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Album cover I shot and created this week for a album titled GooPrint using a mixture of digital painting, compositing, c4d. He wanted something high end feeling but bloody. So I decided to go more abstract portraiture with it. The negative space is for type just incase anyone ws thinking there was wasted space. Excited to make the rest of the...

Critiques Needed

Critiques Needed

I am fairly new to compositing and want to share this image with the designer and model, hoping for some viral benefits... I welcome any critical feedback that would make it more share worthy, especially related to the technique itself. It's basically a stock background and I added the model (who I shot at a recent...

Cloud City - Digital Matte Painting

Here is a matte painting I did called Clould City, I used different photography elements like buildings, architecture, clouds, mountains... to come up with this composition, photoshop was the main program used to create this image. C & C always appreciated.


Many thanks to the great len over at… for the fantastic stocks available at his page.

Scale-Model Miniature Car Composites

These three composites were shot using 1:24 and 1:18 scale miniature cars. I have included some BTS photos to show the setup. Most of the practical effects such as fog, snow, and sleet were done in camera. All the stacking and enhancements were done in Adobe Photoshop.

My goals were as follows:
- To make the miniature cars look...

Narcissus and Stained Glass

Combined in Photoshop. My image of narcissus shot in high key with a desaturated abstract of a stained glass window, which was made in a St Augustine, Florida church. I masked the stained glass layer and brushed portions of it off the flower.

Any thoughts ?

This is a photo that I showed in a local exhibit. I never really got anyone to give a critique on it, but I thought I’d throw this out here and see what you guys think of it. It’s a 3 image composite, the background was a stock photograph from deviant art and used with approval by the owner. Apart from that, just did some minor curves...

The Legend

An autoart 1/18 model of the legendary Mclaren F1 GTR. The background was shot here in Vancouver BC, applied some lens blur in post to simulate depth of field. The car seas shot at home with light painting. I just had a black backdrop and an led flashlight with paper to diffuse the light a bit. It consisted of a few exposures then later stacked...


Three image composite, the first consisting of a photo i shot here in Vancouver bc. I used a 0.9 nd filter and a polarizer, then used stock photos for the tub and the woman in it. I’m still unsure of the perspective and how the shadows should be like, and for that I ask for some help on what I could’ve done differently here. Any suggestions...

Vegas Rules - Concept Movie Poster (Critique Welcome)

I had the idea for this movie poster after reviewing the photos from a recent trip. My friend wanted a picture in his dinner jacket looking suave and sophisticated. I thought that he looked right out of a 1960s vegas rat pack film. So I combined him with my wife's beach shot and some dice.

The second image is a rework of the original,...

Tiny Worlds: Dogfight

I had this idea of playing with scale and having normally large scenarios, taking place in much much smaller spaces. The still was taken on my D610 with lighting coming from two Godox T685 speedlights shooting through two 60 x 60 softboxes. I then used the camera to shoot a panoramic hdri from that exact location to extrapolate lighting...

Playing in Traffic

Background Street shot, 24mm, ƒ5, 1/500sec, ISO64
Model in studio, 50mm, ƒ3.5, 1/250sec ISO64. Gridded 36" strip lights each side and behind. One light 20º grid just to add a bit of light to her face, above camera right.