Natural Light Photo of my Family @ disneyland

This is six photos stacked and aligned to get one photo with no extras. I think it turned out ok. I wish I would have...
Last: November 29, 2015

Natural Light Retouching

After watching Dani Diamond's tutorials over and over again on natural light photography and retouching, I have really...
Last: November 17, 2015

looking for CC on this photo

This is natural light, i always loved black and whites.i would love to know what i can do to improve my work.

looking for some CC and feedback on these images please

just looking for some general feedback on a few of these shots. looking to push myself and improve, any CC welcome
Last: November 1, 2015

Your opinion about this photo and retouch

Hi everyone, I would like to know what do you think about this photo especially about retouch? I took this picture a...
Last: November 1, 2015

Critique my Ice Cream Sundae

I would like a critique on my ice cream sundae that I shot this past Friday. I was given the assignment on Thursday...
Last: October 30, 2015

Halloween self portrait

Hi Guys, pretty new to PS and and been having a play atr doing a "scary" portrait for Halloween. Took a shot with 1...

Thoughts for improvement

Hi all, Would love to get some feedback on improving this shot. Thank you in advance!
Last: October 27, 2015

More retouching, or do you like it?

Hi, this is my first post on FStoppers and I recently started reading about some retouching techniques. I am very...
Last: October 26, 2015

Composite portrait.... first timer!

Looking for some feedback on this. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, but fresh eyes always kick up points to improve on...
Last: October 26, 2015

Composition & Cropping Suggestions

I was invited to shoot a charity golf tournament for work and this was the only photo from the day I liked but know it...
Last: October 2, 2015

Light Painting Orb

This picture was taken using the steel wool method to create the light painting orb. Editing use light room only. The...


Hello! I'm just looking for some feed back on this series. Thank you!
Last: September 8, 2015

Dance Photo: Odd pose?

Hi! The image I'm asking for critique on here is one that was taken in the middle of a river for a dancer. She really...
Last: September 8, 2015

Looking for tips to improve an image like this

So please tell me how I can improve a shot like this one... I know it has a little halo around the horizon and am in...
Last: September 4, 2015

It still lacking in something

Hi everyone, I new to FS and hope that everyone can chip in to give advice how to keep on improving. I edited the photo...
Last: September 2, 2015

Any advice?

Just looking for any general advice for production and post-production. I've improved a bit over the past year but have...
Last: September 1, 2015

First walk: Some feedback how to process this iamge

Hi there, I'm a amateur photographer from Belgium. On our holiday in the morning I shot some photos of a couple and...
Last: September 1, 2015

The Time Traveler

Should I make the ship and the sea a little bit darker ? I'm struggling on this matter
Last: August 30, 2015

Looking for Critiques

It's a leaning fashion photo with heavy bokeh. The fashion photo is not meant to look heavily stylized, its suppose to...
Last: August 28, 2015