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Abstract Sculpture and Architecture (feed back and criticism welcome)

Since moving to California, I have developed a taste for the abstract. Perhaps it's something about moving West from NYC, but something in my mind has jarred loose.

I've always had a fascination with textbooks. Because textbooks in schools are updated fairly infrequently, and because the people who produce textbooks do not switch their images too often, textbooks are frequently anachronistic in their aesthetic. In a science textbook from the 80s, for example, you'll frequently have a hand holding a material in front of a color backdrop that looks stolen from the 70s Tupperware boom. Objects in front of blank, outdated backgrounds; Disembodied hands; blank worlds of elements. All of these things gave me plenty to ponder while my teacher droned on.

Math textbooks were even better. Imaginary curves on abstract planes; shapes of things to come; perfect rules for perfect structures; movements described with complex functions. It was otherworldly.

I've tried to replicate those feelings in my photography. Luckily art and architecture has no lack of artists who think mathematically and scientifically. Movement, space, relationships, curves, and rules are all things that inspire me. Hopefully my shots here inspire you.

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Hello Brian! I am a huge fan of abstracts. I just posted a request for review of a few abstracts in the Black and White group. While doing that, I did a search for 'abstract' and found you!

I am also a scientist and your into is intriguing to me. I am curious how you would describe the images you posted with respect to movement, space, relationships, curves and rules.

It would be interesting to hear from you as the photographer speak specifically to these images.