This is definitely the wrong time of year to be posting this, but thought I would anyway.

All of these images were lightpainted in a driveway. The third image is the most "real". Everything was just like that, but in multiple exposures, except for the snow.

The other 2 were shot in the driveway and lightpainted, except for Santa...

Narcissus and Stained Glass

Combined in Photoshop. My image of narcissus shot in high key with a desaturated abstract of a stained glass window, which was made in a St Augustine, Florida church. I masked the stained glass layer and brushed portions of it off the flower.


Don't Burn Bridges
Lines in the sky

Lauramarie Pepsin Art Galleries vibrates to the beat of her own cross genres.

You may have already discovered her photography to be genuinely original.

Her duplex commentary on modern communication , evoking subliminal characters by combining connecting shots, and use of lines in...

First attempt at shooting self portrait

A composite of indoor and outdoor photos. Nikon d7000, 300mm , tri pod with timer and edited in photoshop with added textures. Comments and critiques welcomed and any tips on shooting self portraits (it's harder than I thought) is appreciated.

Inspired by the film "Into the Spiderverse"

6 inch scale revoltech action figure shot again my tv monitor displaying an image of NYC. Camera elevated and angled to match the background angle. Figure lit with cell phone screens displaying colors matching the neon city. Colors tuned in lightroom, photo finished (stand removed, comic print effect added) in photoshop.

Critiques Needed

Critiques Needed

I am fairly new to compositing and want to share this image with the designer and model, hoping for some viral benefits... I welcome any critical feedback that would make it more share worthy, especially related to the technique itself. It's basically a stock background and I added the model (who I shot at a recent...

Petitioner Edit

This is part of a series I'm working on, telling a dark fairy-tale like story of a woman who is on a quest that will end with her sacrificing herself to accomplish her goal.

Lots here I'm hesitant on, but I'm particularly interested in comments and critique on the color grading. I had gone harder on the red in highlights and blue in the...

Need CC

What are your suggestions on this edit?

Idea is to show two different sides: Meditation and Addiction


There is an abandoned building in Lahore near Kalma Chowk. Did a shoot with Zarrar and some friends over there.

Feel free to give suggestions

Movie Poster Recreation - Us

I really love the art direction of Us movie. So I decided to recreate the movie poster.

The most difficulty is sourcing the glove, as that kind of glove, especially in brown color and leather texture, isn't popular in Hong Kong. Luckily I can still find it in a local auto supply store, which mainly selling "made in Japan" stuffs....

Renaissance Series

Taking another "creativity break" from my usual wedding work to dig up photos from a shoot I did last year with the amazing model Yoann Promonet (@yoann_savi on IG). This was shot in a park in a famous park in Montreal.Used an off-camera AD200 on a monopod shot through a softbox held by assistant on camera left. Post-processed and color-graded...

Ganlet at blue hour

Took a long exposure of a rock in front of a harbour at blue hour.

I found the harbour in the background distracting in the background, so removed it.

Then I felt the image was unbalanced, so copied half of the bottom and mirrored it.

X1D-50c with XCD 65


Album cover I shot and created this week for a album titled GooPrint using a mixture of digital painting, compositing, c4d. He wanted something high end feeling but bloody. So I decided to go more abstract portraiture with it. The negative space is for type just incase anyone ws thinking there was wasted space. Excited to make the rest of the...