Advice for "Event Photography"

My friend works for New Belgium. They recently were having a release party for one of their beers. He asked me to come and do some photos for the event. These 2 photos are 2 of the better ones in my opinion. I have some more that are similar as well. Does anyone have any advice for shooting events like this? And are these photos good enough to...

Playing with flare - looking to improve

Ever since discovering the unique flare this vintage lens gives me, I've been working to improve my ability to incorporate it in night photos. What do you all like about this and how do you think I could improve? The question applies to both the photograph as a whole and specifically the use of this flare.

I'm using a Canon 5D classic...

Critique my (photography) website

Hello community,

I´m not sure this is the right group -- I haven´t found one concerning photography websites. But maybe still some users want to take their time to look at my website "" and share their thoughts with me. This is the first website I´ve done. If you do decide to review it please be honest -- if you think it´s "...

Audi R8 V10

If you can provide me with any critique, please do. The lighting on this was made with an LED light. The only things that are edited are the headlights.
Disclaimer: This is just a toy car.

Hello - Critique Please

Hello Everyone,

New to Fstoppers and excited to join the community. I'm a photography hobbyist that has become a bit more serious over the past year and love learning from others and my various successes and failures in the field.

While I mostly shoot urban and street photography, I'm interested in pretty much anything that can...

Night portraits

I've been working on sharpening my skill set with available light night portraits. To make things more interesting, I used a Canon 5D which has a realistic maximum sensitivity of ISO 1600 and no live view shooting, and any of three old vintage manual focus lenses for the feel and effect. I'm still cringing at the background alignment of the b...

Looking for feedback!

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to photography, but over the past year + I've been trying really hard everyday to get better.
I think I'm at the point now where I'm really starting to like what I'm producing, but I'm too attached to what I'm shooting to give myself objective criticism. I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me (...

Critique and Opinion

I'm pretty new to Fstoppers and don't get many votes on my images. I would love some critique on my photographs .

Compositional Feedback

Working on framing the pictures better so would love to hear your feedback on the composition of these images. What could have been done better? What you think works and what is missing?

Thanks much!

Yeah! It raining.

I am looking for ways to improve on and explore different ways of using water in a shoot.
I built a gadget that brings rain into my studio. It’s a fun but messy medium to incorporate into an image. Collecting and removing the water is a big issue. I made a big tarp’ catch basin with a sink drain over the well my sump pump sits in, the...