I took some photos of a lady...

... with my camera, please tear them to pieces (constructively).
Last: September 6, 2020

Like to hear your comments

Please give me your comments and like to hear what can be better in your opinion
Last: August 30, 2020

My Neice

I feel that my best work is of my niece Blessed (yes that is her legal). She turns 3 in December. I think I use her to...
Last: August 29, 2020

Toronto Downtown

Long exposure shot of Toronto Downtown. Would love to get some critiques, what to change, how to make more impact! Best...
Last: August 29, 2020

Prone to wander..

I’m just a rookie looking for some helpful tips/advice. Anyone have any ideas about how you would have improved this...
Last: August 29, 2020

Would love a critique.

I've been shooting for nearly 3 years and would love to keep on growing, would love some constructive criticism.
Last: August 29, 2020


After a good while without a camera I have just bought myself a new one , but would like to have my older pics...
Last: August 29, 2020

Dark Art Needs Feedback

If anyone out there understands and/or appreciates dark conceptual art, I would love your feedback on these images...
Last: August 6, 2020

Cosplay Portraiture

This was my most successful image from what I would consider my first real photography shoot. Shot on a Canon Rebel T6i...
Last: May 2, 2020

Another 2 stars!

Hey Fstoppers, So I've been doing photography for around 8 months, and seem to be getting really mixed reviews. One...
Last: April 25, 2020


Toronto downtown after a storm.I have tried bringing up some details in foreground but darkness makes this photo...
Last: February 8, 2020

Environmental Portrait - Looking for Critique

Critique please! Shot at high noon on a local mountain top so the light was a bit harsh. Might go back and try again...
Last: January 15, 2020


Critical comments invited. A pitstop during a tiring hike at a coffee estate. It has a lot to offer besides much needed...
Last: November 14, 2019


I was able to capture the milky way during my time at Joshua Tree. I would love a critique on this and feedback on how...
Last: November 10, 2019

Holding Tight

Cable suspension Detail, Abstract. Canada Place, Vancouver BC.


Proportionately extremely narrow lane. For the Lense I had (18-200), chose to express one of the walls sides for its...

Before and after retouch critique

Hello, I posted this along with some other photos from the same shoot recently and have been receiving mixed feedback...
Last: September 12, 2019

Playing with flare - looking to improve

Ever since discovering the unique flare this vintage lens gives me, I've been working to improve my ability to...
Last: September 10, 2019

2nd Family Photoshoot

Hi all, wondering if there's much wrong with this photo. It took about 25 minutes to finish in Photoshop with 16...
Last: September 9, 2019

35mm focal length: Equi distant subjects in composition

Hello, I was trying to practice composing a picture that used lines as a compositional element. Finding this scene I...