Decided to create this image after watching news about migration - this is my artistic point off view of this.

First Day of School

I normally shoot nudes. (I also make composites that include nudes. I didn't post one of those because I don't know if nudes are acceptable on the group.)

However, I was asked to participate in an exhibit with the theme of School Days. One of my models had posted an image of her 5-year-old boy with a very large green backpack when he...


I am looking to learn day by day, I am currently as a homeschooler mom, but I continue (at slow but continuous pace) working with new ways to take photos, even with my children, we work to create not only photography, but also art, with painting for Create "extraterrestrial characters", manipulating the photo with the program ligthroom, the...

The Illusionist

Ok guys, this is my latest work. Some people say "it reminds of new Photoshop image". Dear this is an "old technique" made with "distortion filter", which you can use to create for example a Planet (check my youtube to see my videtutorial click here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XKqWa2Z1Io&t=16s

), so this is not a "...

Re-editing older works

After learning new techniques, becoming better at using photoshop I decided to re-edit two composites I did a couple of years ago. The composite with dancer/model Demi posing in a red dress in the middle of a street in Berlin has been my signature work for a while now. The second composite with malemodel Henny is a work I really like a lot...

Kid chilling up on the goal...again.

My kids and I are playing around with a series where they're smugly hanging out in sketchy situations. I hope to get a little better at photography and compositing through the process. Let me know how I can make it better!

For sake of full transparency, I was inspired to try this by this guy's series:


A composite from two of my shots, my goal was to achieve a "Golden Hollywood Glam" style. Love to emulate old lighting setups. Hope you guys like it.

Holiday Card Composite

Thought I would share my most recent project. This was created for my girlfriends sisters holiday card. This is an annual tradition and one of the more satisfying and fun projects I have all year. I do not post all of my work on Fstoppers as most of what I do is Art Directing, but this seems this image fit fairly well for this group discussion...

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Hi everyone! I'm new to the group.
I've been really getting into compositing lately.

I've also been obsessing over the new game "Ghost Recon Wildlands" (If you haven't played it, try it! haha).

Here's the first two composites in a series I'm doing based around this game.
The model is me, and I use a small in-home...

Magnifying glass on my website

I like the way guys from FixThePhoto created a magnifying glass ( like here - http://fixthephoto.com/examples/high-end ) in their gallery for the best view of before and after retouching samples. Can somebody help me to make this function on my website which is connected with my own photomanipulations? I will be very grateful!

Pholaris "Guiding your visual journey"

New composition! Mixed CGI with PHotography :)

This was created for the International congress of video and photography PHOLARIS in Guanajuato, Leon, México, where i was invited to give a conference about my experience trough my career as a photographer and compositor :).

If you are interested to see how i created the composition...

New Here

Greetings... I just joined the group. I love working with photos and photo manipulation. Here is one I just finished a couple of days ago.

Feedback welcomed

Hi everyone. Here's a recent comp. i've done and I'm pretty satisfied with lighting and the color grading here. The background (mountains & sun and some of the road were composited.) I used a strobe to light up the shadow side of the biker. Let me know what you all think and if there's something I can do better for next time.