Real feedback appreciated

Hello Everyone,

I'm requesting feedback on a few images. Sometimes it's hard to know if your friends and family are being honest or just being nice. Lol

Any feedback appreciated.

Thank you,

Whose shot is better?

Patrick and I are working on a competition that will be released next week. We need you guys to vote on our images to determine the winner. Click on both of our portfolios to actually rate the images and feel free to give us your thoughts in the comments.

Pats portfolio is here:

Let Me Know

Looking to improve my work. Let me know what you think of this image.


Comments and Criticism

Hi all,

New to the group and first time poster. I finally have some images I'm not ashamed to post but I know I can still do better. Any comments & criticism would be appreciated on the following images.

First Attempt at Portraits

These are my first attempts at portraits. After watching the YouTube videos of people critiquing images I knew this was the only way to step up my game.

Note: I have just recently got into photography so these are my only attempts at portraits. I came from shooting more river and creek landscapes while fishing in Boone NC.

The Rolling Stones

I'm completely new on fstoppers and looking for some feedback on my photos of the Rolling Stones. I shot these during the concerts in Düsseldorf and Arnhem at the No Filter Tour using only a pocket camera.


Long time listener first time caller.

Hi group.

It's is great to see a thriving active group like this, as so many critique groups fail. It's the first time I post here and in-fact on fstoppers. Although I do pass out likes and occasional comments. So a big hello to everyone.

I've attached a picture, which if you could be so kind, I would really appreciate any...

Black and White Boudoir Shoot - Critique sought...

Having just had a model shoot in the weekend, and are working on the culling and post processing of the photos taken. And are looking for critique of the work both in camera and post processing.

A bit about the setting, photos were made on location a nice apartment kept in light colors and with a large glass balcony door with white...

Another 2 stars!

Hey Fstoppers,

So I've been doing photography for around 8 months, and seem to be getting really mixed reviews. One image I posted recently achieved 2 star status, but I didn't think it was that bad. Other stuff has been 4 stars, and some unrated.

I would so appreciate some kind of feedback (images below) on what I'm doing right,...

2 Stars?

Hey all, I recently posted this image to my profile and the first vote on it was 2 stars. I thought it was at least a solid image. I'd really appreciate some feedback and see where I could have improved this shot.

Thank you

Feedback wanted

Hey fellas! I'm relatively new to photography and I just started talking it serious the last 6-7 months. Please check out some of my last eat photos and let me know what you think!

First Hike

Here is a recent shot I took of my son on his first hike. I would love feedback on this photo from a child portrait standpoint.

Finally making a portfolio, feedback?

Hi! So, I've never asked for critiques before, figured this place was great to try, as some of the images here are outstanding. I can subjectively compare my work to others, but I've literally never gotten any feedback from other photographers. Just looking to see if I'm doing this right! I don't take it all so seriously, but I do enjoy it....

What do you think?

Hello All!

I have recently become passionate about photography again after going through four months of injury.

Below are some photos from Martha's Vineyard that I would love to be critiqued, complimented, or reviewed. I appreciate any feedback. I would also greatly appreciate which photo or photos would look good printed and...