There is an abandoned building in Lahore near Kalma Chowk. Did a shoot with Zarrar and some friends over there.

Feel free to give suggestions

Looking for “old” app created for fStoppers

I’m on the hunt for a program that was created a few years back.
Below is a video that shows the app.
I used to have it but then I went and replaced my computer and thought I could download it again but it’s not there anymore.

I’m starting to recreate the app but it’s taking me MUCH longer then I was hoping.

Here’s the...

Sol Nebula!

Hello All,

I have recently done a shoot with a dark feel. The Theme was "Sol Nebula".

I would love to hear some comments and suggestions.


Multiple exposures


I've been experimenting a lot with multiple exposures of the same scene these weeks, with a slight change in angle. It allows me to create a kind of feeling of movement.

Example :

Any thoughts on how to go further with this technique ?

Kind regards,


I'm going to start it off with this image. I simply just used a champagne glass in front of the lens and created this image.

Canon 5D Mark III

1/160 Shutter
11.0 Ap
100 ISO


Experimented using one light with a clear glass filled with brown tea. I placed the tea by the light and it gave me a nice orange tint glare. Placing an object by the light can add an effect on the image.

Planets collide

I like experimental shots,i composed this image with a compact disc and a marble,,to get the flame effect i melt the centre part of the cd and fixed the marble in the hole and applied light. (No photoshop tricks)



Canon 5D Mark III
50mm with a burnt filter

I literally burnt the lens filter with a lighter which gave it a orangy tone. Thoughts?