and the story behind them!


John Paul's picture

FACTS - it would be great to link and learn from many of you

Carlos Santero's picture

Pefect lightening! A masterpiece!

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Agree, a great shot..good lighting, engagement and processing. Nice one Lukas.

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Hi everyone! I'm Ben from Avon, CT

Lukas Juzenas's picture

this is explanatory work!

Ben Scott's picture

thank you!

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Brand spanking new to portrait work, actually trying to hone it before I go more 'mainstream' with it. I'm more a street photographer but am looking to expand my skills with portraits. Fantastic works here I see... Greetings, I'm Vince

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I'm Rich from Calgary, Alberta. Here's one of my shots from earlier this year. Not sure if this is considered portraiture or more artistic photography. Thoughts?

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I often don't know on these definitional bits too. I leave that to the pros and critics, I suppose. Bottom line is that I like the image, and it would be an interesting one to discuss on its own thread, if you're up for it.

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Hey all! I’m Michael from Houston, Tx. There’s some talented folks on this thread.

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