Experimenting with Styles using Optics in Photoshop

Hey all, Possibly this post is useful for this group. Here is a new tutorial showing some stylization, masking, and...

The Photographer

From a suggestion of this self-portrait - I devised a photographers "Mission Impossible" movie poster. All original...

Autumn Witch

took me a bit of time ot finish , and im not still sure if its totally what i want

BioLeptin Reviews

Bioleptin is the fat terminator that works the best for anybody managing stoutness issues. It has no results and is...

An Amazing and Unique Kodachrome Transparency by John Neville Cohen

'Painting with light' is a term often used by photographers. But John Neville Cohen used his own invented form of '...
Last: October 8, 2020

Against All Odds

The sea is a trash bag. The clouds are pillow stuffing. The boat is origami. The skull is a Halloween prop. The...
Last: October 7, 2020


my other passion in life is music so i decided to try to make a tribute to her
Last: October 7, 2020


One of my favorite photoshoots that I turned into a fine art.
Last: October 7, 2020

What a talented cool group!

Not sure if I am at the level of most of you..."The Tree Nymph" 2020
Last: September 22, 2020

Trains at night

I hope I am in the right group...took this night shoot of a train passing...

Shoot Thyself

2 shots stitched together, me shooting myself with a bow and arrow. Small set in my living room using a black backdrop...

Travel Tripod

I bought a tripod, so I took it.

Boom Strawberry

taken at studio, One of various works done for a local fruit shop
Last: August 18, 2020

The Last Stand

I'm quite proud of this one. Ask me anything
Last: August 18, 2020


When its too hot to be outside, but you need something to do. Saw someone else do this on another site and thought I'd...
Last: July 30, 2020