One of my Infinite Dreams

Do you often wander off into your own thoughts? do you daydream and “zone out” many times a day? do you always talk to yourself in your head almost to the point that you are living inside your head instead of out in the real world?
If so, then you’re not alone!

This piece is called "Isolation"

My creative process is very much led by my muse, and often I do not understand what I am creating until the finished piece is in front of me. When I completed this one, I was blown away by what it revealed to me about myself. Every part of this image is from a photograph, nothing is hand drawn. Pictures taken with my Canon 7D Mark II or an...


The thing I love the most about compositing images, is that it can take you several realities away. Endless possibilities in creation.


Hi to everyone, this is ma latest concept art. I used photoshop 3D to create geometric forms, and fix the colours , contrast and other things with camera RAW, I hope you like.
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Anticipating Journey's End

The older we get, the more we think about our inevitable end.

The inspiration for this peace came from the lyrics of a song. Breathe by Anna Nalick has a lyric that goes, "Life's like an hourglass glued to the table," and that got my imagination going as what she says is so true.

This was a stock photo of a man, then various...

Throwing baby to the wolves

Very difficult shoot with a very uncooperative subject. Didn't manage to get a smiley photo in the end and so I had to figure out someway of making a photo of a baby screaming fun. It's a little bad taste maybe but it's mum loved it.

War Apes

A fanart compositing I created inspired in the new PLanet of the Apes saga, a big fan, the photography was taken a while back in a zoo. Love when old photos serve a greater purpose in new ideas.

Young Imagination

This 8 month old Gavin, one of the happiest little guys you'll meet, and his handmade (by a neighbor) stuffed Elephant 'Big Al", the Alabama Crimson Tide mascot. His father went to Alabama and both mom and dad are huge Alabama football fans. Various Big Al's are all over their house. Gavin was shot at a local park. The elephant was shot by...


I created this image as a test of lights and shadows.
Background shooted on an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere,beside a road (very creepy place).
Model image from Deviantart (faestock).

First Day of School

I normally shoot nudes. (I also make composites that include nudes. I didn't post one of those because I don't know if nudes are acceptable on the group.)

However, I was asked to participate in an exhibit with the theme of School Days. One of my models had posted an image of her 5-year-old boy with a very large green backpack when he...

Colorizing of old Photographs

Hi, my name is Mario Unger and i´m from Austria. in the last year i spezialized in coloring old photographs. if someone is interessted, you can find many examples here, from my beginning to my last works. if this isnt the right place to post it, please remove the post.
the attached picture is called "Chain-Gang" and it is from 1903...


Decided to create this image after watching news about migration - this is my artistic point off view of this.

4th of July Fireworks Composite - Nevada

Here's my 4th of July composite photo! Did something a little different this year. Drove out to Boulder City to see the fireworks, they had a really nice event set up at a park, but as I was walking to the park I saw this water area and new exactly the photo I wanted to capture, so I set up my camera and waited. Ducks went crazy with all the...


I forgot I already posted the Zombie... here is a more recent one I call "Invasion"

Horror Show

Inspired by a Mark Fredrickson illustration back in the 90s, it took several photos and a lot of Photoshop to create my self-portrait rendition.

The fur was from the mane on one of my daughter's stuffed animals, and the monster fingers were leftover from Halloween. I popped the popcorn myself!


Hi to everyone, this is my latest digitalart.
I hope you like.
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A composite from two of my shots, my goal was to achieve a "Golden Hollywood Glam" style. Love to emulate old lighting setups. Hope you guys like it.