How I turned this day time shot into a night time bonfire scene

I was shooting a Robin Hood cosplay photo shoot recently. We had shot a few different set ups using ambient light as well as off camera flash. We were shooting at a cool medieval castle location in the middle of the day.

Near the castle was a spot where we thought we'd create a little scene where “Robin” was sharpening his weapons....

Double Exposure

I just wanted peoples thoughts on my photo here. Its not really produced in the traditional way that double exposure in the sense that the white space blocks out the back image. Done using Affinity Photo.

What´s on Tonight?

I found this specimen of rust in the forest, hidden in nowhere.
The atmosphere was spooky with these lush trees in the background and I found the bus to be beautiful with light painting.

When I was to photograph it a year later, I received information that it had been stolen. We found it on Tradera (Swedish equivalent of ebay)...


Most times less is always more, i had to add ray of light to give this image more life. The ray was added in photoshop with with some gaussian and motion blur filter.

Pholaris "Guiding your visual journey"

New composition! Mixed CGI with PHotography :)

This was created for the International congress of video and photography PHOLARIS in Guanajuato, Leon, México, where i was invited to give a conference about my experience trough my career as a photographer and compositor :).

If you are interested to see how i created the composition...

Kickoff Return - Deebo Samuel

Here's an image from a fun new set of composites I'm currently working on for next season. The player image was captured during a photo session before last season and the backdrop was captured during a game a couple seasons ago. Focusing on a color grade instead of a lot of fantasy-style elements in creating the overall image. Deebo was a...

MISTRESS EVIL - making of a sexy rock band photoshoot

Hi Everybody of the community here in Fstoppers , this is my first post and my latest photoshoot, I tried to make a rock band with some model friends so this is the result, they are not a real band, but I think they need to be! lol hope you like the video and photography composite I made, for more pictures feel free to visit my website or...

Tai Sui - Neon Rebels

The band Tai Sui asked me to shoot a few really cool concepts for them. This was the first I completed. Certainly the biggest to date, with hundreds of layers.

Each element was shot individually in the carpark of a rehersal studio called Neon Studios. The owner has a bunch of amazing vintage cars, including this beefed up hearse which...

Breath of Death

I Used 3 stock image, quick selection tool, xplosion and debris brush , fix all colours and detail in camera raw

INSTAGRAM : @leledigitalartist

Follow me on youtube for tutorial:

3 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in a Basic Photography Course

To break down photography in simple terms, it is an art of capturing live moments in film or digital memory that has been taken up as a profession by many over the years. It still persists to be one of the most preferred fields by so many people. However, photography as a profession is much different as opposed to as a beloved hobby, for...