Automata. Japanese action game character.

Simple composite workflow. 3 light setup, Front main & 2 side fills. Yes the tilted background is intentional.
Last: November 22, 2018

First go at a composite

My first go at a composite using a milky way shot and beach sunset shot from the big island of hawaii.
Last: November 20, 2018

learning about lighting and playing with photoshop

Recently saw some pictures where the photographer used model (toy) cars and edited them to look like real cars. Living...
Last: November 20, 2018

All Work and no Play

Here's my latest composite project of a Hot Toys Harley Quinn. Thoughts?
Last: November 6, 2018

Why I turned an alternative model into a Gothic Woman in Black

I've been a big horror fan for years. I blame my mum. She showed me messed up stuff when I was a kid. :-) So, I fancied...
Last: October 9, 2018

2Q18 - Adverts From Another Timeline

Imagine there is another timeline where all look almost the same as it was two hundred years ago. In the streets, you...
Last: October 9, 2018

Saturday Morning Catroon

I recently got back into building small mecha model kits like when I was a kid from the mid 90s. After building a few "...

3d composite

This one is put together in 3ds Max and rendered in Vray before being composited in photoshop with an image I took a...
Last: August 29, 2018

Love Yourself

My latest composite work on the theme of "Love yourself". Shot in the corner of my studio :)
Last: August 28, 2018

The Spartan

I've met this interesting model not too long ago and instantly thought his lean muscular physique and outstanding...
Last: July 17, 2018

How I turned this day time shot into a night time bonfire scene

I was shooting a Robin Hood cosplay photo shoot recently. We had shot a few different set ups using ambient light as...
Last: July 17, 2018

Double Exposure

I just wanted peoples thoughts on my photo here. Its not really produced in the traditional way that double exposure in...


Comments and constructive criticism is much appreciated!! This is for a photo series. Fear of long words.
Last: July 16, 2018

Old photomanipulation

I would like to discuss some opinions!!
Last: July 12, 2018

What´s on Tonight?

I found this specimen of rust in the forest, hidden in nowhere. The atmosphere was spooky with these lush trees in the...
Last: July 12, 2018


Most times less is always more, i had to add ray of light to give this image more life. The ray was added in photoshop...
Last: July 12, 2018
Last: July 2, 2018

the imagination is a powerful thing

photo manipulation i made from 4 different images using photoshop