Obsidian Fury

Long time ago I bought this toy on Amazon to make some pictures for composites of one of my favorite movies, Pacific...

In Transit

This is a self portrait. What do you think it represents?

'Hello World'

For the technically curious, the full lighting setup consisted of 4 Godox speedlights mounted on a beauty dish as key...


What began as a light test self-portrait, ended as a surreal distortion of reality... f7.1/ss125/ISO200...overhead...

Blue Sky

Constructive Criticism.


Constructive criticism is welcomed


constructive criticism

Self doubt

Composite portrait from 3 pictures. 1/160sec, F7.1, 50mm, ISO100

Mission Objective - 2 & 3

New images from my US army WWII shoot back in july! It's so great to finally produce something dynamic like this series...

"Turn me ON"

Cyborg portrait of a dancer.

Hello every one,

Iàm new at Fstoppers (no response hihi) a Dutch photographer that likes to combine my creative thoughts from the photo`...

Can you guess what this is?

So, whatcha think?



New Composite

I have not posted much in the group since I joined so I thought I would share a recent composite. I enjoy making these...

I composed these.

What do you folk's think about these? Any comments for grown in this field would be helpful. Thanks!

Fantasy Photo manipulations

Hi everyone, Iam new here from the Netherlands and this will be my first post. I love to be creative with my camera...

'Fleeting Moments'

A simple, yet strong composite,with a story and feeling. Likely settings:ss125/200iso/F7.1 -Shot in studio, beauty dish...


My first comp and first shoot for 2022. The current ongoing world situation presses on our mind. Shot in my stucio...

Fishing Dock


What do you see? Demons or...

Imagine being in the forest at night alone feeling as though your being watched.