Magnifying glass on my website

I like the way guys from FixThePhoto created a magnifying glass ( like here - ) in their gallery for the best view of before and after retouching samples. Can somebody help me to make this function on my website...

Pholaris "Guiding your visual journey"

New composition! Mixed CGI with PHotography :)

This was created for the International congress of video and photography PHOLARIS in Guanajuato, Leon, México, where i was invited to give a conference about my experience trough my career as a...

New Here

Greetings... I just joined the group. I love working with photos and photo manipulation. Here is one I just finished a couple of days ago.

Re-editing older works

After learning new techniques, becoming better at using photoshop I decided to re-edit two composites I did a couple of years ago. The composite with dancer/model Demi posing in a red dress in the middle of a street in Berlin has been my signature work for...

Feedback welcomed

Hi everyone. Here's a recent comp. i've done and I'm pretty satisfied with lighting and the color grading here. The background (mountains & sun and some of the road were composited.) I used a strobe to light up the shadow side of the biker. Let me know...

Pirates of the Sea - Movie Poster

I created this fictional movie poster using a photo that I took at the Westcott lighting booth at Photoshop World. I took the photo a couple years ago but just made the poster now. I have been practicing my composting and thought that this would be a fun...

New to posting.

I just joined Fstoppers and this group. I'm hoping for some constructive feed back and encouragement. Here is one of my pictures that I did using vectors. I'm always working to perfect my techniques.
Thanks for your input.


3105 D.C.

This is my latest compositing , a strange future for all humans.
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I Used 5...

The Battle

Something fun I started working on today. Adobe stock, PS, Topaz Impression. Painterly-style - in progress.

HeadShot Composite

We had a snow in our community recently and kid wanted to enjoy the snow outside. He was happy in the snow outside while he was having fun , I took this pic with my iPhone , the picture came out pretty good but when i started to work on composite it turned...

Imperial Briefing

With the new recent Star Wars movies, comes childhood joy and photography inspiration. A nice change from Weddings and Family Portraits. Using a 6 inch Japanese Storm Trooper toy (which is quite versatile), from my geek collection ,3 hand held camping LED...


Old but gold. RAW by SchwaighoferART , retouch by me. I use "quick selection tool" and change the background (two image merge) , I used a brush for the smog and Camera RAW for details and clarity

Complete totorial at 1800 subscribers


This is my latest composit, I created a "warrior" tudor lady, I used two pictures for the body , collar and armour,

The costume was made by "Il fiore nero"

Pic and retouch by me

Catch me I'm falling

I didn't have my ND filter with me at the time and had to "buy time" (but not too much time since this effect was done hand held in camera by using an external flash while facing the camera vertically to the sky and zooming the lens during exposure.