Black and White Boudoir Shoot - Critique sought...

Having just had a model shoot in the weekend, and are working on the culling and post processing of the photos taken. And are looking for critique of the work both in camera and post processing.

A bit about the setting, photos were made on location a nice apartment kept in light colors and with a large glass balcony door with white...

2 Stars?

Hey all, I recently posted this image to my profile and the first vote on it was 2 stars. I thought it was at least a solid image. I'd really appreciate some feedback and see where I could have improved this shot.

Thank you

Feedback wanted

Hey fellas! I'm relatively new to photography and I just started talking it serious the last 6-7 months. Please check out some of my last eat photos and let me know what you think!

Another 2 stars!

Hey Fstoppers,

So I've been doing photography for around 8 months, and seem to be getting really mixed reviews. One image I posted recently achieved 2 star status, but I didn't think it was that bad. Other stuff has been 4 stars, and some unrated.

I would so appreciate some kind of feedback (images below) on what I'm doing right,...

First Hike

Here is a recent shot I took of my son on his first hike. I would love feedback on this photo from a child portrait standpoint.

Finally making a portfolio, feedback?

Hi! So, I've never asked for critiques before, figured this place was great to try, as some of the images here are outstanding. I can subjectively compare my work to others, but I've literally never gotten any feedback from other photographers. Just looking to see if I'm doing this right! I don't take it all so seriously, but I do enjoy it....

What do you think?

Hello All!

I have recently become passionate about photography again after going through four months of injury.

Below are some photos from Martha's Vineyard that I would love to be critiqued, complimented, or reviewed. I appreciate any feedback. I would also greatly appreciate which photo or photos would look good printed and...


After a good while without a camera I have just bought myself a new one , but would like to have my older pics criticized before i get back on photography .

Anxiety- Hyper Vigilance

Hi everyone, I am new to this group so I wanted to share a recent image I worked on. I am a college student currently working on building an editorial/commercial portfolio. This is one of my ideas of bringing more attention to various psychological and psychical problems such as PTSD, anxiety, and suicide. This is my first shoot for the series...

Looking for general CC

I there! Started photography about a year ago and I feel stuck. Mostly, I need some critique, harsh. I'm not looking for a pad in the back :) Want identify if there is a pattern in my photos and keep doing what I'm doing right, but change what I'm messing up.

Welcome all constructive critiques

Hi everyone, I have only been making photographs for the past 9 months and have come to really appreciate street photography as a genre.

Any constructive critique would be greatly welcomed


Critique my 2 styles

So I do 2 different types of photography since Im still learning and enjoy these 2 things the most. 1 is portraits which will have 2 photos from a cake smash/birthday photoshoot and the other is car photography which will have 2 photos from recent car meets. Please give me some CC

CC is welcome

Am a beginner with DLSR and landscape photography, but I rather like this picture of Gruyère on a misty wintry day.
Let me know what you think.

For the technical part: Nikon D750 f/8 1/160 105mm iso160 and with just the minimum processing in LR as it was shot in raw, and as I prefer to keep my pictures as close as possible to SOOC...