Breath of Death

I Used 3 stock image, quick selection tool, xplosion and debris brush , fix all colours and detail in camera raw

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3 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in a Basic Photography Course

To break down photography in simple terms, it is an art of capturing live moments in film or digital memory that has been taken up as a profession by many over the years. It still persists to be one of the most preferred fields by so many people. However, photography as a profession is much different as opposed to as a beloved hobby, for...

Colorizing of old Photographs

Hi, my name is Mario Unger and i´m from Austria. in the last year i spezialized in coloring old photographs. if someone is interessted, you can find many examples here, from my beginning to my last works. if this isnt the right place to post it, please remove the post.
the attached picture is called "Chain-Gang" and it is from 1903...

Why I turned an alternative model into a Gothic Woman in Black

I've been a big horror fan for years. I blame my mum. She showed me messed up stuff when I was a kid. :-) So, I fancied doing a horror themed shoot.

I have an amazing arrangement with a theatrical costume hire company who allow me to use their costumes, in exchange for the right to use my images on their websites etc. So, I headed there...

The creation of...

This year I made it a point to set some time away from commissioned shoots to bring some personal projects to life. What better occasion than the life changing event of expecting your first child!! I always found maternity shoots very cheesy but wanted to announce the news to family and friends with something unique. I'm a huge fan of...


Canon 5D Mark IV, 85mm F/1.2, F/2.8, 1/320s, iso 100, Hss Strobe with Octabox

Tai Sui - Neon Rebels

The band Tai Sui asked me to shoot a few really cool concepts for them. This was the first I completed. Certainly the biggest to date, with hundreds of layers.

Each element was shot individually in the carpark of a rehersal studio called Neon Studios. The owner has a bunch of amazing vintage cars, including this beefed up hearse which...


This was a personal project of mine. I've attached the before and after. The car and weapons are all real. I composited the clouds and helicopter.

Full shoot

I try to think of a full set of images not just a composite image for my cosplayers cause I wanna feel like their real not just see a live action shot :P

Overwatch Reaper

I used to be a gamer many, many years ago but I haven't played a game in over a decade now so this whole world of Overwatch is totally new to me.

I must say, I had a ball creating this image.