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Before and after retouch critique


I posted this along with some other photos from the same shoot recently and have been receiving mixed feedback. Some from this series have gotten me my first 4* ratings and someone else went through and blasted them all with a 1* rating. I've also gotten some critique on the retouch. I'm legitimately interested in perfecting my craft and getting helpful feedback, but most of these ratings come with no recommendations on how to improve, so I'd love to post the before and after here to get some more detailed opinions. Thanks for your time!

(I'm not interested in anyone trying to justify past ratings or make me feel better/worse, but I do want your feedback about the retouch and ways to improve with less/more work in certain areas.)

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Try dodge and burn. It's a short answer because IMHO, it's best method. Granted, it can be a pain.

Below is a recent tutorial from Irene Rudnyk. Her model pretty much has the same color tones as your model.


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Thanks! I'll definitely watch this.

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I was also going to recommend to watch a tutorial on dodge and burn is the best way to retouch skin, it will create beautiful flawless skin that still looks like real skin and that won't look over processed. I am an advocate for dodge and burn as the best way to retouch skin. I do not recommend frequency separation at all because it creates a very fake looking skin where everything looks blurred underneath and then rough texture on top and weird edges . If you want to use this FS version my suggestion is knocked down the opacity of the layer to 50% so it won't be so noticeable.