Looking for Feedback

I'm new to the community and have just started photography as a hobby. With that said there is so much for me to learn...
Last: February 25, 2019

Looking for feedbacks

Looking for constructive feedback. Let me know what you folks think could have been improved or changed to make this...
Last: February 17, 2019

Water Lilly

Inviting Critical comments
Last: February 15, 2019

Advice for "Event Photography"

My friend works for New Belgium. They recently were having a release party for one of their beers. He asked me to come...

A beauty portrait for your feedback & CC

I would like to read your comments and impression about this photos in term of lighting, composition and editing. Thanks

Ready for real feedback

I would really love some criticism on these shots!
Last: December 29, 2018

Audi R8 V10

If you can provide me with any critique, please do. The lighting on this was made with an LED light. The only things...

Hello - Critique Please

Hello Everyone, New to Fstoppers and excited to join the community. I'm a photography hobbyist that has become a bit...
Last: December 20, 2018

Night portraits

I've been working on sharpening my skill set with available light night portraits. To make things more interesting, I...
Last: December 19, 2018

Looking for feedback!

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to photography, but over the past year + I've been trying really hard everyday to get...
Last: December 19, 2018

Critique and Opinion

Hi, I'm pretty new to Fstoppers and don't get many votes on my images. I would love some critique on my photographs ...
Last: December 19, 2018

Compositional Feedback

Working on framing the pictures better so would love to hear your feedback on the composition of these images. What...
Last: December 19, 2018

Toy car photography (mostly edited)

This is my first image of a toy car. camera: Nikon Coolpix A100 editing done with: Krita 4.1.0

C&C Requested

Hi all, I'm constantly trying to grow my skills so I like periodic feedback on my shots.
Last: December 19, 2018

What do you say?

The picture is made with a normal customer. Not a trained model.

Trying my hand at something a little different

I am trying something new, and would appreciate any critique that you have. Thank you ahead of time.
Last: November 18, 2018

Yeah! It raining.

I am looking for ways to improve on and explore different ways of using water in a shoot. I built a gadget that brings...

A shot from this past Saturday

This is a little different from what I usually shoot but I liked the outcome. Any feedback is appreciated.
Last: November 15, 2018

trying a different kind of photography

I'm mostly interested in street and landscape photography this was my first time working with a model and lighting. we...
Last: November 15, 2018

Critique please

Hi everyone, I am fairly new to studio photography and don't get to shoot as often as I'd love to. This image was the...
Last: November 15, 2018