Moment Anamorphic Lens

Hey All,

I am new to the group! I am a photographer and filmmaker from San Francisco, California. Thanks for having me!! :)

I recently did a review on the Moment Anamorphic Lens, and would love to hear all your professional input.

World First 8K Infrared Time-Lapse Movie

Over the past 4 months I spent my free time recording this infrared time-lapse video around the Lake of Constance in southern Germany (roughly 300 hours). For the recording I used a modified Canon EOS 750D and edited everything in Lightroom and After Effects

Kira | Video Portrait | Need Suggestions

Hi all,

I'm new here and this is my first post. I've been clicking pictures for a long time but I recently developed interest in shooting videos. Did an unplanned shoot with a friend while we were touring around the streets of Bangkok. Need some honest opinions and reviews on the this video. Would like to know what's and what's bad and...

Street Workout video | Need feedback


I tried to video my morning workout in a cinematic way. Although I wanted to have a storyline but could not achieve it. Would love to get your feedback on the flow of the video, the footage and the editing. And what can I do better for similar video

Camera: Canon 80D
Lenses: Sigma 30mm 1.4, Tokina 11-16 2.8


"The Letter" - short film

Recently I've published a short film of mine which was mostly for practicing some new tools and techniques.

You can also check the VFX breakdown from the film here:

Optimal exposure values for video panning inteior?

Hi guys,

Some advice please if I may - I'm shooting some video this week.

Interiors - slow panning - video - natural light - my question is:

What exposure and video settings will get best sharp results with my DSLR (Canon 5D iv with Atomos Ninja Blade ProRes 422).

I've done some tests and come up with this:


Playing with the RX0 and fire

Had the chance to try out the RX0 against some... or with some fire dancers.
Have not yet cracked the colour grading - but I got to say, I am impressed with how the slow-motion renders flame. (Slow motion filmed at 1000-1200 iso, 240 fps, played back at 25 fps) Regular shots are filmed at 300-400 iso, 25 fps. All at F4.



A short film inspired by racing video games. Addressing the awareness of car seat belt, illegal street racing & driving whilst using a mobile phone


Hey everyone my name is Munesh and I'm a NYC based filmmaker and actor, I hope to work with many of you in the near future :)

- Munesh

Looking for a New Laptop for Video Editing

Hi! I'm a photographer-filmmaker and I'm looking for a new laptop to editing, I have a list of a couple of laptops but I don't know which one of all these is a really good choice, so if you can help me it would be great (sorry for bad english)

Aspire E5-575G-55KK 15.6inch

Intel i5 7200U 2.50GHz

First Short Film shot on Iphone 7 plus

Hey Guys, just figured I'd Share my first short film with everyone that I am entering into a contest. The requirement was to shoot it everything only on my phone. Let me know what you guys think!

Seeking some criticism

This is my first venture into video. I'm really trying to use Youtube to expose more to my photography, but I feel like theres probably a lot I could do better, any help in this endeavor would be awesome. Please let me know what I could do better.