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Multiple exposures


I've been experimenting a lot with multiple exposures of the same scene these weeks, with a slight change in angle. It allows me to create a kind of feeling of movement.

Example :

Any thoughts on how to go further with this technique ?

Kind regards,

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This looks like a pencil sketch. Great work

I think I've seen your stuff on instagram and I always like it because you do indeed create your own type of movement and you are pursuing something original. But while I love the overall feel and look, there's definitely something missing that keeps your shots from making the next leap.

My only suggestion is to find something to anchor your shots. Instead of having all the elements move, maybe have some of the elements be stationary. This way you are creating a world that has one foot in our own to act as a bridge. When I look at this picture, I like a lot of what I see, but once I figure out what you did, I can only see it as a camera trick. Solidifying some of the elements would make me feel like I had stumbled onto a real phenomenon instead of feeling your camera's presence.

Keep going in this direction, you're definitely on to something