We are Stardust

This is a composite of three shots: the main night sky taken in Arches NP at 3 am, the camera and tripod taken in my house some window light, and the little image of the sky placed on the back of the camera.

My portfolio

Hi everyone,
I'm Louis Janssen, photographer from The Netherlands, and joined this group yesterday. So quite recent. My main interests are model- fashion- and product photography. In the past 2 years I focussed more and more on a combination of model- and product photography and got interested in compositing and manipulation. I will post...

Healing inner wounds

I am working on a new series now which is called 'Healing inner wounds'.

The first photo is called 'Spread love' and the second is called 'Release the fear'.

Through photos I am trying to remind to myself what I want to improve about myself. I don't want to be afraid any more and I want to share love with this world.

CC is...

Double negative film photo

I took this portrait using a film camera and used a double negative technique. After I took the first set of portraits, I wound the film back and took a texture shoot on top of the portraits. This is my first time doing this so I hope you like this!


I made a small series as a tribute for farmers. This one is made of three different exposures (one for the sky, one for the oven and one for the guy).

What do you think about this one?

Blazing Tree

I photographed an old, dead Ponderosa pine tree, and used Lightroom 5.8 to make the tree into a silhouette. Then I brought it into Smart Photo Editor, where I added the galaxy background and frame of flame.

I thought that the flame reflected the trees probable next function. Fuel in someone's fireplace.

Have Fun,

McLaren 570S Interior

Interior of a McLaren 570S shot in the owner's driveway and composited over a stock photo. My first try at such a composite, inspired by a few beautiful similar interior shots I have seen recently. Lighting was a challenge, as the only modifier I had was a 24x36 inch softbox, but we made it work somehow!

Nature will reply back.

Made from 5 different photos :)

"Nature will reply back". We poison the nature, we use it, we destroy it, we kill plants and animals without thinking that maybe one day nature will reply back.
It is very sad for me to see what the mankind does to the environment. So this photo represents my thoughts about this topic. I asked myself...

What do you see in the mirror?

A mental illness is one of the most debilitating things life can throw at you. For me is stops me working, to the point where I don't look after myself, and so seeing my reflection isn't ever a positive experience. This image was pretty cathartic to create.

Of course I'd love to hear some CC's and thoughts on execution. I know my...

Ring of water (12 images in 1)

Ring of water. Just a random idea. Wanted it to look surreal with the floating hose.

Making of video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZvbQkNveMw&t=52s

Feedback is welcomed and of-course constructive criticism. My criticism is the water is too narrow and makes it less interesting. Maybe a wide stream would be more...

First Day of School

I normally shoot nudes. (I also make composites that include nudes. I didn't post one of those because I don't know if nudes are acceptable on the group.)

However, I was asked to participate in an exhibit with the theme of School Days. One of my models had posted an image of her 5-year-old boy with a very large green backpack when he...