Critque Needed

Critique Needed
I'm looking for some feedback on a photo

I replaced the sky and added the snow, and slightly clouted the lake

-I Was wondering what you liked or didn't?
-And what I could do to improve these shots?
(please mind the weird crop)

Mobius Arch and Meteor-Milky Way Composite

The composite combines three photos from three different times and locations. The arch is from Alabama Hills shot in the day. The milky way is part of a pano shot in the Panamint Valley of Death Valley. And the meteor was from a 8600 feet in the White Mountains, CA during the August meteor shower. The composite was made in Photoshop. Camera...

Renaissance Self-Portrait

As I get into my busy season to work and deliver photos to clients, it sometimes feels draining. I try to take some creative "breaks" and work on personal projects in order to keep fresh. This is a self-portrait I've done exactly for that reason. I was at a costume store not long ago and fell in love with this one and thought it would be a...

Crazy Breakfast

Crazy Breakfast. My children love to prepare my breakfast and I love Peter Pan. This idea came up one sunday morning and when i told them about it, they found it funny. Therefore, we just did it. It was a fun photographic family moment. This is a composite of 8 photos. They were all shot in my kitche. I started with my children jumping, then i...


I've been doing more and more personal shoots this year with some of my favourite and most talented collaborators! I've always wanted to put together and style my own shoots, and this year I'm finally making them happen!!

The image uses a vibrant color palette and a joyful dancer to illustrate a rather dark theme and sad chapter for...

learning about lighting and playing with photoshop

Recently saw some pictures where the photographer used model (toy) cars and edited them to look like real cars. Living in Wisconsin and wanting to avoid the cold at all costs I thought this would be a fun project / experiment. Really enjoyed learning about lighting and controlling highlights. This was my first time ever using photoshop, so...

Why I turned an alternative model into a Gothic Woman in Black

I've been a big horror fan for years. I blame my mum. She showed me messed up stuff when I was a kid. :-) So, I fancied doing a horror themed shoot.

I have an amazing arrangement with a theatrical costume hire company who allow me to use their costumes, in exchange for the right to use my images on their websites etc. So, I headed there...

2Q18 - Adverts From Another Timeline

Imagine there is another timeline where all look almost the same as it was two hundred years ago. In the streets, you may see those fashionable ladies holding lace sun umbrellas. A cinematograph hasn’t been developed at all, hence people read books and go to exhibitions instead of watching Netflix and going to the cinema. No one has ever heard...

Saturday Morning Catroon

I recently got back into building small mecha model kits like when I was a kid from the mid 90s. After building a few "grunts" I wanted to recreate one of the scenes from the opening. The buildings are built and painted by me as well. And the sky behind everything is my computer monitor.

I can still hear the narrator in my head as I...

3d composite

This one is put together in 3ds Max and rendered in Vray before being composited in photoshop with an image I took a few months or so back. i was pretty happy with the way this one came out.

Love Yourself

My latest composite work on the theme of "Love yourself". Shot in the corner of my studio :)

The Spartan

I've met this interesting model not too long ago and instantly thought his lean muscular physique and outstanding expressive modelling would make him the perfect model for a personal project I had in mind for the longest time. The decision of setting time aside for these personal shoots has been so refreshing and rewarding since I get to pick...